Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 402: Thunderbolt! The decision?

Wu Yan’s fist of fury started speeding up as more cracks formed on the beast projection. The electric current embedded in each of his fists traveled across the beast projection as Wu Yan pounded it. The light coming off of the sparks made the cracks even more visible.


Just when everyone thought the lightning fists are going to smash the beast projection into pieces, another turn of event occurred.


The whips binding the beast projection finally got turned to dust when Jaafar broke free using pure strength. Now, the beast is free.




Jaafar roared, exposed to his roar at close range, Wu Yan is not only stunned, he could feel physical damage being dealt to him.


Without any mercy, Jaafar smashed Wu Yan on the chest.


An invisible forcefield stopped the attack from touching Wu Yan at the nick of time, it’s his draconic armor.


He had turned this conceptual draconic armor into a Noble Phantasm some time ago.


However, Jaafar’s attack was enhanced by his berserk state and his rare armament. The armor failed to do its job completely and shattered into pieces. The fragments returned to Wu Yan’s body.


Then, Jaafar’s claw hit Wu Yan right on the chest.


Before he can register the pain, his body is already flying backward, sending him tumbling on the ground.


The sound of his body hitting floor resonated with the spectators’ jumping heart. hing, Mikoto, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Lulu, Fei Fei, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou were all gasping in anxiety.


“Master (Onii-chan)!”


Ikaros, Astrea, and Flandre-chan cried out. They wanted to spread their wings and fly down there but Hinagiku and Shokuhou Misaki stopped them.


“Don’t worry about it, Yan-kun is a True Ancestor, he can recover even if you smash all the bones in his body. This much is nothing to him.”


Shokuhou Misaki calmly said, nobody noticed she clenched her fists.


Flandre-chan remembered how she played with Wu Yan and he managed to snap back into existence even after being annihilated. Moreover, her powers are sealed so she can’t help even if she went down there.


Ikaros looked at the painful scene and she felt anguished for not being able to help.


Wu Yan is okay. His True Ancestor body notwithstanding, the conceptual draconic armor blocked most of the damage for him.


Wu Yan spat out the blood in his mouth. He endured the dizzy sensation as Jaafar charged at him while howling. He got into a defensive stance to dodge Jaafar’s attack.


He’s got to admit it, Jaafar got a power boost after going feral. His lost of rationality has cost him dearly for his techniques are now straightforward and predictable like a wild beast.


He has to unleash a skill strong enough to put the beast down for good.


It’s because of this lost of rationality that his fight with Sylph and Caah always ended in his defeat.


However, the skill must be powerful enough to penetrate his augmented defense and wound him enough for him to blackout.


He got out of Jaafar’s attack range and he spread his arms wide. He started crackling with lightning, this is a larger scale of conjuration than anything he had tried before. He’s now completely clad in lightning.


The wind started blowing and clouds started forming. Soon, the plaza’s local weather became overcast. Bolts of lightning could be observed zipping between the clouds.


“No way!”


Mikoto gasped at the stormy clouds.


“He’s going to use that move?”


The other ladies wanted to ask her about it but there was a change in the battlefield.


The clouds became more and more condensed while the area of the storm clouds decreased. Soon enough, the clouds condensed until its area covered the battlefield only. Like boiling water, lightning raged within the clouds, the thunder a grim reminder to the crowd that they are lucky for not being on the receiving end of this punishment.


“What is that fellow doing?”


Lei Wang got anxious, he’s worried that he might overkill and actually harm a royal. It would be hard for him to cover Wu Yan if that were to happen.


Wu Yan made his move, he lowered his hand as if passing judgment.


“Lightning strike!”


The massive bolt of lightning hit Jaafar.




The brilliant flash made everyone close their eyes. The aftermath sent a massive shockwave that blew light objects away. Some of the crowd had to hold onto heavy objects in order to not get blown away.


The crowd could faintly make out the sound of a beast crying out in pain before the voiced died away.


The spectators peeked out from their respective seats, wondering if the show is already over.


They exchanged looks when they saw the situation in the arena.


Rather than an arena, it’s more accurate to call the arena a ruin. In it, Jaafar and Wu Yan laid there on the ground.










Lei Wang examined the ruins and he flew down to ascertain the two’s condition.


He checked their vitals and released a sigh of relief. The girls all came down from their seats.




Lulu glomped Wu Yan, she asked Lei Wang for Wu Yan’s condition.


“Grandpa, how is he?”


“Don’t worry little one, the guy is fine…”


Lei Wang bitterly laughed.


“He most likely fainted after suffering more psychological damage than he can take, nothing a little rest can’t fix…”


Fei Fei is confused.


“Psychological damage?”


Lei Wang nodded.


“The last attack Jaafar threw before he fainted. Because he got heavily injured from the lightning strike, his roar’s mental damage was amplified and that knocked Wu Yan out.


Lei Wang stood up and he declared.


“I declare the winner…”

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