Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 419: Tohka, that's your name...

Everyone is Fraxinus had their jaws dropped to the ground by the sight of Wu Yan caressing Princess.


“Wh-what kind of mastery is this?!”


Kannazuki Kyouhei’s masochist heart trembled at Wu Yan’s brazen move of touching a spirit during the first meeting.


“H-he actually pulled off something like getting the favorability meter of Princess over half gauge without assistance from us. Is it his inherent trait as a vampire to attract the opposite gender?…”


His favorability meter with Princess is already well over half, it’s clear as day that this guy is making progress…


“Heh, not bad…”


Kotori shifted the Chupa Chups in her mouth and she grinned. Kotori felt like she had scored big with her catch this time.


God of conquest…


The other members shared the same thought. Apparently, these “Love Masters” recognized Wu Yan’s prowess as a playboy.


So this is how a real playboy does it…


Wu Yan moved according to his feeling, he’s not really pulling any moves or anything…


It’s probably because it came from his heart that Tohka who is innocent and kind by nature felt touched…




A member of the control center suddenly shouted with a grave expression.


“What’s the matter?”


Kotori asked.


She could more or less guess without asking though.


“AST has made their move, ETA 1 inute to Princess’ location!”


“Quick as ever, I see…”


Kotori said with a hint of regret. If the AST arrived any later, Wu Yan’s pace might have been enough to seal the deal with the princess.


Kotori over-estimated Wu Yan’s ability. He didn’t have it in him to pull off another stunt like that, it would take him more than a day to fill the rest of the familiarity gauge.


“Shido, can you hear me?”


Kotori’s voice returned him to his senses. His golden eyes are now back to its original deep red eyes that reminded one of a good bottle of red wine. This meant that he’s not planning on continuing this fight.


Kotori’s next sentence made him wonder if maybe he had made that decision a bit too hastily.


“Shido! The AST members will be there shortly, their target is most likely Princess.”


Wu Yan frowned. The strike team is made of girls with a good personality but the management is just rotten to the core. If he didn’t deal with them, they are just going to keep bugging him like this.


Wu Yan’s not afraid of them, he’s not a spirit so they can’t do anything against him. However, Tohka without her ability sealed is a spirit they can track unless she escapes to the other side.


It’s probably why Tohka has a sad expression.


Sighing, he turned to Tohka.


“Hey, wanna come with me?”


Tohka replied in a dumbfounded manner.


“Come together with you?”




“Where are we going?…”


Wu Yan grabbed her by the hand


“Your home!”




Tohka felt weird. According to her memories, the inhabitants of this world kept coming after her like she’s some kind of freak. Tohka hates them and she’s afraid of them.


She can only run and defend against her attackers. She didn’t want to hurt a life if at all possible.


Tohka told Shido in the original work that if Shido didn’t come for her, she would have lost it and killed humans. If that happened, she would become a malignant spirit that treated human lives like ants.


This is not without a precedent, there is a spirit who wouldn’t think twice about using human lives as she saw fit.


Tohka almost fell into despair living a life on the run and in constant battle.


Wu Yan felt bad about her trouble. Even when faced with such ordeals, she remained largely an innocent and kind lady at heart. She likes good food just like any other person her age, she is also fascinated with this world.


She’s a spirit who has one of the most beautiful smiles he has ever seen. She’s a spirit who would get riled up easily by a cheap provocation. She’s also someone who would use her puppy eyes when she’s hungry. Like a bumpy little pup she would jump in joy or throw a tantrum when she’s angry.


She’s a very cute spirit.


Now he knew why Shido charged into the frontline despite the great inherent risk in doing so.


Can someone really turn a blind eye to a situation like this?…


I just can’t ignore this…


He beamed at her.


“You coming?”


She looked into Wu Yan’s eyes with her purple eyes, she glanced at his hand and she nodded without knowing exactly why…


Wu Yan commended her with another smile.


“You did great!”


Kotori also praised Wu Yan when she saw how he dragged Tohka along while increasing their familiarity.


Kotori thought that it’s going to take a lot of effort to improve his relationship with Princess, that’s why she prepared a visual novel-like simulation to help Wu Yan with his choices when confronted with Princess. However, she didn’t expect things to turn out so well in just a span of 15 minutes. They didn’t even exchange a lot of words.


“I knew it, recruiting him was the correct decision. Looks like Shiori Onee-chan won’t get her chance…”






Tohka looked at the person holding her hands. She can’t hold back the urge to exchange more words with him.


Wu Yan smiled at her.


“Call em Wu… Er… Shido…”




Tohka tilted her head while Wu Yan slapped his own head for almost screwing up.


“Yeap! Shido is my name in this world!”




“Yeap, name…”


“I am…”






“That’s your name!”




Tohka finally reciprocated with her own exquisite smile…


“I am Tohka!”


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