Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 398: Lightning fist vs Bloody Apex Predator Claw

Like a red meteor, Wu Yan tore through the air as he charged at Jaafar. He had already broken the sound barrier the moment he started charging. His rush made Jaafar’s special student uniform stick closely to his skin. If this attack connected, Wu Yan didn’t even have to touch Jaafar to hurt him, his flames alone can reduce him to dust.


Jaafar is not impressed, however, he let Wu Yan get close to him before he made his move.


He side-stepped at the last second to the left and the blade fell, just inches away from his shoulder. Before the blade touched the ground, he managed to strike precisely the moment the blade passed his fist. He slapped that blade away with a flick of his wrist. The flames couldn’t hurt him due to the amount of dou qi he is using.


Interrupted by Jaafar, Wu Yan staggered for just a moment but that was all the time Jaafar needed to launch a jab at Wu Yan’s chest.


Wu Yan gathered all the strength he could muster in an instant by leveraging Eternal Arms Mastery, he countered his claw jab by using his left fist.




A low sound echoed and a strange gale came out with the both of them as the center.


Wu Yan flinched as he retreated some distance away with his sword and fist. His footsteps left clear imprints upon the ground. He stopped some distance away from Jaafar.


Finally, he managed to stop the resultant force from the collision just now. Jaafar had only been knocked back by a step, Wu Yan’s golden eyes had a hint of consternation.


From the battle of brawn just now, it’s clear that Jaafar could overpower him 10 times out of 10.


This would be the first time he had lost a competition of strength after being empowered by Eternal Arms Mastery and augmented by his True Ancestor physique.


He inhaled air heated by Nietono no Shana as he examined Jaafar. He leaned forward and got into a dash.


Without any hint at all, he threw Nietono no Shana at Jaafar. The red hot sword flew like a bolt of red lightning.


Jaafar is slightly surprised but it didn’t show up on his face. He poured some dou qi into his hands and he caught the sword between his palms, he mitigated the heat by using his dou qi as protection.


Nietono no Shana spewed forth even more flames when Jaafar caught the sword. Jaafar got engulfed by the sudden explosion of flames. Intense heat crept into his fingers. Even Jaafar is surprised by the frightening temperature.


Still a bit shocked, the flames danced as if they are alive, it climbed up his hands.


He could feel his protective dou qi being devoured by the hungry flames. Dropping the blade, Jaafar’s trouble didn’t end there.




A black figure had appeared in front of him while he is preoccupied with the blade.


Wu Yan had charged up his attack while Jaafar was distracted. It’s a fist charged with tons of electricity.


“Lightning punch!”


He growled as he punched Jaafar. The electricity crackling off his fist made firecracker-like sound.


Jaafar recognize this attack, it’s the attack that took Bing Ling down.


His fighter instinct told him that this fist would hurt him if he just took it.




Jaafar grinned


“If you can hit me, that is. You are too naive if you think this fist can beat me!”


Jaafar clad his fingers in dense bloody red dou qi. Suddenly, his fingers seemed very sharp.


“Let’s see how well you fare against my beast battle techniques!”


His attack forced the surrounding air to take the form of a dou qi claw, it looked as strong if not stronger than Lightning Punch.


The beast projection behind Jaafar mimicked Jaafar and punched in sync with him. His dou qi claws are enhanced by the beast projection.


“Bloody Apex Predator Claw!”


This fight is going to be a brawl and it’s going to be intense. Most of the male students here are already in full hype about this fight, some of them were cheering while flushing red in excitement, standing up from their seat if only to get a better view of the arena.


Their fists collided.




They created a minor storm with the collision of their attacks. This minor storm had destructive effects on whatever got swept by it. Even the ground cracked up with spiderweb formations like an earthquake had visited with the two fighters standing at the epicenter of this event.


Some students went pale looking at the aftermath. Some of them can’t react due to being too busy holding on to their seats lest they are swept away.


However, all of them are sure of one thing: they are lucky they aren’t fighting there or it’s a trip to the hospital for them, hopefully, they can avoid 3 digits stitches.


Their attacks aren’t finished yet, power continued pouring out from their confrontation. Their hands are still joined together as if to see who would back up first. The well-built arena floor started peeling and crumbling away, disintegrated by the sheer force of their conflict.


What terrifying power!

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