Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 417: Space stone

On a certain street in Tengu city, a figure streaked across a now empty pedestrian pathway. If a normal human is here, they would only see afterimages of a person and then boom he’s gone from the observer’s sight.


He ran so hard he almost created sonic booms wherever he went. This figure created wind blades in his path just by running, the ground got slightly destroyed when the wind blades fell on the road.


Wu Yan ran around but a sound interrupted him, it came from his Bluetooth earset.


“Hey, Shido! Can you hear me?”




Wu Yan pressed a palm against the communication set. He’s worried that his speed will cause the earset to fall off.


Kotori in her commander mode can’t call Wu Yan Onii-chan in a sweet voice like her imouto mode can. It’s certainly not something she can do with just a few days to get to know a person.


Kotori shook off the thought, She knows she can fool everyone but herself. After all, her relationship with Wu Yan isn’t just that of strangers.


“Your present location?”


“Heading towards the center of spacequake…”


Kotori frowned.


“What about Shiori-nee?”


“I told her to head to the shelter first!”


“I see…”


Kotori became silent. Wu Yan could more or less guess why she’s like this.


Shiori had the peculiar ability to seal a spirit’s power through a kiss, the power would then be sealed in his body. This is a trait the original Shido had in the original work.


Kotori probably knew that Shiori had this ability as well. Shiori’s ability to seal spirit powers away is crucial to Ratatoskr’s objective to save spirits.


Kotori cooperated with Shido in order to raise the familiarity he had with the spirits to finally seal their spirit power away and let them live normal lives as humans.


It’s completely different with his case.


In Kotori’s heart, she didn’t want to see her beloved sister being dragged into this dangerous maelstrom where she could lose her life at any time. If it’s Shido, she would probably push him out there to associate with the spirits. However, Shido had been gender-reversed into Shiori.


A man should be manly. As a loving sister, Kotori subconsciously wanted to keep her safe.


Shiori’s power is crucial to Ratatoskr’s goal so she has to borrow her power in one way or the other.


However, it’s different now.


With Wu Yan here, she can definitely do it.


“Hey, you still got more of those bracelets that can seal one’s power away?”


Wu Yan is surprised.


“Bracelets that seal one’s power? Oh, you’re talking about sealing bracelets right?”


“I don’t care about the name, do you have more of them?”


“I do…”


Wu Yan can always buy some from System. It’s Kotori’s words that Wu Yan finds weird. In the end, he answered honestly.




Kotori had a relieved look on her face. She then grinned at the screen which had located Wu Yan’s present location. She shifted the Chupa Chups in her mouth and she declared.


“Shido, we will now assist you as the organization know as Ratatoskr, your mission is to use the sealing bracelets on any spirit you encounter later on!”




“‘Ha?’, don’t give me that!”


Kotori yelled at him


“I want to hear ‘Sir yes sir!'”




Wu Yan sighed. Welp, he’s done it now, he’s officially taking on the protagonist’s original role.


“Goodbye my lovely Item points, I will not be seeing you anytime soon…”


He kicked at the corner of the alley and launched himself closer to the event horizon of the spacequake. The obstacles in his path are nothing as he easily traversed them to reach the spacequake. The people in Fraxinus can’t believe their eyes…


A fissure in space appeared and the surrounding died down into a deathly silence. Suddenly, a black flash appeared.


Beep, spacequake phenomenon detected


Beep, user is within effective collection range, materialize the phenomenon?”


The System rang in his mind. Wu Yan agreed.


Beep, materializing spacequake…


The space trembled and a large orb of dark material manifested in the street while expanding rapidly.


A spacequake will reduce anything it touch to ruins but this spacequake felt different somehow…


The objects that were touched aren’t adversely affected by the black light.


Everyone in Fraxinus jumped at this sight, not even Kotori could believe it.


“What’s this? Why didn’t the spacequake destroy the surrounding area?”


Kannazuki Kyouhei gawked at the screen with a loose jaw. Kotori frowned as she looked at Wu Yan, having found her answer.


The black orb blew on the surrounding object, deprived of its ability to do anything harmful, it’s just a colored wind at this point.


The black orb froze and contracted until it became the size of a small orb that can fit on one’s own palm. It floated slowly towards Wu Yan.


Wu Yan caught the orb and it’s a black hole is sealed within the orb, it’s still swirling but it had a certain allure to it.


Space stone obtained!


He looked at the counter which changed from 0/10 to 1/10 and he stored the space stone away.


Wu Yan got to the center of the spacequake and a figure in purple stood there….


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