Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 429: Frustration, belittlement, confusion, and death...

“AST really needs to consider their hiring options, you guys are even weaker than your female counterparts!”


The squad leader was enraged by Wu Yan’s taunt. His vein started popping as he felt a deep rage boiling up. Wu Yan didn’t even take this guy seriously.


His training didn’t prepare him for something like this. But, to display his emotions on a life and death battlefield like this, it’s like he’s asking to be killed.


It’s probably something to do with their chain of command. They are too stuck up to see their own faults so their subordinates reflect their leader’s shortcomings.


Wu Yan felt that it’s a shame the girls of the AST strike team has to work with these wieners. It’s no wonder the female AST squad leader is so stressed she started aging.


Wu Yan’s disdain caused the squad leader to get even angrier than before. However, he didn’t vocalize his anger, he knows that he’s not in a position to blow his top.


“Why are you so sure I am with AST?…”


The squad leader is disgruntled that he knew. Spirits typically know little to nothing about this world but this spirit seems to be aware of AST and can even guess that he’s from a higher ranking squad of the organization.


Of course, the squad leader wasn’t aware that Wu Yan’s actually not a spirit. He’s also anofficer in Ratatoskr which gathers intel on AST due to their hostile motives against spirits in general. Kotori would fry his butt in oil if he didn’t even know who their arch-nemesis are.


Wu Yan’s not dumb enough to reveal his information just like this. Wu Yan pursed his lips and he approached the squad leader while stepping over his fallen squad members.


“Answer me.”


He stared right down the squad leader’s barrel and he interrogated him with a low tone.


“You are trying to kill me and I want to understand why you’re hunting me when I exhibit no spiritual signature…”


The squad leader started sweating hard. He didn’t answer, either out of fear or non-compliance, this is enough for Wu Yan’s eyes to turn an eerie deeper shade of red.


“Answer me!”


His frosty voice now enough to bring the squad leader down to his knees. He fell back on his butt as he shrieked.


“I don’t know! I really don’t know anything!”


His pathetic appearance made Wu Yan frown. Are all members in AST as unsightly as this one? So far, only female members can put up a good fight.


“You don’t know huh…”


Wu Yan sniggered.


“Another question, did AST sent out different squads to kill spirits other than me?”


“I see you’re not sure either…”


Wu Yan is surprised that the squad leader honestly didn’t know. He lowered his head to ruminate further on this.


AST came sniping him, although AST purported exist to save humanity from the danger spirits pose, Wu Yan knows that they are actually gunning for something else, the power of spirits.


They should already know that he exhibits no spiritual signature. Maybe they are thinking that he’s hiding his signature somehow.


Maybe some spirits can do this but not Wu Yan, he’s not a spirit, arriving with a spacequake was merely a coincidence.


Kotori and the other Ratatoskr members didn’t believe him at first. He’s like a walking nuclear warhead, even if in an inactive state there’s no telling when his destructive powers will be unleashed. The same could be said of spirits that are not exhibiting spiritual signatures. Which sane individual would be able to tolerate a nuclear bomb walking around on the street.


Ratatoskr which is very tolerant of spirits are putting spirits under strict supervision, Kotori has even taken the lead and she personally supervised Tohka who’s staying at the Itsuka residence.


Wu Yan bitterly smiled. The original work is too full of rainbows. The spirits who had their powers sealed in the original work could still go about their daily lives with almost no repercussions. Wu Yan assumed that AST won’t go after spirits that are not exhibiting spiritual signatures due to being sealed.


It’s more likely that AST didn’t know there were spirits living here that are in their sealed mode. Wu Yan frowned in confusion.


Why wouldn’t AST know about the spirits, Tobiichi Origami saw them herself, surely, she would report such a piece of critical information.


What could it be? Is there something I am missing here?


Thinking that Wu Yan is too distracted by his thoughts, the squad leader tried something dodgy, he reached for his back with a grim expression.


The moment he tried that, the squad leader felt a sudden numbness in his chest.


He looked down and he can’t believe what he’s looking at.


A hand is buried within his chest.


“Too bad, I was thinking of letting you live but apparently you had to choose death instead…”


He raised his head in difficulty and he saw a cold pair of red eyes staring at him.


The squad leader wanted to say something but Wu Yan didn’t want to hear it, he pulled his hand out in a slow and steady fashion.


Blood gushed forth from the squad leader’s chest. The splatter went all over Wu Yan’s body but strangely enough it didn’t stain his clothes, the blood flowed down his body like droplets of rain which looked supernatural. His hand is also stained with the squad leader’s blood.


The agonizing pain finally registered and his field of vision blurred.


Finally, he noticed something, his subordinates were skewered just like this, their bodies laid in their own pool of blood with blood dripping out from their chest…

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