Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 394: A crazy morning...

The sun slowly made its appearance from beyond the horizon, driving away the darkness of the night. The sky started turning golden as dawn broke.


The clouds came visiting accompanied by the wind. Anyone looking at the sea would be greeted by an absolutely beautiful sight of the blue-colored merger between the sky and the sea.


Wu Yan opened his eyes when the sunlight started pricking his eyelids. He tried blocking with one hand but he discovered that he couldn’t move his hands.


Hinagiku and Mikoto were using his arms as pillows. No wonder he couldn’t move his hands.


He looked around and he could see Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou laid in the same bed as him.


He recalled what happened last night and he remembered exactly what he did, rather, who he did.


Grinning, Wu Yan almost laughed out loud. He had finally managed to get all his wives in the same bed as him. He felt pretty damn proud at bedding all but Flandre-chan. He excluded the Misaka sisters for obvious reason. This is an important milestone for him.


He looked at the ladies in the same bed with him as he shook his head. He said something that would make him public enemy no.1 if anyone else heard him.


“The crystal palace harem knows no limit, I need to work harder…”


Maybe, even the heaven itself felt like this guy needs a shutdown, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou groaned as they slowly opened their eyes.


Wu Yan’s grin froze up and his heart raced. His alarm went off as he internally cursed at their timing.


He only managed to get this achievement by leveraging alcohol.


If the girls remembered what he did yesterday, Wu Yan would be lucky to escape with half his bones intact.


Ikaros, Astrea, and Takitsubou Rikou can be persuaded easily and he is pretty sure he can suppress Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda if they made a fuss, considering their battle abilities.


However, Hinagiku and Mikoto will no doubt be reaching for their weapons.


Shokuhou Misaki is also sure to make a plan of revenge that will strike when he is least wary.


These 3 are S-ranked in terms of danger.


Wu Yan wanted to fold and scamper off as soon as possible, if only Hinagiku and Mikoto aren’t holding onto his arms.




Cried Wu Yan in a silent wail of despair. The 8 girls finally woke up after their bodies trembled for a bit.


The 8 of them looked around the room and they saw each other’s slovenly appearance, it didn’t take long for them to recall the events of last night either.


The 8 ladies all blushed furiously.



The 8 of them screamed out loud in bashfulness. Their collective screams threatened to pierce the heaven with their volume.


The door to the master bedroom burst open with a kick, Wu Yan dashed out with barely half his trouser on. Meanwhile, Hinagiku armed with her crystal sword and Mikoto armed with an iron sand sword came charging out after Wu Yan. Wu Yan did his best to shake them off but his pursuers are hell-bent on nailing him with their weapons.


Wu Yan put some strength into his feet and disappeared from the spot right as two blades cut his original position, only managing to cut a stand of his hair.


Wu Yan yelled back.


“You girls are committing mariticide!”


Hinagiku gnashed her teeth as she yelled back.


“No, this called setting things straight!”


Wu Yan protested.


“Whoever taught you that?!”


Mikoto manifested another iron sword.


“You have two choices: stand there and let us slice you up nicely or keep running and when we catch you we will chop you up into mincemeat, your call!”


“Don’t do this to me!”


Shokuhou Misaki and the other girls came out of the room. Except for Ikaros and Takitsubou Rikou who looked like they were worried for him. The other 4 could care less what happened to the bastard.


Shokuhou Misaki adjusted her clothing while coldly laughing Wu Yan’s appeal for help off.


“You’re an undying true ancestor right? Let us vent some stress off with your body mmkay?”


Normally, Joou-sama would talk with more benevolence but her current speech pattern is characteristic of someone who is very angry.


Wu Yan gulped while forcing a smile.


“Must we go down this bloody path?”


“Of course!”


Excluding Ikaros and Takitsubou Rikou, the others all yelled back.


“Uu, Onii-chan, what’s with the noise…”


Flandre-chan opened the door to her room. She held onto her pillow while rubbing her eyes with her remaining hand. Her cute appearance almost sent the girls into a moe shock.


Wu Yan felt overjoyed. He hurriedly picked Flandre-chan off the ground and he hugged her tight.


“Oh my dear Flan, did we wake you up? It’s your mean old brother’s fault, say, you hungry?…”


“Nn, Flan is hungry…”


The ladies all wanted to scream at Wu Yan for shamelessly using Flandre-chan as a meatshield. Who would behave violently in front of this cute child?


The ladies chose to use their leers, hopefully, if they all focused, Wu Yan would drop dead from their stares. Wu Yan laughed like a fool as he made a beeline for the kitchen.



Silvaria World Institute, villa area…


In one of the villas here, a bright light appeared out of nowhere and Wu Yan & co appeared in the dining room.


“We are finally back…”


Wu Yan exclaimed, he sounded a bit exhausted, it’s like he didn’t go for a vacation at all, it was more like the trial exam of his life.




Shokuhou Misaki snorted and she exited his villa with Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda in tow. Takitsubou Rikou showed Wu Yan an apologetic smile before chasing after them.




Astrea mimicked Shokuhou Misaki and she stuck her tongue out at Wu Yan.


“Stupid master! Egghead!”


Astrea followed Shokuhou Misaki, Wu Yan felt a bit sad, it would seem he crossed them really bad this time.


Hinagiku and Mikoto returned to their rooms without batting an eye at Wu Yan. They didn’t forget to slam the door while they are at it. Wu Yan is in the dog house now.


Wu Yan rubbed his neck while mumbling.


“I think I should focus on the upcoming grand tournament…”


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