Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 411: Onee-san? Itsuka Shiori

“Listen up! If you screw up in front of my family I am going to make you sleep on the street, capiche?”

Itsuka Kotori reminded Wu Yan for the nth time. It’s like she has zero trust in his acting ability.

Wu Yan wanted to sigh as he gaze up at the sky but seeing the house in front of him made him stop. Something about this felt odd.

Wu Yan isn’t sure why he followed Itsuka Kotori home.

He’s still trying to piece together the puzzle of why she had a red sealing bracelet on her.

This is the first time he came here and the first time he met with Itsuka Kotori. How did she obtain the bracelet?…

This world developed its own sealing bracelet?…

The System reminded him that the sealing bracelet can only be found in the system.

Which means, the bracelet she has at the moment came from the system.

That raises another question, they just met today and they were like strangers at first, given that he has never been to this world before and he had only used the sealing bracelet once on Flandre-chan.

How did Itsuka Kotori obtain her sealing bracelet? Where is the other halve of the bracelet? If she’s wearing the bracelet, does that mean her spirit powers are sealed at the moment?

Still trying to figure the aforementioned 3 questions, he subsconciously nodded after Kotori invited him into Ratatoskr.

Voilà, now he’s a part of Ratatoskr with the position of a senior counter-measure officer.

Ratatoskr has technology on par with the AST, if not outright more modern equipment. The critical weakness of Ratatoskr is their lenient attitude towards spirits. They couldn’t go toe to toe with AST or any military organization with their pacifist nature, what with trying to save spirits as opposed to outright killing them.

Wu Yan’s appearance filled their organizational need. He had the battle strength as witnessed by Kotori and others when he fought against AST members, he could probably hold his own against spirits.

If they didn’t make him a senior officer, it’s going to be an injustice to Wu Yan’s ability.

Wu Yan also wasn’t clear why he followed Itsuka Kotori home. Apparently…

“You’re telling me you have some other place you can crash at?”

Wu Yan thought about it for a second and he conceded that she had a point.

He had enough gold on hand to buy a mansion but he reckoned that it would better to live with a cute girl than have a whole mansion all to himself.

He’s also curious about Itsuka Shido, the protagonist of this world. The main character of Hayate the Combat Butler and Toaru no Majutsu Index had shit-tier luck. He’s worried that their bad luck might infect him so he stayed well away from them.

More importantly, Itsuka Shido is like Hikaru Genji.

He had managed to conquer Itsuka Kotori’s route when she’s still young. If this world is identical to the original work, Itsuka Kotori is an unsalvageable brocon mess.

He felt a bit disappointed at the thought of this. Itsuka Kotori is a very cute girl but since she already has someone who is good for her, Wu Yan isn’t interested in netorare (Tl: or cuckold) the poor guy.

Wu Yan’s disappointed look didn’t escape Kotori. She shivered and she bared her cute fangs at him.

“What nefarious schemes are you hatching now?”

Wu Yan laughed her off.

“Why are you implying that I am thinking of something evil again?”

Kotori snorted and she turned the other way. She hesitated at her door. She turned around and reminded him.

“I am saying it again, don’t screw up in front of my family or you’re going to sleep in the street…”

Wu Yan’s expression collapsed.

“You said that many times now…”

“I am afraid you’re gonna forget.”

“Enlighten me, what doesn’t constitute screwing up?”

“I already figured that out for you!”

Itsuka Kotori said in a slightly reluctant manner.

“I am going to tell the family that you’re my long lost onii-chan!”

Wu Yan almost choked on his own breath. His eyebrows kept jolting.

“Long-lost brother huh? Quite a convenient excuse if there ever was one…”

“What, got some problem with it?”

“Erm… maybe think of another one?…”

“Motion denied!”

Kotori exhaled and she faced the door. She took down her black ribbons and she tied her back up with white ribbons she had taken out from her pocket.

He amused himself with this personality transformation. She’s going to transition into her imouto mode which Wu Yan is looking forward to.

He wasn’t disappointed in the least.

Her cold expression disappeared when she turned around to invite him in. She had a very cute and innocent expression on that went well with her wide smile that narrowed her eyes.

She winked at him and she giggled.

“Sa, let’s go in, Onii-chan…”

Her tender voice caused a warm sense to flow through Wu Yan’s body, it’s like he’s soaking in a hotspring.

Itsuka Kotori didn’t know that she almost caused Wu Yan to awaken with a strange fetish. She opened the door to her house and she greeted in a bubbly voice loud enough to hear throughout the house.

“I’m home!”

Wu Yan can’t help but smile as he watched Itsuka Kotori going about in her imouto mode.

He’s stunned when another tender voice entered his ears.

“You’re back huh? Kotori!”

A figure slowly appeared from within the house. His expression twisted into an even more confused one when he saw the appearance of the figure.

She had blue hair that streamed down her back. Messy bangs that covered her forehead, it wouldn’t take much to cover up her eyes. She had a flower hairpin decorating the left side of her bangs. The hairpin increased its owner’s cuteness by a ton even if the owner was already cute without it.

She’s wearing an apron with wok and spatula in hands. She had a very loving air around her.

You read that right, it’s her!


Itsuka Kotori glomped her, she hugged one of her arm, it would appear that their relationship is very close.

Wu Yan parroted Kotori.


“That’s right~~~”

Itsuka Kotori giggled while hugging her sister’s arm.

“She’s my sister, Itsuka Shiori!”

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