Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 425: Their conversation during the night, Tohka's thoughts...

Wu Yan is currently fleeing as quickly as his feet could carry him. He can sense that Kotori is still hot on his tail even if she can’t catch up with him through her own speed.


Wu Yan wanted to cry, did she put a tracker on him? How does she know where he is? This residence is quite big so if she lost sight of him it wouldn’t be easy to track him.


Should he run outside the house? No, Kotori’s going to be furious if he did, she probably wouldn’t talk to him anymore.


Hide? Where can he hide here? In the living room? He can’t think of a single place to hide.


Maybe in the freezer? If Kotori can find the knife, she damn well can find the refrigerator.


The bath? Shiori’s currently taking a shower in there, he’s going to risk making more enemies if he went in there.


“Oh crap, is this the end of me?!”


Wu Yan wanted to lament his fate but lest Kotori hears him, he didn’t. Wavy tears started streaming down his cheeks.


When he passed Tohka’s room, he stopped and he quickly decided to hide here.




Tohka quickly got up as Wu Yan invaded her room. Wu Yan used his hands to gagTohka before she can say anything. He signaled for her to be quiet by putting an index finger to his lips.


Tohka blinked in confusion. She nodded with a serious expression, telling Wu Yan that she understands.


They stayed quiet and they can hear each other’s breathing sound.


Wu Yan can hear footsteps approaching rapidly. The person passed by the door in a rapid fashion, she missed them. Her footsteps weren’t that loud but they can hear that the owner is out for blood.


The two of them exchanged a look. Tohka is still confused, Wu Yan, on the other hand, is making sure that Kotori is gone.


Kotori’s voice entered their ears. Wu Yan jumped up in surprise while Tohka flinched from the tone.


“Tohka, is Shido in there?”


Tohka panicked. She looked at Wu Yan, her brain is working overtime thinking about what to do in this situation…


Wu Yan’s mind is working at full throttle, coming up with options and scenarios. Electric sparks came from his body and suddenly he talked in Tohka’s voice.


“Shido? What about him?”


A sweet voice came from Wu Yan’s mouth. He’s mimicked her voice, tone, and intonation to a nigh perfect level. Tohka is stunned at the sight of this. Kotori couldn’t tell the difference and she replied.


“Shido did a lot of bad stuff, if he’s in there don’t cover for him!”


Tohka’s eyes widened, she looked at Wu Yan with a shocked look. She wanted to know what’s this about but Wu Yan only smiled back in an awkward manner.


“Bad stuff? I don’t know about that but Shido’s not in here…”


Wu Yan had goosebumps using Tohka’s voice to pretend like he’s an innocent maiden.


Tohka is amused.


Kotori didn’t say anything but Wu Yan knew this isn’t over just yet…




The door was kicked wide open, Kotori appeared with a knife in hand…


Tohka didn’t know what is going on so she gasped. Aside from the instigator of this event, she probably couldn’t piece together the puzzle.


Anyway, Wu Yan had already disappeared.


She scanned the room and she pursed her lips in frustration. She apologized to Tohka who is still stunned.


“I am sorry Tohka. But if you see Shido, make sure to let me know…”


Kotori closed the door and the room entered a state of silence once more.


Tohka opened and closed her mouth a few times before finally shifting her gaze to her blanket. She pulled aside the blanket and there Wu Yan was, playing a corpse like a pro.




Tohka shook Wu Yan’s body. She seemed surprised to find him hiding here.


“Shido! What is going on? Why are you hiding? Why is Kotori looking for you? Why…”


“Stop stop stop!”


Wu Yan put her at a distance by pushing against her shoulders.


“Don’t ask so many questions, you look like you just noticed I was hiding here.”


Tohka nodded with an honest expression. Wu Yan didn’t know what to say.


“Listen, Tohka.”


Wu Yan used his serious look.


“Don’t ever let slip that I hid in your room, okay?”


Tohka nodded with a serious expression as well. Wu Yan isn’t convinced, this bottomless pit would probably forget after a short time.


Tohka laughed out loud at how desperate Wu Yan looked. She thanked him.


“Shido, thanks…”


Wu Yan gasped.


“Why are you thanking me?”




Tohka looked at the ceiling and she mumbled.


“I am very happy right now…”


Wu Yan felt moved by her beaming face.


Some hours ago, she still looked sour with nary a smile in sight. She looked like she’s on the edge of despair and anguish.



He smiled back and he leaned against the wall beside Tohka as they started talking.






She’s smiling so happily that her eyes were closed, she also felt moved by Wu Yan’s joyous expression.


This person gave her warmth, gave her a home, gave her a reason to smile and brought her out from her hellish life.


Wu Yan looked into Tohka’s eyes and he gave her a warm smile.

“Actually, I am very happy as well…”

Tohka lowered her head, when she looked at Wu Yan again, her eyes were teary.

Wu Yan put on a 囧 expression.

“I thought you said you were happy? Why the sad look?…”

Tohka wiped away the tears in her eyes and she retorted.

“I am not crying!”

“You totally are…”


“Are too!”

“Am not!”

“Fine, I believe you…”

He rubbed his chin before he asked her a question.

“Tohka, can you control spacequakes?…”


Tohka tilted her head.

“I have a very important task to do, the completion of this task requires being able to set off spacequakes. So, can you?”

“Fumu, I haven’t tried controlling spacequakes but causing spacequakes are easily doable…”

“That’s what I am talking about!”

Wu Yan laughed while eyeing the mission given to him by System. He rubbed the white bracelet on his wrist and he pulled Tohka along with him.

“Come give me a hand!”

Tohka tilted her head in confusion. But, since it’s Wu Yan who is asking for help, she nodded without hesitation, rejecting him didn’t even come to mind.

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