Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 410: Kotori's and the sudden appearance of sealing bracelet

Sometimes, when you lie, people doubt you, when you tell the truth, they don’t believe you, it’s the same thing at the moment…


Wu Yan is a true ancestor and if he’s not a vampire then the other lower vampires have no right to call themselves vampires.


Wu Yan isn’t lying when he said he is a vampire, they just didn’t believe him…




Itsuka Kotori stared at Wu Yan before she scoffed him.


“Are you insane? Use a more convincing excuse, there are no such things as vampires in this world.”


Wu Yan crossed his arms and shook his head.


“So you’re telling me spirits are natural to this world?!”


Kotori is stumped for words, she pursed her lips and then she came up with a retort.


“I can see and vouch for the existence of spirits, what do you have to substantiate your claim?”


Itsuka Kotori kept sucking on her Chupa Chups like she ended the argument right there.


“I highly doubt you could do that, if you’re real, the werewolves must have been shot to death or something.”


Wu Yan lowered his head while saying nothing.


Itsuka Kotori didn’t stop chewing him out.


“I think the spacequake must have done a number on your non-spirit mind which caused you to say delirious things. Nevermind, Ratatoskr can also offer assistance to troubled minds like you, we aren’t just an organization exclusively for the sheltering of spirits. I can call up a mental institution for you, how about that?”


This is probably her more cynical and stinging side talking. As expected of her commander mode.


By the way, it should be mentioned that Itsuka Kotori has multiple personalities. One of it is this snarky cold mode known as the commander mode while she has another mode known as the sister mode where she is bubbly and innocent. It’s amazing how she has 2 contrasting personalities in her.


If she has her black ribbons on, it means she’s in her commander mode. When she’s in her sister mode, she would be sporting white ribbons.


She’s bordering on being mean when she’s in the commander mode, the verbal abuse she can hurl is being utilized in full on Wu Yan who is meeting her for the first time.


Wu Yan moved his legs and he approached the platform Itsuka Kotori is positioned on. She wrinkled her nose.


“What are you doing?”


“You want proof?”


He beamed at her but Itsuka Kotori shivered from fear.


“Let me suck your blood and then we will see!”


“Su-suck my blood?!…”


Itsuka Kotori shrunk back, noticing her weak display she stood firm once more.


“Go ahead and suck me! Let me witness what a real vampire looks like!”


“Oh, is that so?”


Wu Yan giggled. He jumped up onto the platform before Reine or Kyouhei can react much to Kotori’s surprise.


“Don’t mind if I do…”


Primal fear gripped Kotori, she couldn’t move from being intimidated.


Wu Yan slowly opened his jaw and revealed his sharp fangs.


This is the first time he displayed his fangs, he didn’t think it would be under this kind of situation. He sucked his own blood the first time he lusted for blood so this isn’t a big deal for him.


Kotori who is frozen in fear could do nothing as Wu Yan tightened his grip on her shoulder. She could feel him getting ever closer to her neck…




Wu Yan intentionally sounded like a creep. Kotori finally returned to her senses, she’s afraid that she might be in over her head after looking at his sharp fangs.




Kotori shouted out loud. She tried to push Wu Yan away but her strength wasn’t enough to resist his advance.


It would seem like some third-rate smut is about to transpire in this command center.




Kyouhei’s handsome, no, pig-like face contorted in anger. He pounced on Wu Yan after forgetting the disparity of strength between them.


“Commander! I am going to save you!”

That was the last thing he said before Kotori accidentally kicked him down the platform in a panicked frenzy.


“Stop! Please stop!”


Kotori resisted like her life depended on it, however, Wu Yan crept closer still. She closed her eyes and shrieked out loud. For the first time in her life, she wished she still had her spirit powers with her.


“Be a good girl and let me taste your blood…”


Wu Yan grumbled.


“I thought you wanted proof? You’re making it very hard for me to validate my assertion…”


“No proofs required anymore! Please don’t prove yourself! I totally believe you!”


She said with tears in the corners of her eyes. His fangs could have been fake but the primal fear she is feeling is as real as it gets. She instinctively knew that he is the real deal.


He stopped pressuring Kotori and grinned at her in the smuggest expression he can muster, making sure she can see how close his face is to hers.


“Really? You don’t want some other kind of proof?”


“There will be no need for that!”


Kotori shook her head vigorously. Her eyes stopped at one of Wu Yan’s wrist, she stared wide-eyed as she just can’t believe what she’s looking at.




He looked at his wrist and he scratched his head.


“What’s wrong?”


Kotori is still looking at his hand in a stunned look. Joyful tears appeared in the corners of her eyes. She stood up while grabbing Wu Yan’s hand.


“What are you doing?!”


Her sudden action gave Wu Yan a big jump. Kotori ignored him as she extended her hand to touch Wu Yan’s hand.


Or rather, she touched his white bracelet.


Also known as the sealing bracelet.


It’s like she’s in a trance looking at the sealing bracelet, she looked nostalgic, moved, enamored and more importantly like she found the thing she had been looking for a long time.


“I say…”


Wu Yan wanted to say something about her change of attitude but he decided to delay that until he finds out why she is so fascinated with his bracelet.


“What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with my bracelet?”


Kotori is still deep in her memories but she raised her hand and she tucked her sleeves in to reveal something that shocked Wu Yan.


“Sealing bracelet!”


Wu Yan cried out in surprise.


It’s a red sealing bracelet!


“So you’re familiar with it…”


Itsuka Kotori sighed, she looking at Wu Yan not in a manner as if he’s not a stranger but as if he’s very close to her.




Wu Yan didn’t expect to see a sealing bracelet here. Suddenly, Itsuka Kotori asked him.


“Hey, you wanna join Ratatoskr?”

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