Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 401: Jaafar going berserk, the frightening power of the Beast Battle Skills

His eyes had turned red from rage, literally, his black eyes are now dyed blood red. His beast projection took a step forward and merged with Jaafar.


A thick red dou qi that seemed almost solid in nature started burning with Jaafar as the fuel source.




Caah grabbed the railings in front of him. He bit down on his lips.


“Jaafar is about to go on a rampage in his berserk mode!”


“Berserk mode? What’s that?”


Hinagiku and Mikoto heard the words and berserk so they got concerned. Fei Fei’s anxious look didn’t alleviate the two’s worry at all.


Fei Fei shook her head before she continued with a grim tone.


“Berserk mode, it is a special technique in the beast battle skills characteristic of someone coming from the Baruba empire. Rather than a technique, it would be more accurate to say it’s a passive effect some practitioners are able to achieve when merging with their beast projections, this mode will substantially enhance the practitioner, rendering their power output even higher as a result.


“A stronger power than under normal circumstances…”


Hinagiku and Mikoto frowned.


“That sounds like trouble…”


“You would be lucky if it stopped at just being troublesome…”


Fei Fei bitterly laughed.


“The most dangerous part about the berserk mode is that the user will lose rational thoughts, becoming a violent beast in the process. A beast knows not the meaning of mercy, one wrong move and lives will be lost…”


Hinagiku and Mikoto were surprised by this influx of information but they quickly calmed down after listening to Fei Fei. It’s dire for other people but Wu Yan is a True Ancestor so the concept of mortality is lost on him.


Lulu didn’t know about this so she started panicking.


“Sister Fei Fei, what should we do?”


Fei Fei waved her hands and she signaled for Lulu to calm down. She glanced towards Lei Wang sitting up there on the VIP platform.


“If Yan’s life is in danger, I am sure the esteemed head will not sit idly by and watch.”


When she heard that, Lulu calmed down a bit but she is still worried nonetheless.


“Berserk mode huh?”


Wu Yan heard the whispers going on in the spectator stand and he frowned. Looks like it’s a fitting name for Jaafar’s current appearance, what with looking like a beast that had been abruptly awoken from its peaceful slumber.


Wu Yan steeled his nerves, he wouldn’t die with True Ancestor’s immortality, being exposed as a True Ancestor might be troublesome but he should still face his opponent with all his power.


“I don’t care if this is your berserk mode or trap mode, if you don’t move, I am going to initiate first!”


He snapped his fingers and portals started appearing as the space in the arena got dyed crimson red. A focused barrage attack with thousands of swords aimed at Jaafar appeared to be imminent.


He snapped one more time and volleys of swords shot at Jaafar like miniature missiles.


The beast projection that has merged with Jaafar expanded in response, becoming a suit of armor the endured the barrage of sword attacks.


Ding ding ding ding


The swords failed to do anything against his fortress-like defense. When the barrage of swords stopped, the projection became its slim form once more with nary a breach in defense spotted. Jaafar survived the attack without a scratch.


Wu Yan’s face turned grave before he bitterly laughed out loud…


“This is going to be hard…”


Jaafar, or rather, berserker Jaafar raised his head.




The roar appeared to be a mix of a lion and a tiger’s roar. His roar was so loud, the soundwaves became a solid attack that attacked even the spectators some distance away, forcing them to protect their ears with their hands. Only Sylph, Caah, and other similarly strong individuals were unaffected by this roar.


In the arena, Wu Yan was dazed by the attack, his mind went blank for a moment there.


A psychological attack in the form of a roar?!


Wu Yan had guessed correctly, this roar from Jaafar’s berserk mode could disrupt psychological processes. Not all beast battle skills practitioner can exhibit this, it’s a mutation from Jaafar’s personal cultivation of this technique.


Jaafar had another title that not many people knew, the bane of mages. A magician relied on a clear mind to channel their mana, his roar interfered not just with the chanting process but the connection between mana and psychological processes itself.


If Sylph and Caah didn’t have methods to nullify his roar, Jaafar would have been the strongest student in this school.


Wu Yan isn’t a magician but he is still affected slightly by this mental attack. Jaafar used this brief gap in his defense to jump on Wu Yan.


Wu Yan returned to his senses only to see Jaafar’s claw approaching him in a rapid fashion.


Wu Yan gnashed his teeth at the sight of this arena-destroying claw attack. A spark came off his forehead and portals appeared around Jaafar. It wasn’t swords this time, it’s whips constructed from iron sand.


Sure enough, the beast projection expanded into armor, it could deflect swords but this whip isn’t focused on damaging Jaafar. Instead, the whips entangled Jaafar and his projection. Jaafar’s attack was stopped as he was too busy trying to untangle himself.


Wu Yan didn’t move away, he unleashed a double Lightning Punch on Jaafar’s body, more accurately, he’s attacking Jaafar’s beast projection.




The beast projection looked fine.


Wu Yan unleashed another barrage of Lightning Punch, he punched and punched at Jaafar’s beast projection.


Boom boom boom boom boom


Under his consistent attack, much like when Jaafar went wild on Wu Yan’s wall of swords, his attack started making cracks in the beast projection.


The spectators held their breath as they watched Wu Yan turn Jaafar into a punching bag. Wu Yan looked like an absolute mad man as he unleashed brutal attacks on Jaafar. The spectators felt lucky that they aren’t the one participating in this battle.


They finally realized something. Jaafar is not the only one who can turn into a ferocious beast. If Wu Yan went to Baruba Empire to study the beast battle skills, he too would have been the other beast in this institute.


The sound of Lightning Punch pounding something hard kept ringing in the arena. Soon, even more cracks formed in Jaafar’s beast projection.

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