Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 408: Ratatoskr, Kannazuki Kyouhei

Tobiichi Origami stared at where Wu Yan was. Soon, she regained her senses and she yelled out loud.


“Don’t think you can get away from me!”


She didn’t know what happened but she understood that the spirit had disappeared from her sight, she smashed the ground with her light saber.


Even after destroying the ground, she didn’t see any hole that would lead her to the disappeared spirit, only a thick slab of steel met her gaze.


“What’s going on?”


Origami flinched in surprise.


“Somebody saved the spirit?”




She slashed at the iron slab but her attack did nothing on the structural integrity of that object.


She thought slashing the iron surface multiple times would do the trick but she only managed to make the sound of slashing resonate in this battlefield and nothing more.


“What’s wrong?”


The other AST members came to check on her. That’s the least they could do for not being able to contribute to the fight just now. They still couldn’t make heads or tails of what had happened here.


Tobiichi Origami calmed down after seeing her comrades’ arrival. She’s a kuudere so if not going up against spirits, she would usually be calmer than still water. She glanced at the iron slab and she reported back to mission control.


“The target has escaped…”


Tobiichi Origami said no more. Being familiar with her style, the other members didn’t pursue the matter any further. They didn’t need to, they already knew why she’s acting like this.


The other four AST members exchanged looks and they flew into the sky. They raised their cannons and fired at Tobiichi Origami’s location, prompting her to evade.


Countless missiles assaulted the steel slab.


Wu Yan hurriedly used magnetized iron sand to levitate himself. He inspected the steel slab above him and he could hear explosions coming from the other side. It’s not hard to guess who is behind that noise.


Satisfied with the structural integrity of the steel slab, he sighed in relief knowing that he wouldn’t have to deal with AST members down here. He’s a bit mad that he got done in by a simple trap like this. However, he welcomed the timing of this trap.


Without this hole here, he would have to knock out Tobiichi Origami, or worse, be knocked out by her. He’s not counting on Tobiichi Origami to go easy on him in either case.


Wu Yan isn’t kidding around, Tobiichi Origami’s own ability augmented by her AST equipment made her a foe even someone in tier 8 can’t take lightly.


Wu Yan is very close to tier 8 at level 69 but even if Tobiichi Origami could best him, he’s confident that his True Ancestor body will make his worst-case scenario the loss of a few heads or limbs.


He adjusted his angle and he tried to gauge the depth of this hole. Suddenly, he twitched his lips.


The person who did probably had a grudge against him. If he couldn’t fly, this deep hole would have made rather fantastic meat paste out of his body if he hit the ground.


Wu Yan sighed before concluding that the person is probably an ally given that they helped him get away from the AST members.


“I guess I could check out what’s down there.”


He descended down. The deeper he went down, the more convinced he is that somebody tried to make him fall to his death. He’s been flying for more than 10 minutes now and he hadn’t hit the ground yet.


Truth be told, he’s a bit fed up with the boring scene around him.


After 20 minutes, he finally saw the ground and he’s not happy at all.


The reason: A guy who is standing there.


It’s a blonde male with brown eyes wearing a suit.


He narrowed his eyes and he examined the information displayed while cross-referencing it to the information he had in his mind.


Kannazuki Kyouhei, Vice-commander of Ratatoskr.


Ratatoskr is an organization a bit similar to the AST in that they specialize in dealing with spirits but with a major difference. AST aims to kill the spirits while Ratatoskr wants to save the spirits.


The guy standing before him has a deep impression on Wu Yan’s mind for two reasons.


First, he’s the right-hand man of the commander, Itsuka Kotori, one of the main female characters in the original work.


Second, Kannazuki Kyouhei is a major masochist.


The person himself isn’t aware that Wu Yan already knows all about him. Wu Yan slowly descended towards Kannazuki Kyouhei who had a very serious expression on his face.


Just from a glance, one wouldn’t peg this handsome guy in suit as someone who is a masochist.


Landing in front of Kannazuki Kyouhei, Wu Yan stared at him with his deep red eyes, this is enough to cause discomfort for Kannazuki Kyouhei.


He bowed towards Wu Yan and greeted him after inhaling deeply.


“Nice to meet you! I am Kannazuki Kyouhei, second-in-command of Ratatoskr.


Wu Yan smiled, he already knew about this. He’s more concerned with another question…


“I take it you’re the one who blocked the murderous chicks outside for me?”




“Reasons being?”


The commander wants to meet with you!”


Itsuka Kotori wants to meet me?


Wu Yan flinched but he relaxed right away.


The aim of Ratatoskr is to save the spirits, of course, they would have detected him after he arrived in a spacequake.


Itsuka Kotori should be familiar with how hostile spirits are towards humanity. Why would she send someone to guide a spirit towards her.


She’s not afraid that I am going to kill this masochist before me?


Or maybe, she knows that I am not a spirit?


Wu Yan tilted his head and decided to forgo pointless chit-chat.


“If that’s the case, lead the way.”


Kannazuki Kyouhei is surprised at how little it took to persuade Wu Yan. He was ready to spare a lot of energy in order to butter up a powerful spirit to get him to follow him.


Well, this is what he wanted so he’s not complaining. Kannazuki Kyouhei smiled courteously.


“Well then, right this way…”


Wu Yan called out.


“Oh yeah, I forgot something…”


While Kannazuki Kyouhei looked confused, Wu Yan approached him and gave him a knuckle sandwich.




Kannazuki Kyouhei flew away from the impact.


Blowing his fist, Wu Yan continued walking.


“That’s for your grand plan to help me escape by making me fall down a pitfall!”



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