Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 423: Who peeked at who?

After some time, Kotori decided that she’s all clean now so it’s high time she got out of the tub. Trying to shake the water droplets off, she swung her head around and her twintails flailed around like two streams of light that added a luster to this bathroom.




Kotori who was planning on exiting the bathroom to get clothed noticed something that froze her up.


“Kotori, you sure took your time in the bathroom…”


About 20 centimeters away from Kotori, she saw a figure taller and better built than her. The figure greeted her like it’s only natural for him to be here.


The figure examined her every nook and cranny with his deep red eyes. He scanned her all over and finally stopped at her chest…


“Oh? Kotori, you’re only 14 and look how well you have grown up…”


Wu Yan praised her like he’s some weird critic reviewing a treasure or an exquisite article. It wouldn’t be weird for people to judge him, after all, he’s here under these circumstances.


He came in here to peek and he started judging people like he’s a host at some talent show. If that’s not shameless, what is?


His ridiculous behavior returned Kotori to her senses. She started turning red from the neck upwards, her reaction didn’t stop Wu Yan from admiring the work of art before him.




And there are smoke coming out of her head now…




Like a broken recorder, she kept moving her mouth but only incoherent words came out. She wavered back and forth while spewing smoke. She’s probably going to faint if this keeps up.


Kotori slowly widened her mouth, Wu Yan knew she’s going to scream, of course, he’s staring at her super hard so that’s only to be expected. However, her shrieking would be heard by the whole residence.


Expecting this, he told her in a confident tone.


“Shiori’s still in the house so…”


He’s implying that if she screamed, their brother-sister lie would be revealed since no sane brother would go peeking in on their younger sister when they are bathing unless they are truly deviant.



Kotori swallowed her scream, this action almost caused her to die of frustration. With tears at the corners of her eyes, she dived back into the tub at light speed to keep what is left of her modesty.


“Onii-chan… how can y-you do this…”


Kotori is as red as blood right now. She couldn’t believe the metaphorical giant sacks this guy had to barge in on her like this, he even went as far as to look at her in her birthday suit.


Wu Yan didn’t look guilty, he raised his foot and he approached her. She yelped.


“Onii-chan! You… you can’t get any closer…”


“What’s the big deal?…”


Wu Yan cheekily grinned.


“I don’t know who is the lucky bastard who will receive your affections in the future, but you should just spoil your onii-chan while you still can!”


He gawked at her again. He can’t help but admire her development. Her figure is average at best and probably under-developed compared to other people. But, she’s still 14 so compared to Hinagiku who is 16 years old, she’s doing way better. He can’t help but look forward to future developments.


“Spoil… Onii-chan you…”


Kotori almost passed out from embarrassment.


“What the heck are you saying?!”


His shameless words are testing the limits of Kotori’s patience. Kotori’s breathing became hard, she turned her head left and right looking for something.


“Looking for this?”


Wu Yan displayed a pair of black ribbons.


Kotori is stunned. He examined the ribbons in his hand as he mused out loud.


“I knew you’re going to use this move, did you think I was dumb enough to let you use the same move multiple times?”


“How can you…”


Kotori wanted to cry but couldn’t due to the lack of tears. Without commander mode to support her, she didn’t know how to get out of this one. She started panicking.


“Why shouldn’t I?”


Wu Yan snorted.


“Don’t think I don’t know, you were planning on sending Tohka in while I am bathing right?”


Kotori flinched and she replied almost on reflex.


“Ho-how did you know…?”


Kotori noticed the gap in her verbal armor and she saw how smug Wu Yan looked at the moment. She felt so bashful she buried her head under the water.


Kotori mewled and knew that this is a good time to fold.


“Kotori was wrong, Onii-chan, please forgive me…”


“You have learnt from your mistakes, you say?”

Wu Yan glared at her.


“Oh no, I don’t think that’s the case at all, you’re just going to use different methods to set me up right?”


Kotori retorted.


“But, I am doing this for your sake. There are other spirits and you’re going to have to rescue them, without enough practice…”


Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.


“Do you think I need more training?”


Kotori recalled that he managed to raise his favorability with Tohka to max within a day.


Kotori lowered her head and she mumbled.


“I won’t do this anymore…”


Kotori raised her red face and she pleaded with him.


“Onii-chan, can you please go out now?”


Wu Yan smirked.


“You want me to go out? I am far from finishing my grudge with you!”


Kotri wanted to cry.


“You’ve already seen all of me, is that not enough?”


“Of course not!”


Wu Yan stood with arms akimbo, his next sentence almost broke Kotori.


“Unless, you say, ‘Kotori is going to become Onii-chan’s bride’, I think if you said that I will get out of your hair, how about it?”




Kotori’s jaw dropped at this lecherous wolf in front of her. Even while she is in her imouto mode she wanted to scold Wu Yan.


“Onii-chan, you’re taking advantage of people’s plight…”


He tilted his head like victory is already his.


“You always have the option to not say it…”


Kotori bit down on her lips as she struggled with her internal emotions. Her bashfulness won, she started saying the line but in a mosquito-like volume.




“You’re going to have to be louder than that…”


Wu Yan laughed out loud. Kotori’s embarrassment went up to the maximum threshold as she yelled.


“Kotori is going to marry Onii-chan!”


“Was that so hard?…”


Wu Yan shrugged and walked towards the door. He also didn’t forget to wave his hand back at Kotori.


“I will be keeping your promise in mind, I hope you don’t back out from that declaration just now…”


When Wu Yan finally got out of the bathroom, Kotori pursed her lips before shouting out all her frustration.


“Onii-chan is a super big jerk!”


Kotori carefully got out of the tub and she confirmed that Wu Yan is gone before she quickly picked up the black ribbons Wu Yan left behind.


After equipping it, she went into her commander mode. Dark aura poured forth as she put on a vicious expression. Putting on her clothes, she charged straight for Wu Yan’s room.


Wu Yan made the fatal mistake of leaving her black ribbons out in the open like this

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