Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 400: Another way to use the Gate of Babylon

Wu Yan reinforced his wall of swords with his ability while Jaafar used his stand beast projection claw to assault Wu Yan’s wall of swords, under his relentless attack, it is quite clear that this wall won’t hold on much longer.


The spectators are all watching in fear as Jaafar tore through the wall like a beast. They are all silently judging Jaafar’s method of attack, the moment he breaks through the wall is likely to be the start of Wu Yan’s defeat, at least, that’s what they thought.


Sylph, Caah, and Mikoto noticed that Wu Yan is fiddling with the wall by charging it with electricity.


Jaafar didn’t care what Wu Yan did, he kept smashing, clawing, and pounding at the wall until it finally crumbled, having succumbed to the damage built up over time.


The last attack that tore down the wall was a strong swipe at one of the weakened surfaces of the wall.


Wu Yan’s figure got exposed after the wall exploded.


Jaafar isn’t happy that he took so long to demolish this wall, he isn’t happy with its demolition as well…


That’s because Wu Yan is grinning at him from behind the wall with a coin charging up in his fingers.


Jaafar tensed up when he saw the coin. The sparks had an eerie feel to them, his danger instinct kicked up and his pupil contracted to better focus on the situation at hand.


Jaafar retreated away with a powerful leap backward.


Bluish-white lightning streamed from Wu Yan’s body into the coin and off it went, like an orange laser.


It’s the same skill Mikoto used during her duel with Sylph, naturally, the person herself widened her eyes.


The orange laser didn’t take long to reach Jaafar.


Gnashing his teeth, he knew dodging is impossible at this point so he channeled his dou qi to augment his armament. He chose to do a swipe at the incoming object with his enhanced armament.


However, a crimson space portal opened in front of the laser and it swallowed the coin before it made contact with Jaafar.


Confused for just a moment, another portal opened up behind Jaafar while he is still stunned.


Knowing that he didn’t have the time to block or dodge, cold sweat streamed down Jaafar’s exposed rear.


The orange laser from before shot out from within the portal and hit Jaafar.




The remnants of the orange laser scattered around the arena like a mini-storm of sparks.


The arena got cracked and spiderweb-like crack formations appeared in the otherwise sturdy arena.


The spectators needed time to process what just happened.


Wu Yan had the upper hand and then Jaafar turned the tide, now, the ide changed once more in favor of Wu Yan.


This all happened in less than 5 minutes.


Such was the intensity and pace of this battle.


They started wondering about the unthinkable as they examined the situation in the arena.


Could this guy actually be able to pull it off?


The spectators had a newfound respect for Wu Yan. The person himself looked compose but his chest is slightly heaving from fatigue.


This man proved the spectators wrong once more. They thought he would surely be done in during the Wu Yan v the nine factions episode. Just like what he did the last time, he defied the popular opinion and proved them wrong, he could fight against a tier 8 and last long enough to land a hit on his opponent.


His surprise this time earned him the respect and fear of the spectators. The judge is still out on whether Jaafar collapsed but there is no doubt in their minds that Wu Yan is now in the same category as the top students.


Wu Yan is actually fighting at a tier higher than his own.


The spectators are still staring at the dust-covered area where Jaafar stood with wide eyes.


If Jaafar is laying down on the ground, Wu Yan would have created a precedent with a lot of witnesses, a precedent that would go down in this school’s history. Sylph and Caah are also watching the proceedings intently.


Wu Yan stared at the result of his in the moment brilliant flash of an idea, he didn’t expect it to work so well.


He expected that the Gate of Babylon, being a spacial equipment that could manipulate portals to store, retrieve, or shoot equipment could open up portals behind opponents just as well as he can open up portals behind himself.


Wu Yan wanted to test this idea out but he didn’t find the chance to try, he certainly didn’t think he would practice it today.


The dust finally cleared up when the wind blew away the dust in the arena.


Standing there is the same old hulking figure of a beast-like human.


His appearance solidified the spectator’s impression of Wu Yan.


Jaafar’s special student uniform had been torn to shreds and there is smoke wafting up from his body, making this prince look rather unsightly.


Suddenly, everyone froze up, a vicious glint flashed in Jaafar’s eyes even though this glint shouldn’t have been perceivable due to him lowering his head.


He looks like an injured beast that is about to go on a rampage.

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