Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 430: A sudden appearance of another girl! The second spirit

The squad leader fell down to the floor with a thud. The alley returned to the silence it once knew. It’s a gory scene here if anyone’s looking.


The 5 slain snipers had a hole in each of their chests. They all died from hypovolemic shock as evidenced from the blood-stained floor, blood continued to ooze out of their bodies like some horror scene from a movie.


A lone figure stood among the bodies, untainted by the blood around him, the sole exception would be his hand which is currently dripping with blood.


The lone figure sighed in a bored manner.


He looked at his bloody hand and his red eyes had a brief glint of golden color before it returned to normal.


“I got rid of my bloodlust but a vampire is still a vampire. I almost licked the blood off my hand.”


He shook off the blood.


“Well, dirty blood probably don’t taste nice at all…”


A sweet voice stopped him from returning home.


“I completely agree with Onii-san’s words…”


Wu Yan’s eyes went wide in shock. Somebody sneaked up on him without him noticing.


He turned around with a pair of golden eyes, signifying that he’s ready to fight if need be. He saw the person and he gasped.


She’s a very beautiful girl with jet-black hair tied into long twintails. Her bangs are uneven in length resulting in her left eye being covered while her right eye is exposed. She had deep red eyes just like Wu Yan.


Porcelain white skin visible even if the alley is poorly lit.


She’s standing at the entrance to this alley, she didn’t shriek in shock after looing at the bodies laid around him. Quite the contrary, she licked her lips in excitement.


She smiled at him in a creepily happy manner that made her eyes narrow into crescent shapes. It’s like the people who died aren’t humans but rather pigs that were slaughtered for meat. She’s viewing the humans here as nothing more than food to be consumed. Compared to Wu Yan, she’s the one who is behaving more like a vampire.


She’s piqued by Wu Yan, she paid no further attention to the bodies around him. Like an elegant young lady, she greeted him with a curtsy before beaming at him in a friendly manner.


Wu Yan isn’t as astonished as he was before. He knew who she is although she didn’t know him.


Tokisaki Kurumi.


The spirit dubbed Nightmare by others.


She’s a spirit that had been in this world far longer than Tohka but she wouldn’t appear in the original work until some volumes later.


And now, she appeared before him…


She tilted her head but she still maintained her affable smile. She behaved in such a graceful manner because she had been in this world for a long time and she had learned the customs and mannerisms of this world.


She didn’t mind the blood and bodies around her, she walked towards Wu Yan like those are not there.


“Ara ara,, I was wondering why a fire pillar appeared out of nowhere, what an interesting sight this is…”


Tokisaki Kurumi’s refined air and her astonishing beauty made her look like an exquisite flower. However, her words marred this image of her.


Wu Yan had his poker face on but he’s bitterly laughing inside. This spirit would be the toughest nut he has to crack.


This noble-looking young lady is actually known as the Worst spirit.


Her Nightmare title isn’t just for show, spacequakes occur together with the arrival of spirits. A lot of people lost their lives to spacequakes. However, Wu Yan also knows that excluding deaths caused by spacequakes, Tokisaki Kurumi personally killed more than 10,000 people.


Tokisaki Kurumi isn’t joking with some of her statements. A scene of carnage like this is nothing to her. For someone else this might be a scene to remember but for her it’s Monday.


She’s so malicious that normally Wu Yan won’t reject her but he won’t get close to her deliberately either. He would rather put sealing her powers to the deepest recess of his mind and forget about it for now.


However, the Tokisaki Kurumi who is standing here is an exception.


Everybody knows Tokisaki Kurumi is evil, she’s putting a façade on and Wu Yan knows about this.


Wu Yan silently sighed at Tokisaki Kurumi who is still beaming at him. She’s probably going to be the hardest spirit to seal, he’s not even sure if he could seal her. It is certainly possible he would be stuck in this world forever due to the failure of completing quest 2.


“What’s the matter?”


Tokisaki Kurumi thought Wu Yan remained silent because he didn’t know what to make of her trendy speech pattern.


Wu Yan frowned at her.


“Are you not afraid in the slightest?”


“Of what?”


Tokisaki Kurumi laughed.


“Onii-san, do you really think all girls are afraid of blood?”


Tokisaki Kurumi didn’t wait for Wu Yan to reply, she continued.


“You’re about to be sorely disappointed if that’s what you think. I quite like the sight of blood, you see…”




She closed her eyes and she stood on tiptoes like she’s expecting a kiss. She whispered in a luscious voice.


“Onii-san, you have a nice scent…”


Tokisaki Kurumi opened her eyes and she had a sinister look as she licked her lips. She maniacally laughed.


“So nice, in fact, that I am hungry!”


Wu Yan jumped back the instant he heard that. A few pairs of arms that emerged from the ground tried to snare him but he escaped just in time.

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