Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 396: A strong foe! Jaafar!

The spectators and the VIP certainly didn’t expect the dark horse to face such a strong champion candidate so soon.


Jaafar is ranked at no.3 on the official rankings in Silvaria World Institute. Only Caah and Sylph is above him in terms of fighting power.


Wu Yan is strong, if nothing else, his achievements are more than enough as proof of this. Jaafar is a tier 8 individual while he is still at tier 7, to the spectators, they aren’t expecting a fair fight.


Maybe if he went up against Mikoto, he would lose but the spectators helplessly shook their head as they felt bad about the newcomer’s streak of fame. There is no doubt in their minds that Wu Yan is going down today.


Caah took a glimpse at Wu Yan and he sighed. He felt bad for Wu Yan too. He recognized his strength, yes, but to choose a winner between Wu Yan and Jaafar, he would have to go for Jaafar. Not to mention, Caah isn’t sure he can consistently win against Jaafar himself.


Caah can’t accurately tell Wu Yan’s strength, he can’t detect a lick of dou qi or mana from him, judging from what he has seen from previous fights, Wu Yan don’t seem to have strength that reached the tier 8 threashold.


Wu Yan is bound to lose due to the insurmountable gap of strength between tier 7 and tier 8. This gap couldn’t be filled even if he did have strong armaments or some other trump cards.


It might be possible to surmount this gap of strength between tiers but at higher tiers, the gap grows wider and wider. Caah has never heard of a precedent.


Everyone looked at Jaafar. Jaafar is calm when stared by so many people.


In his mind, there are only few opponents that has his recognition, namely, Sylph, Mikoto, Astrea, and Caah.


“Ha! Finally, he’s going to get a smackdown!”


Bing Mian jumped in joy. After Bing Ling’s defeat at Wu Yan’s hand, he had been enduring his frustration, he cursed Wu Yan so that he would go up against Jaafar or other similar top rankers. He didn’t expect his jinx to work so easily.


Bing Ling frowned, he had recovered from his defeat, nobody knew what he thought about it.




Lulu and Fei Fei turned towards Wu Yan. They were worried about Wu Yan, they are very familiar with Jaafar’s strength. Wu Yan bitterly laughed in response, he rubbed Lulu’s head.


“Have some confidence in me will ya?”


Wu Yan saw the looks on Lulu and Fei Fei’s faces. He didn’t want them to worry.


The other girls had grave looks.


Jaafar is a tier 8 individual, Wu Yan is at Level 68. His level is not representative of his true strength due to his possession of True Ancestor, Eternal Arms Mastery, Gate of Babylon, and other armaments and abilities. The girls themselves aren’t too sure whether or not Wu Yan can win with all this in his arsenal.


Wu Yan shook his head. Jaafar is strong but Wu Yan is sure he can put up a good fight.


If he unleashed all his power, he is sure he would have some chance at beating Sylph. Meteor Storm is a bow that intimidated even Aiwass, an angel of unfathomable power. He is an entity above Sylph in strength. Wu Yan is sure his Meteor Storm can beat Sylph’s golden armament.


Meteor Storm would only use it as a last resort since the fallout can be potentially disastrous given the relatively small area of this arena. In the end, he is sure he could put up a fight against Sylph, what’s more to say about Jaafar.


Lei Wang slowly turned away from Wu Yan. He is rooting for Wu Yan since he is closer to Lulu. He discerned that this mysterious fellow is probably the reason why Lulu is more cheerful nowadays. Lei Wang didn’t know he had nailed it.


Even Fei Fei would unconsciously mention Wu Yan in their conversations. This is why Lei Wang is also fond of Wu Yan.


He really hoped Wu Yan would be able to come out on top.


“Participants, enter the arena!”


Lei Wang commanded. He alternated between Wu Yan and Jaafar.




Lulu tugged Wu Yan’s sleeve. Her jewel like eyes told Wu Yan that she believed in Wu Yan, even if the odds are against him, even before she voiced her thoughts.


“Yan! I believe in you! You can definitely kick his butt!”


“Nn! Onii-chan can beat that bulky man no problem!”


Flandre-chan chimed in. Flandre-chan had a bit of a bloodthirst look in her eyes, if her powers were unsealed, Jaafar might have been obliterated by her power.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Fei Fei signaled their beliefs as well. They are sure Wu Yan won’t disappoint them even against a foe like Jaafar.


Wu Yan felt touched. He laughed out loud and he rubbed both Lulu and Flandre-chan’s hair.


“I see you still have the time to laugh.”


A sweet voice came from in front of him. The spectators also gasped at the direction of the voice.


Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou approached their group. Shokuhou Misaki rolled her eyes at Wu Yan, the sentence just now told the other spectators that their relationship is more than meets the eyes.


As they went into an uproar discussing the possible relationship between the leader of Starlight Queen and Wu Yan. It’s driving them mad that they are so familiar with each other. Shokuhou Misaki is their goddess afterall.


No surprise, given that she looks absolutely stunning.


Shokuhou Misaki couldn’t care less what they thought, she just made fans out of them out of habit not because she cared.


If Wu Yan insisted that she disband Starlight Queen and declare the relationship between them, Shokuhou Misaki might make a fuss but she will still comply nonetheless.


For her, Wu Yan is like her other half, and she treated him that way, if only internally expressed.


Shokuhou Misaki is more or less over the fact that Wu Yan dragged her and the other girls into the same bed. She coldly asked him.


“What’s your chances?”


Wu Yan eyed Jaafar.


“If you believe me, I would say it’s around 100%”

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