Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 395: The third stage of the Grand tournament

3 days quickly went by before anyone had noticed. Another brilliant day dawned upon Silvaria World Institute.


With the first ray of sunlight, the school started getting busy. It’s getting rowdier and rowdier, a 3 day resting period is apparently not enough to dampen their hyped up mood.


Today is the day the 10 strongest fighters are going to fight each other in the arena. This is the stage which the students truly want to see. They are going to witness the birth of the champion today.


The plaza quickly filled up with people, the mood of the whole place would make anyone who is an introvert very uncomfortable due to the noise and the sheer number of people here. The hype is infectious.


Wu Yan & co arrived at the platform meant for the participants. Even here, there are a lot of people. 90 participants were disqualified over two rounds. As a tiny reward for participating in the first place, they get to use this platform even if they are already disqualified.


Meanwhile, the observatory platform meant for VIPs are also filled with people, mostly due to the attendance of most of the teachers in Silvaria World Institute.


It would seem even the teachers are interested in the fight between the top 10 strongest students.


When Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Flandre-chan arrived at the platform for participants, countless people looked their way. Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto are the dark horses for this tournament, they are relatively new entrants who shook the power totem by taking steady positions in the rankings. Their strength is now well-known within the school.


Wu Yan & co are already used to being in the center of attention. Being stared at is nothing compared to the thunderous applaud Shokuhou Misaki receives whenever she makes her appearance here. They sat at their usual position and they proceded to talk among themselves.


Two figure slowly appeared from the entrance into this platform area. They had black and silver hair respectively tied in ponytails. They approached Wu Yan without stopping.


Lulu glomped Flandre-chan and she rubbed her face with hers, it’s her usual energetic self, she snickered when Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.


Even though he felt helpless about Lulu glomping Flandre-chan, he can’t bring himself to find Lulu annoying, she’s cute in her own unique way. Her antics make her very cute.


Wu Yan gasped when he sensed something coming from Lulu. She had increased her strength, the aura she is currently emanating is far stronger than her status a few days ago.


Merylu Lori: Level 50


“Tier 6!”


Wu Yan said in a surprised tone. Lulu was at Level 48 just a few days ago. More importantly, she was Level 44 just a month ago!


She had ascended to tier 6 in just 3 days?


“You found me out…”


Lulu lifted her head in a smug manner. Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.


“Lulu, how did you pull it off?”


Hinagiku and Mikoto checked her level. They were curious about her fast growth even if her strength is nothing to write home about.


Lulu pouted in a dissatisfied manner.


“Gramps said my power isn’t quite there yet so he made me drink a potion with a very peculiar color, I will pay top dollar not to drink that disgusting potion again…”


Wu Yan & co had black lines running down their head, she really didn’t know how good she has it does she? That strength increasing tonic is something that noble families will go bankrupt trying to buy. She got the tonic for free and she’s complaining about its taste? If the people who wanted this tonic so bad they dreamt about it heard her, they would probably vomit blood and die.


Somebody should drag her out and execute her…


Even Fei Fei can’t bear to listen to her rants. She gave her a good knock on the head. Lulu protested with tears in the corners of her eyes.

“The elder is doing this for your own good, even if you don’t appreciate the gesture, you shouldn’t grumble!”

Lulu mewled.

“But it’s super disgusting…”

They all rolled their eyes at her. They decided it would be best to just ignore this spoiled lady. They talked with each other, just not Lulu, no matter how high a tone she used to screech.

The crowd started making a fuss, they turned around and sure enough, Shokuhou Misaki is there, like a superstar, gathering cheers and whistles like a goddess. Of course, the crowd cheered and stared at her entourage more compared to Wu Yan & co.

Shokuhou Misaki glanced at Wu Yan and then she went along her merry way. Wu Yan shrugged, it looks like she is still holding the beach all-star fun time against him.

Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar entered the plaza about the same time as Shokuhou Misaki did.

The 3 of them greeted each other with a glance and they took their seats respectively. They also began to focus for the upcoming fights. This is the stage where they must treat the competition seriously.

As time moved on, more and more people started pouring into the plaza. Naturally, it got louder and louder. Soon, a lot of objects that broke the sound barrier approached. They landed dramtically on the stage in radiant rays of light.

The board of directors, led by Lei Wang are now in full attendance.

Lei Wang declared in a relaxed tone.

“Let the third stage of the tournament begin!”

“After two disqualification rounds, the top 10 participants has been decided. The mode of selection shall be random as always.”

Lei Wang placed a crystal ball on a raised platform and the familiar display appeared again. On it, is the names of the top 10 participants.

“The participants shall be randomly paired in a one versus one format. Each participant will have to fight 2 other participants, the last decisive victor shall be the champion of this tournament!”

The mood in the spectators’ stand tensed up. They are all looking forward to upcoming fights.

The last stage of the tournament is about to begin.

Lei Wang grinned after taking a look at the hungry spectators. He initiated the crystal ball and his expression slowly turned from one of a serious expression into one of shock.

The spectators were all sharing the same expression as Lei Wang.

He looked at a certain direction and he shook his head.

“First round! Wu Yan vs Jaafar!”


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