Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 422: Who got who?

“Uu… I am so full…”


Tohka, Kotori, and Shiori wanted nothing more than to sleep right here at this messy table which looked more like a warzone than a casual setting. They are as satisfied as they are anguished, more than anything, they are glad for a life well lived up until this point. They didn’t expect fine dining at home.


Tohka had never tasted human food so imagine her rapture at being fed such heavenly dishes. Plus, she’s a bottomless pit to begin with so…


Wu Yan shook his head in disbelief, he can’t believe how helpless these girls are to good food. Moreover, he just made the food on a whim without any particular effort.


If he took out his maximum effort, the girls would probably faint out of food-related climax.


“Onii-chan, why didn’t you tell us you can make such savory dishes?…”


Kotori got up with much difficulty.


“If I knew you can cook like this, I wouldn’t have any need to go to the family diner and order the super deluxe kiddy lunch…”


Shiori cut her short with a frustrated tone.


“Oh, so you think my food can’t compare huh?”




Kotori tried to act cute in front of Shiori.


“It’s just that Onii-chan can make really good food so I think it’s a waste he doesn’t display it more often.”


“You got a point there.”


Shiori nodded. She smiled at Wu Yan.


“Shido, I trust you with our three meals from now on!”


Kotori and Tohka lit up and they vigorously nodded in favor of Shiori’s suggestion. Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“I say, with so many girls in the house, how do you about making a man cook all your food?”


“Oh, what’s the big deal?…”


Kotori placed her palm together while winking at him, it’s her way to act spoiled.


“Pretty please, Onii-chan, I am afraid I will die if I don’t get my regular doses of Onii-chan’s soul food!”




Tohka raised her arms, her eyes, stars at this point, were beaming so hard at Wu Yan that he can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.


Kotori and Tohka used the sweetest voice they could muster and Wu Yan felt strangely good even if goosebumps appeared.


“I can make lunch, dinner, and supper but don’t expect me to make breakfast. I don’t trust my ability to wake up early.”


“Seriously, how can you be so laidback?”


Shiori scolded him.


“It’s my personality, deal with it.”


“So, we get to eat lunch, dinner, and supper made by Shido!”


Tohka jumped and cheered. She forgot that her stomach is still full to the brim so she quickly got down on all four limbs as the pain reached her brain.




Kotori and Shiori laughed but stopped when Wu Yan rolled his eyes at them.


They didn’t know how much energy Wu Yan had to spend to keep up with Tohka’s speed of making food disappear into her stomach. If not for the fact that Tohka slowed down close to the end, Wu Yan is afraid even with all his augmented strength he wouldn’t be able to keep up.


“Since Shido made dinner today, I will do the dishes.”


Shiori said.


“You three, go wash up.”


Kotori’s eyes shined and she turned to Wu Yan.


“Onii-chan, working in the kitchen must mean that you have worked up quite a sweat right? You should go in the bath first!”


Wu Yan almost nodded out of habit but a bad omen stopped him.


Wu Yan recalled that she tried training the protagonist’s ability to deal with other spirits by setting up all kinds of lucky pervert moments or flirting moments. That smirk means that she probably would send Tohka into the bath when he’s in there. Or maybe get him to change a light bulb when Tohka’s in the toilet. Maybe she would even reverse the situation and get him to enter the bath when Tohka’s in there.


These are all welcomed scenarios for him but it would come at a cost, it always does. Living on the edge means greater reward but the risk is commensurately greater as well.


Wu Yan didn’t want to overuse his immortality for some ass-whooping.


“Kotori, you should go into the bath first!”


He shook his head and he grinned at her as if he saw through her.


“I will go in the bath after you…”


Kotori shook her head without hesitation.


“You’re Onii-chan, you get to go in first!”


“I thought you got drenched in the detergent from before?”


Wu Yan brought the issue back.


“The sticky feeling must be getting to you right?”


She wavered when she noticed that her body is feeling rather sticky and icky. Wu Yan struck while the iron is still hot.


“I do recall something about hair getting into annoying locks because of unkempt sticky hair conditions…”


Kotori can’t sit tight anymore. She can just quickly wash herself and then send Tohka into the bath to attack Wu Yan.


“I am heading into the bath!”


Kotori dashed towards the bathroom. Wu Yan’s words got to her. Kotori’s commander mode and imouto mode are still girls who like to keep up their appearances.


Kotori didn’t notice Wu Yan grinning from ear to ear at his genius plan.


In the fitting room next to the bathroom, Kotori took off all her clothes, she got into the water and she released a sigh of relief. She still had her white ribbons on.


Wu Yan wondered why she kept the ribbons on. Her black ribbons mean she is in commander mode, white ribbons mean that she is in imouto mode, if she didn’t wear her ribbons, what mode is that?


It’s still a question he wonders till this day.


Kotori stretched her slender body in the tub, she peered at the ceiling with her red eyes and she fondled the red bracelet on her wrist while drowning in her memories.


Only Kotori knew where this bracelet came from. Even Wu Yan who can buy this bracelet didn’t know the origin.


Wu Yan asked her about it but Kotori always talked her way out by switching into her commander mode. She used her commander mode to unleash verbal and sometimes physical abuse to make Wu Yan retreat.


He can confirm that this isn’t the first time Kotori has seen Wu Yan.


Otherwise, Kotori wouldn’t be so riled up in Fraxinus. She quickly changed her attitude from distant to familiar in a short span of time.


Before the first meeting in the control room, Wu Yan could have sworn he hadn’t made any contact with Kotori.


There are still unanswered questions but Wu Yan put them off for the time being…


He’s already involved in something as unthinkable as transmigration to another world, certainly there are more fantastic things that are yet to happen.


Since Kotori looks like she has seen Wu Yan before, if he just continued doing things at his own pace, it won’t be long before he stumbles upon the answer.


Wu Yan already had a vague idea of the answer though…

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