Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 426: Can I discuss with you in your commander mode?

It’s early morning and the sun has yet to rise from the horizon. The heavy clouds and slightly colder temperature would suggest that today is going to be overcast or rainy.


For outgoing individuals, today’s weather isn’t one where they have to rearrange their schedule. Meanwhile, for those who like to stay at home, the weather is a perfect excuse to stay inside.


Without the pesky sun, it’s quite easy to release oneself to the embrace of the bed right?


If it’s his previous lifestyle, nobody would wake him up, however, things had changed and now even if he wishes to sleep longer someone is bound to come and wake him up…


Kotori peeked into the room by slightly opening the door, making sure not to make a sound. She looked around in a sneaky manner making her white ribbons bounce like a pair of rabbit ears.


She spotted her target on the bed.


As she had expected, Wu Yan is still deep in the sandman’s kingdom. she blushed even if she still felt a bit angry with him.


Kotori had been tossing around in her bed due to the bathroom incident. She couldn’t get any good sleep in her, needless to say, she had a poor night’s rest. Meanwhile, this “Onii-chan” slept so tightly one might see bubbles coming out of his nose. She’s not amused by this.


Kotori felt a bit intimidated, should she approach him and wake him up?…


Kotori wanted to come here in her commander mode. Her imouto mode persona felt very bashful about being seen in her birthday suit in addition to uttering those lines. Not even the commander mode persona can do that. Otherwise, there won’t be a hunt for Wu Yan’s head last night.


Too bad for her, Shiori’s still in the house, she decided that she won’t drag Shiori into this so it’s not the right time to introduce the commander mode Kotori to Shiori.


Without a choice, she came here in her imouto mode to wake Wu Yan up.


She quickly stepped back after taking the first step. This is too embarrassing for her, she didn’t know what to say to her “Onii-chan”…


Wu Yan uttered a creepy line to commander mode Kotori last night about not needing to wait until she matures…


Plus, she almost lost her first kiss the last time she tried waking him up.


She’s worried whether her Onii-chan is going to…


She quickly shook her head while patting her red cheeks.


She finally drummed up the courage to enter his room. She tugged at Wu Yan’s blanket in a weak manner.


“Onii-chan, wake up…”


This sheepish voice can’t wake Wu Yan so Kotori pouted before she yelled at him.


“Onii-chan! It’s time to wake up! Onee-chan prepared breakfast already!”


Wu Yan trembled before he shot up from Kotori’s voice. His sudden movement gave Kotori quite a shock.


“Kotori! I am sorry please don’t stab me!”


Wu Yan shrieked.


He saw Kotori’s 囧 expression and he knew he needed to stop right now.


Still a bit shaky, he noticed the white ribbons on Kotori’s head and he released a sigh fo relief. He laid back onto his bed.


“Kotori, you almost scared the caca out of me…”




Kotori pointed a finger at herself. She’s very confused, she’s just here to wake him up with no intention to surprise him or anything. He’s the one getting all surprised all by himself.


Wu Yan noticed this and he averted his gaze awkwardly. He donned a serious look and he asked Kotori.


“Kotori, I need to talk to you…”


“Wh-what is it…”


Kotori looked away because she’s too bashful to look him in the eyes.


“Switch to commander mode, I have something to discuss with you. Also, let’s talk before we reach for knives next time ya?”




Kotori went 囧.




Tenguu city, Raizen high school.


Wu Yan and Shiori walked in one of the hallways here. Tohka is currently tagging along with them while she glanced curiously at anything new to her, she’s wearing Raizen High’s school uniform.


Kotori pulled some strings and got her enrolled.


Shiori giggled when she saw Tohka nibbling on her index finger like she’s on her first field trip.


“Shido, is Tohka really studying with us?”


“Ah, yes…”


Wu Yan nodded. He used the excuse he had prepared.


“Her old school is too far away so she transferred here.”


Shiori tilted her head.


“Don’t tell me Tohka’s going to be studying in the same class as us?”


“Well, I don’t see a problem there…”


Shiori grinned at him in a cheeky manner.


Shiori probably guessed that he’s saying this because Tohka is his girlfriend. She didn’t know that a certain obedient sister arranged for this to happen.


A figure appeared from the other corner. She had white hair and a cool expressionless look.


Tobiichi Origami stopped the minute she saw Wu Yan talking along with Tohka. She turned grave and she muttered.






Tohka tilted her head and she yelled.


“The mecha army!”


“Why are you here?!”


Tobiichi Origami stared at Tohka.


“You appeared following the spacequake yesterday right? Where did you go after that and I demand you tell me why I can’t detect any spirit signature from you? And also…”


Tobiichi Origami looked at Shiori before she growled at Tohka.


“Why are you with Shiori?!”


“Why should I tell you?!


She had no reason to answer her. Tobiichi Origami and her crew hunted Tohka down every time she came into this world. Tohka curled her lips at Tobiichi Origami, she didn’t like her pushy tone anyway.


Wu Yan and Tohka’s appearance made Tobiichi Origami arrive at a hypothesis.


“Don’t tell me you two are the ones behind the frequent spacequakes last night?”


Tohka wanted to snap back at her but Wu Yan stopped her. He shook his head in a helpless manner. He noticed she sounded frustrated and tired.


She’s probably tired from him borrowing Tohka’s strength to summon spacequakes. AST members were probably deployed when he tested his stuff.


Every time they summoned a spacequake, Wu Yan would harvest it for his quest. The intermittent pause meant that the AST can’t track them accurately, in addition to that, Tobiichi Origami was made to return to her base multiple times.


“Hold up!”


Shiori opened her mouth. She frowned at them in confusion.


“What mecha army? What’s a spirit signature? Who is Princess? Why are you associating spacequakes with Wu Yan and Tohka?”



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