Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 406: Getting shot at first sight?...

Spacequake, a phenomenon when space itself trembles for almost no reason


It’s exactly what it says on the tin, the frequency at which space trembles can cause obliteration to anything caught in the area of effect.


A spacequake appeared 30 years ago in the present timeline that caused widespread devastation to structures and human lives. As a result of that, spacequakes are disasters that the humans of this world would rather not see happening anywhere close to them.


The 25 years that come after the first spacequake was relatively peaceful with no spacequakes until suddenly, 5 years before the present timeline, another series of spacequakes occurred, like on a really frequent basis.


Today, another spacequake is going to occur.


In this small and peaceful town, the people are going about their usual routine and living their lives as usual. Cars and humans going about their own businesses. It’s as noisy as it’s lively until…


Wee woo wee woo


Siren started blaring all over, the cars and the pedestrians all stopped and looked at the alarms.


After the siren stopped for a bit, an operator told everyone to take shelter.


“Imminent spacequake detected in this area, please proceed to the nearest shelter to take cover. This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill, please proceed to the nearest shelter to take cover, please proceed to the nearest shelter to take cover!”




The operator and siren took turns to urge everyone to proceed to the shelter. The people in the cars all stopped in designated areas and they got down to run towards the shelters near them.


The signs at the street, the billboards all changed into spacequake warning signs and content.


The designated parking area suddenly descended into the ground as thick steel walls covered the ground. The pedestrians also headed into tunnels that seemed to lead underground, after all nearby pedestrians had entered, steel walls covered the opening and the tunnels all descended into the ground as well.


Those that haven’t entered the shelters started running in an organized and deft manner that would suggest they are either trained or blase to this occurrence. They also ignored the rapidly shifting appearance of the buildings nearby, adding to one’s suspicion that they are too used and/or trained on a frequent basis with regards to spacequake phenomena.


After a while, everyone had entered their respective shelters and critical administrative areas had been secured, the sirens and alarm stopped. The town is now eerily quiet, until…


A tiny black speck light appeared in the center of the town. The light expanded quickly until it was larger in area than a soccer arena.


The giant black light orb devoured buildings, street, the ground, anything that stood in its way. A large crater was created as a result of this anomaly.


The black orb slowly faded away, if one ignored the large crater, the buildings that disappeared and the widespread infrastructure damage, one would be forgiven if they thought they just had a nightmare or something.


A male figure appeared in the center of the crater with white gold-gilded uniforms that would suggest an upper-class background.


He slowly opened his deep red eyes. His ruby eyes looked like he’s just waking up from a dream.


His fancy uniform and his pretty ruby eyes did justice for his average-looking countenance, he looked rather elegant.


His following behavior destroyed his elegant image.


His graceful face decorated by his deep red eyes contorted in displeasure as he wiped away the non-existent cold sweat on his face.


“Shit up my fucking nose! Do you have to screw with me each and every time huh?”


He’s angry for a good reason. He entered 3 transcript worlds, aside from the first world of Hayate the Combat Butler where he had a rather normal entrance. In the world of Toaru no Majutsu, he was given the identity of a scum who likes going around molesting girls.


Wu Yan decided not to use character insertion card and what did the System decide was the appropriate method? Falling down from the sky.


Can System mess with him even more?


You bet!


“System, I thought I already confirmed?”


User, you only said sure which is not really a confirmation.


“Okay fine, it’s my fault…”


A friendly reminder, next time you want to initiate the space quake, explicitly say confirm…”


“I have this sudden urge to hit someone…”


He noticed a few bright lights coming from the horizon. Looking in that direction, he saw 5 girls in mecha armor flying over at high speed with the support of their thrusters.


“Those are…”


Wu Yan flinched. Then, he gasped.


“Self Ground Defense Force, Anti Spirit Team (AST)!”


The 5 young girls flying over to him are part of AST, a unit designed to suppress spirits by neutralizing them with lethal force.


The leader is a girl with white shoulder-length hair. Her expressionless face made her look like a doll. She stared at Wu Yan with a pair of blue but hostile eyes. It’s like she’s staring at her sworn enemy.


Tobiichi Origami!


Judging from the appearance of this girl who deeply hated spirits and the team’s setup. Wu Yan frowned at a certain notion.


“Don’t tell me, they think that I’m a spirit?”


Aside from spirits, who else can cause spacequakes.


AST have the equipment to detect the presence of spiritual power but nobody brought that equipment nor did they want to use the equipment on Wu Yan. He came with the spacequake so he is a spirit, end of the story.


The AST firmly believed in this.


Well, the AST members including Tobiichi Origami were surprised that the spirit this time appeared to be male. They cast suspicious glances on him.


According to their intel, all past spirits had been females without exception. So, why is there a guy here?…


They threw the thought away without entertaining it any further. Just because they hadn’t seen one doesn’t mean that there aren’t any male spirits. Their main mission is to kill the spirits, the gender of the spirit didn’t matter.


The 5 ladies raised their guns at him and they fired shells upon shells at Wu Yan.


He released a stream of electricity at the approaching missiles and…


Boom boom boom boom boom


Fireworks lit up.

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