Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 397: The sharp talons of a savage beast, beast projection

Wu Yan isn’t bluffing when he said he can win this with a 100% chance. If Wu Yan wanted a fight of attrition, he could easily win by tiring Jaafar out, relying on his True Ancestor’s regenerative abilities. However, he would have to face the risk of being dissected at the tables of research facilities.


Jaafar made the first move. He slowly got up and he approached the railing of the platform. He then leaped down from the platform while members of Beast Tide cheered him on.


Jaafar lifted his head and he looked at Wu Yan with composed eyes. He is here to fight Sylph, the other participants are secondary to his objective. He had also seen Mikoto’s strength but since his feud with Sylph is one that had spanned years, he focused more on taking down Sylph.


Caah is not an opponent he can go easy on but more priority is given to  Sylph since she’s the strongest student in school.


Well, he wouldn’t know if she would be able to take the champion title again.


All eyes are now on Wu Yan. Can this rockstar of a newcomer achieve victory against a solid champion candidate like Jaafar?


He looked calm enough, it’s like he’s not going up against a tier 8 opponent at all. He walked towards the edge of the platform.


“Onii-chan (Yan)! You can do it!”


Flandre-chan and Lulu cheered for him. Wu Yan didn’t turn around, he waved his hands to signal that he heard them. Exerting some strength in his legs, he disappeared from his spot the next moment.


In the arena, Wu Yan stared at Jaafar. It’s quite clear that they are greeting each other as warriors on the same battlefield.


Wu Yan wanted to avoid conflict with Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar. If possible, he would like to avoid going all out and revealing his cards but if push comes to shove, he is going to put maximum effort.


Jaafar’s perception of this newcomer is that Wu Yan is someone he should take note of from time to time. He is comrade with Mikoto who can fight on equal ground with Sylph who he dreamed about beating. Wu Yan is also friend with Ikaros who stopped the fight between Sylph and Mikoto by herself.


The leader of Starlight Queen seemed like she is close to him as well. All these have got Jaafar thinking that there is more to Wu Yan than just a famous newcomer.


Jaafar said something, an act he never did for his previous opponents.


” I hope you won’t let me down.”


Jaafar said with a low tone. He had a very savage aura about him.


Wu Yan smiled in response. He drew Nietono no Shana from a portal behind him. He brandished the blade and got into a stance.


“Oh, I am coming for you with all my power.”


Jaafar examined the blade and he is surprised with the information he gleaned from it. He had seen the fight between Wu Yan and Bing Ling. This flimsy blade can spew flames and now that he is up against it, he felt like maybe there really is something more to this newcomer.


Jaafar took didn’t take out his armament. He curled his bear-like palms into a claw shape.


“I am not looking down on you but my armament comes out only for worthy foe.”


He punched the air and that punch left 5 gashes across the ground.


“Persuade me to use my armament.”


Wu Yan smiled. Jaafar is haughty but he has the strength to back it up. To get him into serious mode, Wu Yan needed to display enough strength that would change his mind. He is already taking him in a more serious manner than other participants, due to his close association with Astrea, Ikaros, and Mikoto. Wu Yan also fought like a champion in his previous fights. Without all those achievements, Jaafar probably wouldn’t bother wasting saliva on him.


Mikoto, Hinagiku, and others could hear them due to the quiet environment. They thought that Jaafar needs to tone down his cocky attitude. The crowd didn’t think so, he had the right to be cocky, if he is a cocky student with no real strength, the crowd would have drowned him in spit a long time ago.


The crowd are all busy whispering to each other, speculating about who might be the winner of this fight. Lei Wang waved his hand and the noise slowly died.


He observed the two fighters’ condition and he smiled. He is looking forward to this fight, Jaafar had the highest chance of winning here. Wu Yan, on the other hand, is a wild card, even the other old monsters are surprised by his lack of background.


He had also seen how Wu Yan isn’t intimidated at all. Lei Wang is sure that this man is going to give him a big surprise during the fight.


“Little fellow, I have high hopes for you…”


Lei Wang raised an arm.


“I now declare the 3rd stage of the tournament officially underway. Let the first round begin!”


Lei Wang’s declaration was followed by Jaafar emanating his dou qi. The amount is so intense the crowd could feel it even if they are some distance away from the arena.


Blood red dou qi started pouring out of Jaafar. His hand also increased in size, Wu Yan can hear joint popping sounds.


An image of a beast appeared behind Jaafar.


Wu Yan tightened his hold on Nietono no Shana, fire came out of Nietono no Shana, his flames somewhat diminished the domineering aura of his beast projection.


There are no signs of dou qi coming out of Wu Yan. However, another type of aura emanated from Wu Yan.


It’s a mystical kind of pressure that is on par with Jaafar.


Wu Yan released a long breath. He shook his arm and Nietono no Shana responded by emitting even more flames, he baked the ground until the surrounding air had signs of convection. His eyes had turned golden, a regale golden color that inspired a primal fear in any observer.


Sparks flew off his body before he turned into a blurry figure that headed straight for Jaafar who is stationary. Wu Yan initiated the fight by electromagnetically accelerating himself towards Jaafar.


He closed the distance in less than a blink of an eye. Everyone knew the start of an intense fight when they saw one.

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