Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 393: A wild night...

Shokuhou Misaki and Wu Yan had done the deed last time and even if this is technically their second time doing it, they are still going it as hot and furious as they did the first time, it’s like the raging fire that is born from the union between a dry stick and an ember.


When Wu Yan thrust his holy spear into her, Shokuhou Misaki felt something familiar yet strange. Her sensitive body isn’t doing her a service either. She’s tangled up with the pleasure of the moment, she forgot there are other girls here and she moaned very loudly, heavily panting while Wu Yan pounded her.


She had a slightly indignant look, her last protest against Wu Yan who didn’t give her any chance to talk her way out of this. As Wu Yan pistoned away, her indignant look crumbled until she is just a hot mess, her eyes grew damp while her expression turned into one of mesmerization.


She had the weakest physique of the girls and even Flandre-chan who had her powers sealed could beat her if she tried. This her second time so it didn’t take much to get her up mount orgasm. She let out a drawn-out moan as she went limp on the bed.




Maybe it’s because Shokuhou Misaki was too loud or maybe it’s just Wu Yan’s bad luck. At about the same time Shokuhou Misaki bowed out, a light groan came from another girl before Wu Yan can lay his claws on another girl.


She opened her tea-colored eyes. Mikoto didn’t regain her senses the moment she opened her eyes. She still looked a bit tipsy after a nap.




Mikoto muttered, she didn’t understand her situation at the moment but Wu Yan isn’t planning on giving her any chance to do that. If she found out about this scene, he wouldn’t be able to escape with one or two sweet lines.


After Wu Yan tapped both Hinagiku and Mikoto, she is extremely reluctant to get in bed with him and Hinagiku. If she realized what is going on, what with 8 other girls in bed, she’s probably going to do more than just electrocuting him.


More importantly, her nemesis is still in bed together with her. It would be nice if she stopped at going on a rampage after finding out what Wu Yan did.


He pounced on her and he pinned her down while massaging her breasts. He also kissed her to seal her lips.


“Mh! Ngh!”


Her eyes widened at the sudden assault. When Wu Yan worked his magic on her modest jugs, she started wavering, she put up her typical tsundere struggle but her façade was for naught.


“Let go of me… Let… Ah… Nn… Mu…”


He removed her robe swiftly and he stopped her by plunging into her, she started whimpering like a lamb.


Wu Yan kept his pace and the pleasure built up inside her until her resistance was reduced to nothing. Her mouth said no but the way she rocked her hips back and forth is how her body showed that it is obeying her true desire.


The sound of wet sloppy noises filled the room.


Her feelings took over her rational mind, she unconsciously clasped her hands behind Wu Yan’s back as she received Wu Yan’s love.


Mikoto didn’t notice the girls laid around her, she also failed to notice both her sister from another mother and her nemesis. It’s a miracle for a certain wolf she didn’t perceive them.


Mikoto cummed pretty soon, her slightly intoxicated state mixed in with the afterglow lulled her into a deeper sleep than before.


Meanwhile, the demonic claws are fast approaching Hinagiku…


There wasn’t any accident this time. He successfully picked her up from the bed and he undid her robes without a hitch. In her dream world, Hinagiku felt like she’s currently soaked in a very warm and comfortable hot spring. She can feel the warmth from the hot spring slowly seeping into her body. She let out a moan due to how pleasant it felt.


The hot spring appears to have a wave-generating function as she can feel her body rocking up and down according to it, the waves didn’t take any pleasure away from the experience.


Hinagiku could feel the hot spring getting more and more boisterous. Strange enough, she could feel herself heating up in response but she doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. At last, she reached the zenith of pleasure as she sank to the bottom of the hot spring.


He laid Hinagiku who is panting heavily down on the bed, his wolf claws wandered over to Takitsubou Rikou’s voluptuous body. She felt him getting grabby with her and she frowned slightly before opening her eyes.


She recalled a familiar memory, her blurry expression started turning clearer, she immediately noticed the girls who are flushed red and heaving next to her.


She is surprised but a hand stopped her from freaking out, Wu Yan put a finger to his mouth for her to pipe it down.


Takitsubou Rikou instantly pieced the situation together and she blushed very hard. She lowered her head to hide her face from Wu Yan.


Wu Yan effortlessly picked up her body and he leaned her against his body before muttering something in her ears.


“Ri-chan, I need you to be obedient okay?…”


Still deep red all over, she discovered his magical ability to disrobe her in an instant. The pile of bathrobes made it hard to say which belonged to whom. Wu Yan adjusted Takitsubou Rikou’s position for their clash of the sex.


Takitsubou Rikou’s heart started racing. She crossed her arms, only managing to cover her cherries and not the bountiful jugs, she knew what is coming and she closed her eyes while accepting him. Wu Yan pressed her down and her head immediately flew backwards as she gasped at the ceiling.


Wu Yan held her tightly as he bounced her up and down, Takitsubou Rikou started singing in moans.


Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda also got dragged into the battlefield, Wu Yan quickly did away with their bathrobes. The pile of bathrobes had two need additions just like the voices echoing in this room…

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