Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 409: Commander Itsuka Kotori

15,000 meters above the Tenguu city…


This high into the sky, there’s almost no trace of any clouds here, the birds also can’t stand the strong winds here.


However, a strange phenomenon could be observed here. A gale broke into two when it hit something invisible in the air.


Invisible to most observers is a large airship that is floating around like a fortress in the sky. It’s like this structure is protecting the city below it.


Fraxinus is the name of this ship. It’s also known by another title, the headquarters of Ratatoskr.


Led by Kannazuki Kyouhei, Wu Yan successfully boarded this airship. Currently, he’s heading to the command center with Kyouhei being his guide. Waiting for him at the command center is the commander of Ratatoskr, Itsuka Kotori.


Wu Yan assessed that the technology of this world is slightly ahead of the technology in his original world. He made this observation after examining the interior of Fraxinus as well as seeing first-hand the formidable equipment the AST members had.


It’s almost on the same level as Academy City in Toaru no Majutsu.


Since the technology of this world had been developed to counter spirits, it is lacking in many aspects when compared to Academy city. But, since they specialized strength-augmenting technology, it would seem they are more advanced in this aspect than Academy City.


After passing through many automatic doors, he finally arrived at the wide and spacious room known as the command center.


There’s a display screen here that is easily bigger than the ones we see in cinemas. Facing the screen are two rows of seats with monitors about the same size as televisions. Overlooking all of this is an elevated platform designed for the commander.


Wu Yan stopped upon seeing a petite figure sitting at the commander’s seat.


Red hair tied into twintails with black ribbons. This hairstyle went well with her cute face making her ribbons look like animalistic ears that accentuated her cuteness.


She’s wearing a uniform that belonged to an unknown school, maybe it’s a Ratatoskr-issued uniform. The uniform made her look a tad bit more intimidating than if she hadn’t wore it.


Itsuka Kotori.


The younger foster sister of the main character in the original work.


She also has another identity, she’s a spirit too.


Maybe Kannazuki Kyouhei and Murasame Reine know about this but the others sure don’t. Wu Yan isn’t dumb enough to reveal this yet.


Standing beside Kotori is a pretty lady with pale blue hair tied into a right-side ponytail. She also has a small blue bear tucked away in her chest pocket. The heavy dark circles around her eyes aren’t enough to mask her beauty, neither did her tired look mar it. She’s the analysis officer of Ratatoskr, Murasame Reine.


With a palm beneath her chin and a lollipop in the other hand, she trained her red eyes on Wu Yan and then she beamed at him.


“Welcome to Ratatoskr!”


Kotori wanted to say something but she frowned when she saw Kannazuki Kyouhei’s appearance.


“By the way, what happened to you?”


Somebody had destroyed his handsome look by giving him some bruises in the face. At least, he managed to make Itsuka Kotori and Murasame Reine laugh at him.


Kannazuki Kyouhei awkwardly laughed before putting on a serious face. He can try to look serious but that only managed to make him look even more ridiculous as if he’s fine with those injuries.


The perpetrator didn’t seem to care that he caused this, he just watched as Kannazuki Kyouhei made a fool of himself. He gnashed his teeth, if it weren’t for the vast disparity in strength between him and Wu Yan, he would have pounced on Wu Yan.


Only the commander is fit to punish him…


Still sucking on her Chupa Chups, Itsuka Kotori ignored Kannazuki Kyouhei and she examined Wu Yan.


“You, you’re not a spirit are you?…”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow but he shrugged anyway.


“I never said I was one…”


Itsuka Kotori looked at the spacequake he brought with him and she kept replaying the video as if to spot any weird oddity.


“If you’re not a spirit, how do you explain the spacequake that occurred the same time as your appearance?”


Reine and Kyouhei kept staring at Wu Yan while Kotori examined the footage. It became awkwardly quiet in the room.


The display stopped and Kotori looked back at Wu Yan. It’s quite clear that she wants Wu Yan to explain himself.


Wu Yan laughed out loud.


“So I can’t be a spirit and arrive with a spacequake?”


Reine, Kannazuki Kyouhei and Itsuka Kotori were surprised. He continued.


“Spirits can come into this world without causing spacequakes, I am sure you’re aware of that. It should come as no surprise that someone other than a spirit is able to cause spacequakes, this is hardly surprising…”


Don’t give me that sophistry, you’re the one who’s weird!


The three of them thought but they didn’t vocalize it. Itsuka Kotori stood with arms akimbo.


“Fine, since you’re not a spirit, then what are you? Surely not a human, I doubt a human can cause a spacequake.”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“Technically, I used to be a human…”


Itsuka Kotori flinched, her expression changed drastically even her voice trembled.


“Wh-what do you mean by that?…”


Murasame Reine and Kannazuki Kyouhei were shocked to see Itsuka Kotori behaving like this.


Wu Yan chose to stay silent. He understands why Kotori is so visibly shaken. She’s in a similar circumstance as him, she used to be a human up until 5 years ago when someone turned her into a spirit…


Wu Yan sighed before he laughed it off.


“It was all for more power, so…”


Itsuka Kotori looked at Wu Yan with a complex expression, she sighed and regained her composure.


“Again, what are you?”


“Hmm, I wonder…”


Wu Yan shrugged.


“Probably a vampire?…”




Kotori, Kyouhei, and Reine exchanged looks before they laughed out loud thinking that Wu Yan is joking with them.


Wu Yan didn’t mind, he laughed with them. He already told them the truth so it’s up to them whether or not they believed him.

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