Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 407: Wu Yan must die, OP lady!


The bright explosions lit up the ASt members’ unfeeling expression. They charged past the fire without any hints of fear, thruster burning at high output as they unleashed another storm of shelling.

Wu Yan saw the rain of missiles and the merciless young ladies perpetrating this before sighing.

He wanted to explain to them that he’s not a spirit but it’s highly likely that the AST members wouldn’t give a rat’s furry ass about his excuse. They would sooner cut him down then listen to him.

Especially Tobiichi Origami who lost her parents to a spirit’s power.

“I guess I have to settle this like I usually do…”

Ripples formed in the spreading crimson space behind him, the scale far larger than what the girls could unleash even if they emptied their payload.

Against the missiles, Wu Yan unleash a similar storm of metal. The blades cut the wind as they shot out at the incoming missiles.

It cut through the weak steel like butter but the swords didn’t manage to pierce through the missiles before the missiles exploded. Not that it matters anyway, swords came flying past the fiery explosions, aimed at the AST members.

The AST members anticipated the inefficacy of their missiles so they weren’t all that surprised. They fired up their thrusters and dodged before charging straight at Wu Yan.

But, they certainly didn’t expect Wu Yan’s swords to behave unlike missiles. They didn’t the swords belonged to Wu Yan’s ability.

Wu Yan’s hand released a stream of electricity that reversed the swords and sent them flying at the AST members once more.

Finally, it looks like the AST members are in for it now, at least, their expressions suggested it. Even Tobiichi Origami gnashed her teeth.

The AST members excluding Tobiichi Origami stopped and dodged the blades to Wu Yan’s expectation. His smile froze when Tobiichi Origami ignored the homing swords. Instead, she charged straight at Wu Yan.

Surprised, he recalled the swords so that it wouldn’t land on Tobiichi Origami. She seized this opportunity to raise a heavy cannon at Wu Yan’s face. Without hesitation, she fired a giant laser at Wu Yan’s face.

It’s impossible to dodge, or at least, it would be if it’s anyone but Wu Yan. The speed and distance at which the laser is fired at would need inhuman abilities to cope with.

Good thing Wu Yan’s not human…

With Eternal Arms Mastery, he tilted his head sideways with just enough margin of error to dodge the laser.

He could feel the searing heat pass by the side of his ears and his shoulders. He frowned like Tobiichi Origami did.

Clicking her tongue, Tobiichi Origami pulled out a blue lightsaber on him from nowhere and she slashed and hacked away at Wu Yan while swinging around a laser cannon.

A hand intercepted her mid-swing and stopped her attack.

The laser bolt had finished firing and Wu Yan had a firm grasp on it so she’s not firing it anytime soon.

Wu Yan silently cursed while holding the laser cannon and Tobiichi Origami’s hand.

She really hated the spirits, she did a reckless abandon and came straight at him with the intention of going down with him. He understands why some of the spirits that met her ran at first sight of her, she’s really that bat-shit crazy.

Without Eternal Arms Mastery, he would have to eat a laser bolt straight in the face.

While Wu Yan is calming down, Tobiichi Origami wristled to get out of Wu Yan’s handlock. However, his hands had higher pressure than pincer pliers. Without her hands, she could only use her head to get out of this, literally, she tried a headbutt on Wu Yan.

This psycho chick!

If she really did that on him, she would only be the one who is hurt in the end, how can her mortal body possibly best Wu Yan’s true ancestor body. Wu Yan released his grip on her and he retreated away.

He might be merciful but the other party certainly isn’t. She threw away the laser cannon and she flew at Wu Yan with her lightsaber in hand.

Panting in a stressed manner, Wu Yan wanted nothing more than to discipline Tobiichi Origami in a room. This is probably the first time he’s holding back so much against an opponent who wanted to kill him more than anything.

If Wu Yan wasn’t familiar with her background he would have fought back against her.

He would soon lose the chance to think about holding back.


Tobiichi Origami unleash a torrent of slashes at Wu Yan.

Holy crap

Wu Yan’s pupil shrunk at this sight. He summoned a sword and he intercepted her attacks. One of his thrust hit Tobiichi Origami’s lightsaber, the two locked blades for a moment.

She spun around and did a horizontal slash at him. It didn’t take a lot for her lightsaber to smash Wu Yan’s sword into pieces.

Holding a broken sword, Wu Yan flinched at her power.

She’s supposed to be human!

Why is her battle power over 8000?!

Wu Yan recalled that Tobiichi Origami is someone who could fight toe to toe with Tohka who is good with swords.

A lot of her power came from her suit but she definitely knew how to use the suit to augment her close combat capabilities.

Wu Yan is honestly surprised by how a human could achieve the same strength as a spirit.

As expected, these girls from 2D worlds are OP as heck.

Wu Yan sighed in a tired manner when Tobiichi Origami rushed him one more time.

He needs to go all out or he’s going to be defeated.

His red eyes flashed golden for a moment there.

Just as he was about to rush her, a hole opened up beneath him.

Wu Yan only managed to say


Before he fell into the hole.

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