Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 415: Tobiichi Origami is a yuri girl?

On the way to school, he amused himself with Kotori who kept chanting super deluxe kiddy meal like some kid. Kotori wanted to go to the family dining restaurant to get some deluxe kiddy meal in her but Shiori wouldn’t budge. It’s different now if you look at Shiori’s smiling face.


She’s spoiling her rotten.


Two beautiful ladies of different body size giggled their merry way on the way to school. A lot of people were gawking at them. Wu Yan had a helpless expression on.


They are not gawking at how childish Kotori is, this scene happened in the original work and it’s the cue for the next series of events. He expected this to happen so he’s not feeling bad about being gawked at.


He didn’t know what to say about being made to wear a uniform.


It had a western-style to it, he wore a white shirt with blue tie completed with a black blazer. He had a pair of grey pants on as well. His bag looked more like an office worker than a student’s backpack.


He’s already way over 20 years old but his youthful face made him barely passable as a high school student. Anyone who’s unfamiliar with Wu Yan wouldn’t know he’s actually over 20 years old.


He didn’t know how Kotori pulled it off but when he said he’s going to school, she managed to prepare a set of uniform rather quickly. She even managed to persuade Shiori.


Ratatoskr had the power to straight-up buy a whole commercial complex, restaurant, hotels to do renovations. With that kind of authority and power, getting him into a high school is probably only a child’s play for them.


Itsuka Shido’s enrolment at Raizen is practically set in stone at this point.


Wu Yan was planning on heading to Fraxinus to wait for the arrival of Yatogami Tohka. He thought he could also use the chance to browse around the airship. However, his plans are up in smokes now so he figured he might as well go to school with Shiori like an obedient boy.


Even if he went there’s almost no time for him to settle in, according to the original plot, another spacequake will occur sometime very soon and the school will be caught in the aftermath. Even if he went, is there actually any point?


Wu Yan reckons that his objections won’t mean anything so he went along with this and went to school, he’s thinking that he could use this chance to improve his experience playing the role of a redshirt.


They arrived at the family diner pretty soon and Kotori looked back at them.


“Onee-chan, Onii-chan, let’s meet up here after school okay?~”




Shiori smiled at Kotori. Kotori pouted at them and she told them to make sure they are here even if a spacequake hits. Wu Yan silently laughed at her.


After sending Kotori away, the two of them exchanged a look. Shiori explained to Wu Yan.


“Well then, Shido, it’s time we go to school, it’s a new school term so all the new students and old students have to report their attendance.”


Wu Yan shrugged and he wanted to follow Shiori but something that flashed behind an electric pole caught his attention.


The figure also noticed Wu Yan’s detection and the figure quickly hid away.


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow and he felt odd…


If he didn’t miss anything, he’s pretty sure that the figure had white hair that reached the shoulders…


“Tobiichi Origami…”


Wu Yan’s lip twitched. He glanced at the pole and he glanced at Shiori before he sighed.


Don’t tell me, Tobiichi Origami is after the Shiori just like she’s after Shido in the original work?


However, Shido had turned into Shiori and the new Shido is him, Tobiichi Origami probably wouldn’t go after him since he’s not the real one.


Could it be that even after Shiori’s gender-reversed, Tobiichi Origami’s sexual orientation changed to accommodate this?


Does that mean Tobiichi Origami is a yuri girl now? 


Wu Yan felt like this isn’t what he signed up for but he’s frustrated that he can’t ring up a customer service center to complain.


“What’s wrong Shido? We are going to be late if you don’t hurry up…”




Tobiichi Origami stuck out her head, she frowned when she saw Wu Yan and Shiori walking to school together.


“That spirit…”


Tobiichi Origami examined Wu Yan.


“Why is he here? What’s his objective? Moreover, traveling together with Shiori…”


She tapped away at her watch. Confused by what she saw, she mumbled…


“He’s clearly a spirit but why am I not getting any readings from him?…”




Looking at the 2-4 sign hanging above him, Wu Yan sighed.


It’s the same class the protagonist studied in, 4th class of the second year of high school.


He more or less saw this coming but he really got assigned to the same problematic class that Tobiichi Origami is in…


“I became the protagonist? Surely not, I don’t have the ability to seal a spirit’s power by kissing them, regrettable as that may be…”


A very cute teacher who’s actually very thirsty and desperate for marriage explained to the students the ropes around the school and she introduced the new student.


“Erm, there’s a new transfer student that’s going to study with us starting from today and…”


Each of the students had different reactions to this news. They are guessing his gender and appearance. They wanted either a very handsome and cool guy or a very pretty and elegant girl. The students think that they can have a very exciting time studying with a student like that.


Shiori is the first one to react.


“Transfer student… is it Shido? I see, so he got assigned to this class…?”


The teacher expected this kind of reaction so she turned towards the door without saying much.


“Come in…”


Wu Yan slapped his cheeks and perked himself up before entering. A spacequake will hit soon and everyone’s going to take shelter, he figured he can just sneak out at that time…


He slowly opened the door and entered everyone’s sight. He looked at the students and he smiled at Shiori who looked like she had guessed how this came to be. He also made sure to stare back at Tobiichi Origami who’s totally checking him out, but not in a good way. He wrote his name on the blackboard.


“My name’s Itsuka Shido!”


They all turned around and looked at Shiori in surprise. This is only normal since they share the same surname.


Wu Yan felt a bit awkward standing here like this so he quickly ended this introduction.


“I will be in your care from now on…”


The students exchanged looks at his simple introduction. The teacher also awkwardly smiled at the tense mood that formed in this classroom

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