Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 405: Date A live, descending in a space quake...

Shokuhou Misaki’s parting gift was sold by Wu Yan to the System in no time at all. He sighed after looking at his points.


There are 9 girls by his side yet here he is going into another world by himself.


“Fine, I will go by myself!”


Wu Yan turned around and he threw a hissy fit at the girls.


The girls laughed at him, his pouting expression is actually pretty cute.


If Wu Yan knew what they were thinking about then it probably wouldn’t end well for the girls. He’s going to prove that he’s not cute and he’s going to prove it with his action.


He scrolled over the list of transcript worlds and his eyes lit up when he saw one of the worlds.


Date A Live


This world is not a very efficient grinding spot if one is thinking about leveling up.


Date A Live has its share of strong spirits, at least 5-6 just from Wu Yan’s memory. Other than those spirits, there aren’t many foes to grind exp from.


It’s hard for Wu Yan to say if he would level up after fighting with the spirits. The spirits themselves aren’t pushovers as well, there are around Astrea’s level in terms of strength. He’s going to have a hard time if he went up against them.


His main objective isn’t grinding but the materials to unseal mysterious crystal.


When talking about unsealing the mysterious crystal, it has to touch on the concept of space. In Date A Live, there is a lot of space quakes so it’s highly likely he would find material there.


Regarding level up, since 100 days over there is 1 day in Silvaria, he can worry about that after obtaining material, at worst, he can just go to another world to grind.


Granted, there is a cost to pay for such an action.


Beep, Date A Live is in an inactive state


Beep, 200,000 summoning points, ability points, item points, and equipment points required to activate Date A Live, activate?


Wu Yan flinched but he clenched his teeth and clicked okay anyway.


Beep, 200,000 Summoning Points, Item Points, Ability Points, and Equipment Points deducted, activating Date A Live world!


Beep, Date A Live successfully activated!



Wu Yan
True Ancestor, Eternal Arms Mastery, Electromaster (Lv5)
Gate of Babylon (Rank D)
Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre Scarlet, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Misaka Sisters (all 20,000 of them)
Equipment Points
Item Points
Ability Points
Summoning Points


After deducting 200,000 points from each type of points he had Date A Live was added to the list of worlds he could visit. This new world alleviated some of the pain from having to part with a  substantial amount of points.

He waved at the ladies in the room and he bid them farewell.


“I will be going now…”


Wu Yan clicked on the Date A Live world and he disappeared on the spot.


Shokuhou Misaki finally remembered something when she gasped and screamed.




The other girls jumped in surprise by her sudden yell. Mikoto pointed at her while yelling back.


“Why are you screaming all of a sudden!”


Normally, Shokuhou Misaki would snap back but she’s too preoccupied with something else to dos o.


She bit down on her lips and she voiced her thought with a hint of regret.


“I should have known, even if I had to disband Starlight Queen I should have followed him…”


The girls exchanged look, they wondered why she changed her mind all of a sudden.


Shokuhou Misaki can’t believe they are so slow to catch on, she told them in a suggestive tone.


“What are the chances he’s going to bring home other girls?”


The girls froze up.


Astrea tried to defend her master even if in a weak manner.


“I don’t think… he would do that…”




Everyone looked at Astrea and she decided it’s a good time to keep quiet.


Mikoto narrowed her eyes but a sharp murderous glint still escaped from her eyes anyway.


“If Yan brings home a girl or girls for that matter, I will not forgive him!”


The other ladies all nodded with resolute expressions. Shokuhou Misaki sighed with a bit of bitter tone.


“Can you girls really find it in your heart to bury him?”


“You bet!”


So they say but their lower volume of speech suggested otherwise.


Shokuhou Misaki snorted while placing a hand to her cheek.


“It seems I have to take some precautions…”




Transcript world: Date A Live


Quest 1: Gathering
Realize and gather the aftermath of space quakes.
Current Progress 0/10


Quest 2: Not initialized


Quest 3: Not Initialized


Beep, please be aware that the user must complete all quest in order to leave this world. Quest 2 and 3 will be initiated after completing the quest before it. The time ratio between this world and the real world is 100:1, take your time and good luck.




The System’s voice called Wu Yan’s consciousness back from a fuzzy after-teleportation stupor.


He came here to investigate and gather spacequakes anyway so it’s a blessing that he got it as his first quest.


He slowly opened his eyes and he was surprised with what he saw. There is nothing around him, it’s pitch black.


There is a System notification.


Beep, detected spacequake phenomenon in the user’s vicinity.


Beep, the user is in effective realization range of a spacequake, realize?


Wu Yan was stunned by what he heard.


So this pitch-black thing is the inside of a spacequake?…


And, I am inside of it?…


When this thought occurred to Wu Yan, the space around him trembled and a storm of some sorts occurred in this anomaly. The dark storm engulfed the whole space in no time. Faced with the strong wind, Wu Yan could do nothing but raise his arms in a defensive stance.


Next thing he knew, he’s high up in the sky…

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