Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 418: Princess's advent! Yatogami Tohka!

Her dark-purple hair is so long it reached the back of her knee, all this hair are kept in line by a purple crystal ribbon. Her glorious hair still looked exquisite though and it’s certainly pleasing to look at.


Plate armor with a knee-length skirt which has a pink-to-white gradient. The feathers adorning the front of her chest, near her neck and her sides made her look gallant and beautiful at the same time.


A golden throne is next to her and this throne is floating over a bottomless hole. Its master is currently stepping on the throne. The golded throne had a broadsword stuck in it.


Purple sparkles floated around her. She also had a pair of beautiful purple eyes. She’s studying the surrounding around her like it’s her first time coming to this world…


Princess: Level 78


Wu Yan examined this beautiful girl, he’s not exaggerating her beauty, he has seen his fair share of cute girls like Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Flandre-chan, Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou. Even Lulu and Fei Fei are just as cute as this lady standing before him.


However, even so, it’s like the heaven and earth has to make way for her beauty, Wu Yan admired her overwhelming charm.


Yatogami Tohka, codename Princess.


The first spirit to make an appearance in the original work.


She has yet to receive her name since Shido gave her the name in the original work. Without any official name, the System is recognizing her as Princess.


Tohka finally noticed Wu Yan. She immediately deemed him as a hostile unit.


Wu Yan stopped examining her after noticing her hostile intention, Tohka also made the first move.


She quickly pulled out the sword stuck in the throne by grabbing it and yanking it out of the throne. With a swing of her sword, she sent a purple sword beam at Wu Yan.


Her sudden attack caught Wu Yan by surprise. He withdrew a powerful sword from a red portal that he conjured up.


Nietono no Shana


The moment he grabbed the slender blade, crimson flames sprouted forth from the blade and it raised the surrounding temperature in a very short duration. Wu Yan swung the sword and sent a flame wave at the incoming purple sword beam.


Flame and purple light met in a fiery explosion




The confrontation between these two opposite forces demolished the ground around them. The buildings were fine after the spacequake but in the end, the buildings couldn’t escape their doom.


Tohka leaned her head to one side in confusion. In her limited amount of memories regarding humans, there shouldn’t be any that can use an angel, maybe he’s a spirit like her?


Angels are the weapons spirits use in battle. Tohka’s broadsword and that gilded throne are her Angel. These Spirits can use their power to call their angels out to assist them. When Wu Yan took out Nietono no Shana from the Gate of Babylon so she must have assumed that Wu Yane is deploying his own angel.


Tohka didn’t let go of her hostility. She’s even more hostile now, her eyes had hints deeper anguish.


Not only humans, but even spirits also seek my death?…


Tohka leaped up and she did a jumping slash at Wu Yan.


This speed is on another level!


His eyes turned golden as he defended against her attack with a grim look. Her level 78 isn’t just for show.


Augmented by her Angel, she’s about as strong as Ikaros.


Wu Yan at his full power can take on a lower tier 8 individual roughly around the level of 70. However, Ikaros and Tohka are individuals who are very close to tier 9 in actual power.


If he’s not careful, he could lose in one bout.


Wu Yan stopped the same moment Tohka pointed her giant sword at him. His raised guard slightly lowered.


“You, you’re here to kill me too?”


Tohka had a pained expression, her purple eyes were shining with a solemn glow.


Wu Yan was lost for word when he saw her expression.


She looked just like Mikoto from back then.


The same anguished look, a lonely pathetic look like the world had abandoned them, and the resolution to do things right even if it means death. Mikoto had that look when she heard about the fate of the sisters and their background.


In a defensive stance with Nietono no Shana, he lowered his hand and signaled his non-aggression.




Tohka flinched at the sight of Wu Yan foregoing his defense. She didn’t understand why he did this.


Wu Yan sighed at the sight of Tohka who’s seriously doubting him. He extended an arm towards her.


Tohka raised her guard and kept Wu Yan at sword-length by pointing the sword at his chest.


Wu Yan ignored that and he inched forward even if that meant wounding himself.


Tohka panicked and she quickly lowered her sword. She couldn’t dodge his hand because of this and he caressed her face.


Stunned, she didn’t know what to do when someone is touching her in a familiar manner like this.




Wu Yan laughed while shaking his head.


“Your expression is a cheat you know? You’re just going to make it very hard to fight you, do you understand that?”




Tohka is too stumped for words. She didn’t know what to make of this.


There is one thing she is aware of though…


This person’s hand is so warm, she can feel his warmth reaching her heart…

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