Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 412: Itsuka Shidou Onii-chan?!

Itsuka Shiori!


Kotori’s sister? sister?!


Where’s Itsuka Shido? Don’t tell me he got turned into another gender? Does this mean that this is the main character of this work as opposed to Itsuka Shido in the original work?…


Wu Yan is a bit too stunned for words, he had tried to imagine scenarios where he met with the main characters of the various world but he never expected a scenario like this.


Itsuka Shido cross-dressed once in the original work, he was trying to get close to a spirit who really hated males. Wu Yan didn’t think Shido had the hobby to crossdress as a girl at home so…


Wu Yan awkwardly laughed.


“Do you only have a sister at home?”


“That’s right~~”


Kotori felt that it’s a bit odd why Wu Yan is acting like this upon seeing her sister but she answered anyway.


“Um, are you sure you don’t have an elder brother or someone like that?”


Kotori shook her head, her twintails flailed around because of that and it gave her a youthful vibe.


“Nope~ I only have my Onee-chan at home…”


Wu Yan’s lip twitched. He wanted to make someone pay for getting him this riled upon at the expectation of meeting the protagonist.


Who’s the genius that turned Shido into a girl?!


Wu Yan felt like this version of Date A Live is going further away from his familiar memories into something of an unfamiliar battleground.


The sealing bracelet, the gender transformation of the protagonist…


The cast is more or less the same but now that the protagonist had been turned into a girl, he can’t say for sure that the story will proceed like it did in the original world…


Wu Yan isn’t sure what’s going to happen from now on…


Shiori sneaked a peek at Wu Yan who is experiencing a myriad of facial expressions. She frowned and pulled Kotori to the side.


“Kotori, who’s this? He looks a bit suspicious…”


Kotori is surprised at her own sister’s intuition. If it’s her commando mode she’s probably going to give more leads that will divulge Wu Yan’s identity.


Her imouto mode is on so she has to be an obedient girl.  She shook her head.


“He’s not a suspicious guy…”


Kotori presented Wu Yan with a cheerful vibe.


“Onee-chan! This is Kotori’s long lost Onii-chan~”


“Long lost Onii-chan?…”


Shiori is even more confused.


“Kotori, why is this the first time I have heard about this long lost brother of yours?…”


Shiori’s question is justified. Shiori’s not Kotori’s blood-related sister, even if she lived with Kotori for a long time, she’s not sure whether Kotori really had a long lost brother.


Kotori scratched her head while sticking her tongue out.


“I didn’t know as well, I just found out quite recently…”


“Is that so?”


Shiori is still suspicious regarding the origin of this long lost brother and when she found out herself.


However, since Kotori is looking cheeky, Shiori is sure that Kotori wouldn’t give her a clear answer even if she pressed forward with her questions.


She looked at Wu Yan, she’s still doubtful of this guy’s character but since Kotori vouched for him, she only has to keep an eye for Kotori just to make sure she doesn’t get trick into something with this guy…


“Welcome to the Itsuka residence!”


Shiori smiled and she bowed.


“I am Itsuka Shiori! Kotori’s sister, I will be in your care…”




Wu Yan turned his head the other way, he’s not too sure how to deal with this transformed protagonist. He’s okay either way but this is a surprise for him.


Wu Yan’s eyes beamed up. He looked at Kotori.


Wait, the main character got turned into a girl. That means Kotori isn’t infatuated with the protagonist.


He’s a bit frustrated to think that things had changed but this is a pleasant turn of events for him.


Kotori, completely unaware that she had been targeted by a certain wolf, she wanted to say something about Wu Yan. She wanted to tell him to greet Shiori properly, Kotori started panicking…


The situation became a bit awkward so Kotori jumped out and she broke the ice.


“Onee-chan, can onii-chan live with us for a while? Oh, and can I trouble you to prepare an extra meal.”


“I see…”


Shiori smiled at Wu Yan.


“Well then, I am going to help um…”


Wu Yan and Kotori knew she’s trying to get his name which Wu Yan completely forgot to mention.


He hurriedly tried to introduce himself but Kotori interrupted him.


“Er, Onii-chan’s name is Itsuka… Shido…”


Kotori said something that caused Wu Yan’s eyes to widen.


“Shido! Yeah, that’s Onii-chan’s name, Itsuka Shido~”


Kotori is all smiley thinking that she came up with a great name. Shiori felt odd, Itsuka Shido made it sound like they really are a pair of siblings due to how similar their names sounded.


Meanwhile, Wu Yan’s expression turned into 囧.


How is he supposed to respond to his name being Itsuka Shido?


Still donning a 囧 expression, he tried to talk to Kotori.


“Er… About that, Itsuka Shido…”


Kotori’s expression distorted into a demonic one. She’s basically giving him the signal to roll along with her. How was she to know that Itsuka Shido meant to Wu Yan?


“Is there something you’re not happy with? Onii-chan…”


“Well… No…”


He’s now the main character so there’s really nothing much to make a fuss about…


Shiori motioned for Wu Yan to enter by inviting him inside.


“Well, Shido-kun, enter first, let me finish up what I am doing and I can help you with preparing your room.”


Now that Shiori has said so much, what can Wu Yan do but smile and thank her for her considerations?


“Well, I will be imposing on you, Shiori!”


Shiori gave him a sweet smile.


“Since Shido’s Kotori’s brother, that means you’re my Onii-chan as well. Don’t’ be a stranger just treat this as your own home…”


“Ne ne, Onii-chan, let me show you around the house!”


Kotori pulled Wu Yan and Shiori into the house in an elated manner.

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