Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 399: Change in the flow of battle, disadvantage...

Lightning Punch and Blood Apex Predator Punch are like two ferocious beasts, trying to invade each other’s territory to devour the other one. It reached a weird point of balance where the two force stayed neutral.


Jaafar stared at Wu Yan with a stern face. He might seem calm but he’s aware that his own technique is losing ground to Wu Yan’s more violent technique.


Wu Yan grinned and he charged up his attack more by feeding it with more electricity. Lightning punch is apparently pleased with the offering as the lightning crackled in an intense manner.




After feeding his attack more, Jaafar’s technique got disintegrated. Jaafar himself was pushed back some distance away from the attack.




The spectators gasped at the sight. They couldn’t believe their eyes.


“Jaafar… was pushed back…”


Caah is stunned by this act. If Caah is a stranger to Jaafar’s nature, he would say that Jaafar went easy on Wu Yan, but that’s not the case.


But, how can this be? Jaafar is a tier 8 individual while Wu Yan is at tier 7.


Could this guy really be able to pull off the impossible?


Sylph had a slight change in expression but it’s anyone’s guess what she is thinking about…




Hinagiku, Mikoto, Fei Fei, Lulu, and Flandre-chan cheered. Wu Yan holds the upper hand now.


Lei Wang can’t help but laugh at the turn of events. He put on his serious face again, that’s because he knew the real battle is about to begin.


Jaafar looked at Wu Yan’s face as if to remember him, he said in a low voice.


“You are worthy enough for my armament!”


Jaafar’s words told the crowd that Wu Yan is now officially acknowledged by Jaafar.


Everyone stayed silent but their eyes were burning with passion and elation.


Now that Jaafar is about to go full power, the fight is only going to get more intense from this point on, how can they not feel excited?


Wu Yan subconsciously felt anxious. Things are going to get dicey if Jaafar pulls out his armament.


He had to use Eternal Arms Mastery, True Ancestor, Electro Master to its full extent just to get an upper hand.


All his attack did was force Jaafar back by a few steps, there were no visible wounds on him. This just goes to show how big a gap there is between tier 7 and tier 8. Without those abilities, Wu Yan would have been done in a few seconds after the start of the battle.


Sure, Wu Yan still had trumps cards up his sleeve but who’s to say Jaafar isn’t doing the same thing?


Jaafar raised his arms and two sharp claws appeared to clad his hand. It’s a 4 pronged claw with chains to fix the claw to his hand.


Jaafar examined the strap and he tightened its tether to his hands. The next instant, red dou qi started floating up and as more dou qi poured out, his body was seemingly clad in a blood-red aura.


The beast projection behind him became even more realistic looking.


Wu Yan stomped his feet and lightning crackled around him like a storm, making him look like an angry god of lightning that descended to fight against a terrible beast.




Jaafar grinned while he brandishing his claws.


Jaafar crouched and then he jumped up.


Reflected in Wu Yan’s golden eyes is the image of Jaafar leaping at him in a manner which wouldn’t expect for a guy as bulky as Jaafar. Wu Yan flinched and he retreated.


However, Jaafar is faster than him, he arrived in front of Wu Yan and he struct at Wu Yan’s chest with a beast projection enhanced claw attack, the claw looked even more realistic.


The attack is heavily clad with layers upon layers of potent dou qi, if Wu Yan got hit by this the damage will be horrendous at the very least.


When the claws were about to pierce his cross arm guard, he abandoned all defense and it looked like he is going to let the claws skewer his shoulders. He commanded the gate of Babylon with his hands.


Dozens of portals opened up in front of Wu Yan’s body with swords coming out of them to block Jaafar’s claws.


He enhanced the wall of swords with his electromagnetic powers, giving the sword vibrations.


Jaafar suddenly remembered that Wu Yan still had that as one of his skillsets.


“You expect a bunch of less than rare armaments junk to block my attack?”


Jaafar thrust forth and his claws answered his call for more power by solidifying the aura around the claws into a denser form. His claws made contact with the wall of swords.




The claw made a clear gash in the wall of swords. That wasn’t the end though…


Muda muda muda muda Clang clang clang


Claw after claw, attacks landed upon the wall of swords, it’s like somebody with a chainsaw is going mad ape mode on the wall of swords.


A bunch of the spectators clasped their hands together to calm their beating hearts. They saw how Wu Yan is now the one being pushed back despite his strong start. These people are now worried about Wu Yan.




Lulu kept fidgeting, she looked worried as well. Jaafar’s attack is as ferocious as they are swift, if even one of this landed on Wu Yan, his body would easily be torn to shreds.


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