Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 427: AST's pursue...

On one of the many streets in Tenguu City, a lonesome figure went about his way with many grocery bags on hand. He also bought some clothes.


He sighed after looking at the bags he’s carrying. He’s used to buying groceries after being made butler of the Katsura family in Hayate the Combat Butler’s world. However, he had never bought clothes when he was working as a butler.


If he was told to buy male clothes, he could do it without any trouble. But, he was told to buy some clothes for Tohka, he bought female clothes including her undergarments.


When he walked into the store, the employees there all gave him weird looks. If he didn’t explain that he’s helping out his female friends, other people might peg him for a pervert. The employees doubted him ever after he made his stand clear.


After the customers and employees there stared at him for a few minutes, Wu Yan with his thick as a wall face, retreated hastily after picking out a few pieces of woman’s underclothes.


It was so embarrassing!


He is a bit pissed off that he heard people laughing out loud after he exited the store. He’s a bit upset with Shiori, she could have bought the stuff since she’s a girl and nobody would look at her in a weird manner, not to mention, she knows her stuff.


He let go of the anger pretty soon though…


Who can he blame? He’s one of the people who brought up the talk regarding spacequakes and spirits. Shiori is probably a bit made with him and how he dodged her questions that’s why she sent him on this errand.


Luckily for him, Tobiichi Origami didn’t expose Tohka. If she did, explanations would have been easy. However, if Shiori found out, Kotori wouldn’t be able to stop Shiori from getting involved due to Shiori putting Kotori’s well-being ahead of her own.


Maybe Tobiichi Origami believes the same thing as Kotori, the both of them don’t want Shiori to get involved in their tussles. Spirits are ridiculously powerful, the fights could get dangerous for powerless individuals who are just watching at the side. Originally, Shido had a portion of Kotori’s regenerative powers that’s why Kotori allowed him to continue in their operations.


However, Kotori’s power wasn’t sealed by Shiori and it’s still with her since her powers were sealed with the sealing bracelet.


In other words, Shiori doesn’t have regenerative powers.


The last thing Kotori wants is for her own sister to go into the battlefield with almost no safeguard. According to Wu Yan’s speculation, there is a high chance that Tobiichi Origami who is now a yuri girl doesn’t want to see Shiori head into the battlefield as well.


There is one other thing Wu Yan is concerned about. It’s not the origin of the sealing bracelet or when did Kotori put the bracelet on. Wu Yan already knew the answer.


Wu Yan is more concerned with what his quest display is showing him.


World: Date A Live


Main mission: Gather


Quest 1: Collect materialization of spacequakes. Progress 10/10


Reward obtained: Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, and Summoning Points x50,000 each


Quest 2: Use the sealing bracelets and seal Yatogami Tohka, Yoshino, Tokisaki Kurumi, and Itsuka Kotori’s spirit powers.


Quest reward: Free upgrade of two rank C and below equipment (Excluding Rank B and above, excluding Gate of Babylon)


Quest 3: Locked.




With Tohka’s help, Wu Yan completed his first quest. Hence, the second quest was unlocked.


He’s supposed to help these major characters by sealing their powers. He’s already on the job so there’s no clash here.


Something unusual happened last night when he’s checking his progress. Kotori’s name didn’t light up, Tohka who was sealed by him had her name highlighted in the quest display. Meanwhile, Kotori’s name didn’t light up when she’s already sealed.


Maybe her power isn’t sealed by the sealing bracelet?


Why is she wearing that bracelet then? Fashion?




The appearance of the sealing bracelet, this quest, and suddenly, he had an idea. He more or less knew the course he had to take now.


He can guess but to confirm it, he has to stay in this world until the point in time when he reaches the answer.


“Maa, I just have to deal with 4 spirits for now, I already sealed one of them, excluding Kotori, that leaves me with 2 more. I know how to deal with Yoshino but the other one will be a tough nut to crack. After that, there will probably be clues regarding Kotori’s case.”


Wu Yan laughed to himself as he walked on the street. He glanced at the bags in his hand and he sighed once more. It’s nice that he got to enjoy the glorious view of the lingerie store but the pressure was too high for him to stay there. Why didn’t the original protagonist have any of the trouble he did when he walked into the lingerie store?


Suddenly, an alarm went off within him, he looked at a certain direction and he scanned the horizon with his deep red eyes.


He could hear something cutting through the air. He spotted a small black object approaching him at high velocity.


It’s a bullet.


His perception hastened and he perceived the world in slow-motion. The bullet appeared so slow he only needed to adjust his position a bit for the bullet to pass by without grazing him.




The bullet made a bullet hole behind Wu Yan, the force is enough to deliever lethal force to any human hit by it.


“What power, as expected of anti-spirit weapons!”


He calculated the trajectory and he easily located the shooter situated at a vantage point some distance away on a small hill.


Wu Yan could more or less make out the figure even at this distance.


“AST huh?”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. The shooter made preparations for a second shot even when he already missed the first shot. Wu Yan frowned at this.


That gun is too advanced for any organizations. Judging from his loadout, the figure is clearly someone from AST.


Yet, the shooter is apparently a male. If Wu Yan’s eyes didn’t fail him, the AST members that attacked him last time consisted of entirely an all-female team.


Wu Yan grinned.


“A male AST member? Maybe someone from higher-up?”


“Oh, you’re in for it now!”

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