Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 404: Going solo into another world?

Opening up System’s interface, he checked the quest “Ascend the rankings”, he completed the quest up to being among the top 10. He still has to take a ranking spot among the top 3 though.


However, to do that…


Wu Yan looked at Astrea, then, he looked at Mikoto before he lowered his head in dejection. He didn’t stand a chance against the two of them.


Astrea has far better stats than him, she’s also stronger than Jaafar, her close-combat capabilities are also off the charts. He already had such a hard time against Jaafar, he would only get slaughtered if he went up against Astrea.


Mikoto’s level is around the same level as Jaafar but she only lost slightly to Sylph who had a gold armament. This meant that she could easily have fought Sylph on even ground if she didn’t have a gold armament.


Moreover, Wu Yan’s ability is a copy of Mikoto’s ability, Wu Yan didn’t have confidence he could overcome the ability’s original owner.


If he can’t beat Mikoto, he can forget about beating Sylph.


At the moment, at least, the top 3 ranking spots are out of his hands.


The other quest to ascend through the floors of the arena tower would be similar in difficulty. He has already completed the challenge up to floor 5 so he has to take on the floormaster of the sixth floor. Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar can’t break past floor 6, these students who are the cream of the crop can’t ascend to floor 7, he can’t breakthrough floor 6 as well.


These two quests won’t see much progress until he reaches level 70…


After the fight with Jaafar, Wu Yan found out that his level had gone up by 1 to level 69. One more level and Wu Yan would become a tier 8 individual.


He already achieved the impossible by triumphing over a tier 8 at tier 7, who’s to say he wouldn’t stand a chance against the sixth floor’s floormaster?


This level is deceptively simple in appearance. Wu Yan still remembered how Mikoto took forever to rise to tier 8. If not for the hardworking sisters grinding away in the giant beast forest, he wouldn’t level up even after defeating Jaafar.


Wu Yan reckons he’s going to be at this level for a long time, absent an epic amount of effort.


Perhaps, it’s time to come up with a plan.


The ladies finally noticed how Wu Yan looked like he’s deep in thought.


“What’s on your mind?”


Shokuhou Misaki noticed first due to her proximity to Wu Yan. She knew he had something to say when she saw his expression.


Wu Yan told them his thoughts.


“I was thinking maybe it’s time we went to another world!”


They gasped in surprise. Hinagiku approached Wu Yan.


“Why the sudden thought?”


Wu Yan shrugged.


“You girls are familiar with my two quests here in this academy right? I am at my limits in terms of progress so I have to increase my strength if I want to continue clearing the quests…”


“I super see.”


Kinuhata Saiai looked at Astrea.


“Why don’t you just challenge Astrea and then she surrenders, won’t take complete your quest to ascend the rankings?!


“If only it was that easy.”


Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.


“System won’t recognize such a victory. The gap in strength is too great, if the margin were smaller maybe System would look the other way. Honestly, let me ask you, do you think the gap in strength between Astrea and I is huge?”


The other ladies laughed in an awkward manner.


“So, you want to go to another transcript world to leverage the time difference between transcript world and Silvaria to increase your power?”


Shokuhou Misaki said.


“That’s part of the reason, I can also earn a bunch of points for abilities and equipment which are no less important in augmenting my strength. Also…”


Wu Yan smiled in a mysterious manner before he took out a beautiful crystal.


“The mysterious crystal?”


Hinagiku said after a brief delay. It’s the mysterious crystal he got from Hayate the Combat Butler’s world.


He raised the crystal up high.


“I got Dark Matter Crystal and the Control Brain in Toaru Majutsu, the System told me that these two items are able to unseal the mysterious crystal!”


Shokuhou Misaki narrowed her eyes.


“What you’re saying is that you’re going to gather materials to unseal this mysterious crystal as well?”




Wu Yan laughed.


“The System told me that there are 5 items required to unseal this crystal, it’s not specific but as long as it’s related to this crystal, the material can be utilized in unsealing the crystal. Control Brain and Dark Matter Crystal are two of the 5 materials required to unseal the crystal.”


“I am not sure about the other 3 materials but I have a clue where one of it might be.”




Hinagiku creased her little nose.


“You’re going to that world because you think there’s a high chance you will find the material there?”


Wu Yan nodded.


The ladies thought about it for a moment. Shokuhou Misaki supported her face with a hand under her chin, she then broke the silence first.


“Yan-kun, I can’t accompany you on this trip…”


Wu Yan looked at Shokuhou Misaki in a shocked manner.




Shokuhou Misaki shook her head in a slightly upset manner.


“Astrea is the champion of the tournament so Starlight Queen has a lot of stuff to attend to after this, the five of us probably wouldn’t be able to spare a single day away from the office, which is about the same duration as a few months in the other world, I am sure it would be chaotic if we were away for even a day!”


Shokuhou Misaki clapped her hands together in an apologetic manner.


“I am sorry, Yan-kun, Astrea, Ai-chan, Takitsubou Rikou, and Frenda won’t be able to go with you this time…”


“I am not going as well!”


Mikoto clenched her fists.


“I’ve got to go find Sylph for round 2! I am not going to stop until I beat her royal behind!”


Onii-chan, Flan can’t go as well…”


Flandre-chan said while sticking her tongue out.


“If Flan’s not here, Lirin-chan will be so lonely…”


“Well, since nobody’s going, I am going to pass as well. Even if you stay there for a year, it’s only about 3 to 4 days here…”


Hinagiku waved her hands.


Wu Yan didn’t know if his achy breaky heart can deal with this.


He slowly turned around towards Ikaros. Before he can say anything, Hinagiku and Mikoto snatched Ikaros away.


“Who’s going to make our food if you take Ikaros away!”


Wu Yan is sure his lung failed, Shokuhou Misaki laughed out loud while shaking her head. She stuck an item ring into his chest pocket.


“Since you’re going alone, I hope you find the crystals the sisters gathered from grinding in Giant Beast Forest a fulfilling parting consolation.”


And, he cried.

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