Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 413: Same morning different main character

Tenguu city, Itsuka residence…


Shiori is currently humming a tune while preparing breakfast in the kitchen. She went about the kitchen like a very homely wife, it’s clear that she enjoyed cooking from the way she prepared the meals.


Meanwhile, Wu Yan is dead asleep in his bed, nevermind that this is another world and he’s sleeping in a different bed nothing’s going to stop him from getting his sleep.


The door to his room slowly opened up and a red-haired girl peeked in on him while sneaking around. She looked at the bed and she locked onto her target…


“Onii-chan found…”


She tip-toed her way over to the bed while trying not to make sound.


When she’s about a meter away from Wu Yan’s bed she did a running jump and pounced on Wu Yan feet first.


“Onii-chan! Wakey wakey!”


Kotori giggled while jumping on top of Wu Yan. Her little feet dancing over his blanket, she’s not going to let him sleep any longer than this.


But, given that Kotori’s weight is less than 40kg, she couldn’t do anything more than tickle Wu Yan’s True Ancestor body. Not satisfied with the results, she pursed her lips and she jumped up once more, this time, aiming for Wu Yan’s stomach.


The jolt of pain woke Wu Yan up.


“Ow~~ Onii-chan, good morning~~”


Kotori acted like she did nothing wrong, she gave him her usual cheeky smile. Her greeting would have been fine if she wasn’t standing on top of him.


Wu Yan would grumble if treated violently like this, however, he’s not complaining because the moment he opened his eyes, he was too stunned to be angry.


Itsuka Kotori who is standing on top of him is wearing a skirt so…


The person herself isn’t aware that she’s showing her goods. Seeing his dazed expression made her think that maybe he’s not completely conscious yet so she pursed her lips and she wanted to stomp one more time.


Wu Yan immediately stopped her in a panic. The place she was aiming for was closer to his harpoon than his belly.


“Wait wait!”


Feeling chilly from her ridiculous accuracy, he pulled her by the hand before she can complete what she’s doing.




Itsuka Kotori lost her balance and fell down into Wu Yan’s chest as he subconsciously hugged her.


Freezing up, her soft body became tense as heck. He’s musky scent entered her nose and she could feel his burly arms wrapped around her waist. It’s too much for her to process…


This is the first time she’s so close to one of the opposite gender.


This kind of intimate contact is nothing for Wu Yan who is already blase after the events of Toaru Majutsu no Index and Silvaria World Institute. It’s a different girl but a hug is just a hug to him.


He sighed at Kotori who froze up.


“I say, Kotori, I am not sure if you wanted me to wake up or never wake up again. Your methods are less than graceful if I must say…”


Wu Yan felt odd, the way she woke him up is almost identical to how Kotori originally woke Shido up in the original work.


Could it be that not only his given name changed, he’s now actually the protagonist of this world?…


She meekly raised her head, she saw that Wu Yan didn’t intend on letting her go anytime soon so she pleaded with him.


“Um, Onii-chan, can you let go of me please?”


He’s amused with her bashful appearance, instead of letting her go, he tightened his hold on her, he had a really nasty grin at the moment.


“Let go? If a naughty sister did a prank on her own brother to wake him up, doesn’t that lead to a punishment of some sort?…”


Kotori started flushing red, there is practically no distance between them at the moment, she can feel his firm chest pressing against her.


“I-I was wrong…”


Kotori stuttered while trying to push Wu Yan’s chest away. He could feel her heart racing away at the moment.


“Oh you feel that way now? Then, are you ready for the punishment?”


He kept rewarding his eyes with her embarrassed look.


Kotori lowered her head and she mewled.


“Wh-what kind of punishment?…”


Wu Yan grinned like a villain.


“Wouldn’t you like to know…”


He slowly reduced the distance between their faces.




Kotori turned deep red.


Don’t tell me…


Kotori’s heart started beating rapidly at the thought of her punishment. She’s not sure what she should do.


She kept looking around to see if there’s anything or anyone here to save her. When Wu Yan got close enough for a kiss, she closed her eyes after guling.


Wu Yan is rejoicing that he came so far after just a day of getting to know her. It would seem that this multiple personality girl is going to enter his crystal palace.


Cute girls like her are really easy to…


Something interrupted his thought, something physical but it’s not a kiss. It’s a fist to the face from Kotori.




The sudden punch knocked him away, it was right on the nose too. Wu Yan’s grip on Kotori loosened as he held his nose.


“You despicable lewd wolf in human skin!”


Kotori yelled at him. She had switched the ribbon from white to black.


She’s in her commander mode!


“What the…”


He can’t believe how quickly she could change the ribbons she had.


She misconstrued his grumbling thinking that he’s complaining about her turning him down…


“I can’t believe your testicular fortitude!”


Kotori punched the bastard one more time.


“I will teach you to pucker your lips towards a girl you met just a day ago! Die!”



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