Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 421: The way to Tohka's heart...

Tengu city, Itsuka residence…


Wu Yan looked at Tohka who is busy exploring the house. Then, he looked at Shiori who’s taking the stairs to the second floor in order to organize a room for Tohka. Finally, pursing his lips, he looked at Kotori who is busy chewing on her Chupa Chups.


“Kotori, how will Ratatoskr deal with Tohka?”


Kotori shook her head and assured him.


“Well, since her powers are sealed, Ratatoskr decided that Tohka will be placed under my supervision and I am directly responsible for her actions and well-being.”


Wu Yan doubted her, it would seem that she’s more concerned with the flavor of her candy than Tohka’s matter.


“Just supervision and observation? Does it not interest Ratatoskr to investigate her spirit powers, anatomy and derive technology and weapons based on the research?”


Kotori gasped at Wu Yan. She examined him and shrunk back like a frightened kitten.


“Don’t tell me, Onii-chan wants to dissect a spirit?”


“Just where has your mind gone?!”


Wu Yan put on a 囧 expression.


“I am just curious whether Ratatoskr had any interest in spirit research. I was wondering if they can get data on spacequake and how it happens, plus, knowing more about spirits could be beneficial for me…”


“I see…”


Kotori released a sigh of relief. She smiled at him and Wu Yan can’t help but twitch the corner of his eye.


This brat, she totally thought I wanted to dissect her didn’t she?….


“There were talks about catching a spirit and then studying the heck out of it but that goes against the precept of Ratatoskr. Naturally, the proposal got denied.”


Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He knew this but he still can’t accept it like that. An organization is made up of a collection of individual even if Ratatoskr is fundamentally benign in its objectives, there is no guarantee that there aren’t any evil-doers in here.


If there’s anyone with ill will in here, precepts are just variables for them, tentative and liable to change at any moment.


Kotori didn’t sound any alarm on any individual so Wu Yan decided to ignore this risk for now. As long as Tohka won’t be used as some kind of tool then it’s okay for him.


“Shido! What is this?!”


They can’t believe what they are seeing. Tohka grabbed a bottle from the kitchen when they weren’t looking. She removed the cap and she inched closer to the bottle.


Wu Yan and Kotori knew she’s actually trying to drink dishwasher detergent.


“Nooo! Tohka, you can’t drink that!”


Wu Yan yelled as he rushed towards Tohka to snatch the detergent from her. Kotori also jumped in shock.


Wu Yan managed to snatch it away from her before a drop of that detergent manage to hit her lips. However, the bottle of detergent spilled magnificently onto Kotori who is nearby.


Kotori froze up. She couldn’t believe she got sprayed with a bunch of thick white sticky liquid, she pursed her lips and she glared at Wu Yan and Tohka with tears at the corners of her eyes.




Wu Yan laughed in an awkward manner. He averted his gaze.


“I didn’t do it on purpose…”


“Shido, why did you stop me?!”


Tohka complained to Shido who stopped her from tasting the detergent.


“Dumb dumb!”


Wu Yan leered at her.


“You can’t eat everything you get your hands on!”


“I can’t eat that?”


Tohka dropped her head in a sad manner. He put a palm to his face.


Wu Yan opened the fridge and he looked at the materials in there. He continued.


“Hungry are ya? Wait up, I am going to fix something up real quick…”


“Shido, what are you doing?”


Tohka is curious, everything a human does in this world is new to her.


Kotori who is still busy wiping away the turbid white liquid on her interjected.


“Shido, you cooking?”






“What’s that, can you eat it?”


Ignoring her for now, Wu Yan glanced at Kotori who is gasping in surprise.


“Hey, is it that surprising that I can cook?”




Kotori fidgeted. She lowered her head, she wanted to ask him the reason for cooking when he can just dine on the mobile food moving in front of him in bags of stardust.


Kotori forgot that Wu Yan shared a breakfast with her just this morning.


“I don’t what you are thinking there but I do feel a sense of annoyance rising in me so just stop…”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes at her. Kotori tried to laugh it off and she escaped with the excuse of changing her clothes.


Sighing, Wu Yan ignored her and he picked up the knife to swiftly prepare the material for his upcoming dishes. He also made sure to clean the raw materials beforehand.


A nice smell started wafting out from the kitchen and it suffused the whole residence. It had a devilish charm to it. Nobody can resist it.


Tohka watched from the side with a stunned look. She watched as he transformed materials into delicious dishes, she can’t help but drool at the sight of them.


She crinkled her nose and sucked in all the sweet smell she can get her nose on. A severe sense of hunger started hitting her like a brick. She can’t hold back from asking Wu Yan.


“Shido, can I eat this?”


“Wait a bit, it’s almost done…”


He worked the kitchen like a pro. Tohka can do nothing but look on with a pair of teary eyes.


“It sure smells nice…”


Kotori entered the living room and she glanced at the kitchen.


“I wonder what is going on in there, smells like something good is being made in there!”


Tohka blocked her with a resolute expression.


“No! I haven’t even got my hands on them yet!”


“Wait for me at the table, you will all get your share…”


Soon, the dining table is filled to the brim with mouth-watering dishes. Kotori, Shiori, and Tohka can almost see sparkles coming out of these skillfully made dishes. They hurrah-ed but their saliva gulping sounds were louder than their cheers.




Tohka gulped another round of saliva and she pleaded with Wu Yan just like Kotori and Shiori. Wu Yan laughed out loud.


“What you girls waiting for? Dig in!”


Three pair of chopsticks quickly danced around the table, when they got a taste of the food, the speed of their chopsticks left afterimages on the dining table as the food available decreased drastically…

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