Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 424: Kotori's knife

Tenguu City, Itsuka residence…

The Itsuka residence looks normal compared to the buildings around it and the solemn light breaking through the windows at night made the residence looked strangely serene.

However, this peace got broken by the sound of a heavy thud preceded by someone getting hit.


Wu Yan rubbed the area around his eye, it’s still hurting and Wu Yan almost cried from the pain. He was struck down with enough force to land him on the ground after all.

He got up and he looked at his attacker. It’s Kotori who had dark aura streaming out of her, he can’t exactly see her expression because she lowered her head but it’s safe to say she’s not here to reward him for a job well done. He shifted his butt backward as regret filled him.

He screwed up. He should have guessed that this is the most likely outcome after acting all high and mighty while messing with Kotori. It’s only natural that she would come back for revenge.

He also forgot to keep the black ribbons and he left it behind for her to pick it up.

“Kot-Kotori, please have mercy on me…”

He tried to block with an arm outstretched. It is as if doing this would stop her from getting any closer. Without True Ancestor’s regenerative abilities, he would most likely be left with a bruise around his eye.

“Ha? mercy you say?…”

Kotori smirked.

She looked down at Wu Yan with dangerous-looking eyes. Wu Yan flinched and he adjusted his butt’s position backward.

She yelled at Wu Yan with a red face, it’s easy to imagine that she’s still holding a grudge against him for doing those things to her.

“Mercy is something you didn’t show me during out confrontation in the bath. The things you did and made me do, capital punishment! You’re absolutely getting capital punishment!”

Kotori raised a fist at him. Wu Yan shouted out loud in panic.

“Kotori! You can’t kill your husband, that’s mariticide!”


Kotori’s body trembled and her dangerous look had bashfulness mixed in as well. If it weren’t for her fear of attracting Shiori’s attention she would be rampaging right about now.

“I can’t believe you still brought that up!”

Her shriek is like one from hell. Wu Yan shrunk back but he still put on a brave front.

“You said the words. What, our great and powerful commander is actually someone who would go back on her words?”

His shameless words sent her over the edge. She lowered her head, though he can’t see her face, the savage mood that is building up in his room meant that this won’t end well for him, even his heart started racing at this scenery, but not in a good way.


“Oh, sure I promised I would marry you…”

Kotori raised her head and it is eerily without a clear expression.

“Since I said that, I am going to keep my promise, don’t worry about that!”

Wu Yan didn’t have the chance to rejoice. Kotori said something sinister and she probably meant it since she went out of her way to vocalize each and every vowel of her sentence, making sure he wouldn’t miss anything.



Wu Yan laughed in a stupefied manner. His thoughtless words finally did the trick to set Kotori off.

“Actually, we don’t have to wait until you’re an adult to…”

Dark aura visibly manifested around her, sending her twintails into a scary flutter even when there is no wind. Her hair came to live as they wriggled around like tentacles of a demon. Her red eyes are now demonic if not more insidious. Wu Yan found his hair standing, which is definitely not a good sign.


Kotori took out something Wu Yan can’t ignore. She took out a knife!


He retreated to his bed but the bad news is that there is now nowhere he can retreat to. Pressed against the bed rest, he glanced at the knife in her hand. It’s definitely able to do the job of cutting him. cold sweat started pouring down the side of his head. He tried to smile but it’s a contorted one.

“Do-don’t play around with that thing!”

Wu Yan begged her with a weak tone. He almost got down on his knees to beg Kotori to reconsider.

He’s pretty sure he doesn’t want to risk getting shanked by a knife, not even with his True Ancestor body. He would choose Kotori beating him up over the knife.

He had heard tales about 2D girls going bat-shit crazy but he refused to believe that every girl has this switch in them. He has faith in that rumor now. It’s due to his shameless words that she turned into a knife goddess, maybe he can somehow defuse this situation.

Wu Yan is about to be disappointed. His words only earned him a cold grin from Kotori. Much to Wu Yan’s surprise, she swung the knife down at Wu Yan, she’s scarily accurate at aiming for his lower body region.

Wu Yan’s soul almost came out. He used all his strength to dodge this attack, the knife buried itself into the ground right between his legs.

His little johnny is about a centimeter away from the blade of the knife. His wet hair is of no concern to him, he would trade all his hair if it meant he can avoid a shot to his critical areas.

“Kotori, stahp!”

Wu Yan yelped. Kotori actually found joy in doing this.

“You had the cojones to do a lot of shameless things, but you don’t have the cojones to back them up? I think not!”

She tried to take out the knife, she’s probably going to continue her attack against him and his johnny so Wu Yan jumped up before she can do that.

He jumped over her head by using the bed as a springboard. He swiftly landed and he ran without turning back. It didn’t take long for him to disappear from her sight.

“Stop running!”

Kotori yelled out loud, she picked up her knife and she pursued him…

“Need to hide need to hide need to hide!”

He kept looking around to see if there is anywhere he can hide for now. Anywhere is fine as long as he doesn’t have to deal with her knife. He’s just now realizing how weak he is compared to Kotori who had her powers sealed.

He’s definitely not going to surrender and let Kotori cut him up, maybe if she aimed for other parts he wouldn’t mind but he absolutely refuses to let his johnny get cut and heal from the injury. His injury might heal but the trauma wouldn’t go away for a while.

Shiori’s currently taking a shower so she hasn’t realized this commotion. Meanwhile, Tohka is busy rolling around in her room, enjoying the comfort her bed and blankets are offering.

So begins their game of hide and seek with the venue being set in the Itsuka residence.

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