Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 392: The intoxicating night...

The silver moon continued shedding its brilliance upon the world. The stars shone bright like diamonds in the sky. Meanwhile, the dark clouds stayed away from the gems in the sky as if they have a tacit understanding of non-interference.


The waves assaulted the beach, making a part of the beach wet and differently colored from the rest of the dry parts of the beach. Small creatures minded their own business in the night, they announced their existences with their individual voices and yells, giving the night a lively mood.


You know what else is lively? The situation in a certain room in the villa.


It hurts at the beginning but as the pain faded, Astrea started feeling good. She can’t help leaking out a moan or two.


Wu Yan pounded Astrea like a storm, wet & sloppy sound kept echoing in the room. Astrea’s body is like a tiny boat against the storm of thrusts and tugging Wu Yan brought with his vigorous movements. Her body is passively being rocked back and forth while she heaving and panted. Their lovemaking gave the room a musky smell which served as an aphrodisiac for the eye of the storm to go harder on Astrea.


Astrea closed her eyes while she received Wu Yan’s intense smashing session. Waves after waves of pleasure that is foreign to her assaulted her senses. Astrea clung onto Wu Yan’s neck with her arms. Her gaping mouth is too busy releasing melodious moans to mind its owner’s command to shut tight.


Faced with this sinful rapture, Astrea couldn’t hold back her own voice. Plus, she isn’t even trying to hold her voice back. Ignoring the fact that there are 7 other women here, she yelled out loud in pleasure whenever she felt like it. It’s probably because she’s not fully conscious or because she’s slow but she sure didn’t know how to be reserved.


Listening to her erotic whimper, Wu Yan’s demonic side raged on as he turned up the volume while he took Astrea up ecstasy mountain with his divine spear.



When she climaxed, Astrea made it known with her bawdy wail. The room’s mood turned pink due to her ribald lament.


As he laid on top of Astrea to recover, Wu Yan got up after a few minutes. By retracting his wick from Astrea, he induced another soft groan from Astrea. She opened her misty eyes and she looked at Wu Yan in a daze, fatigue hit her and she passed out sleeping like a log.


Wu Yan made his transition over to another bombastic figure lying near Astrea, namely, Ikaros.


He danced his fingers across her silky smooth skin, his fingers easily transversing the familiar terrain. He gave her a kiss and he slid his thick tongue into her oral cavity. He easily captured her meek tongue and he subjugated her.


He undid her bathrobe with a swift pull on the band of the bathrobe. He removed the bathrobe from her and revealed her angelic body in all its glory.


He fondled her until she mewled. Her skin also started flushing pink. He lifted her up and he straddled her on top of him. He embraced her, as he felt her bountiful mountains pressing against his chest, he shoved his anaconda in like a trained expert.




His forceful entry made Ikaros cry out in a lewd manner. His action also returned Ikaros to the present. She opened her eyes and she saw Wu Yan’s face, mere centimeters away from hers.


He isn’t sure whether she’s fully awake but as Ikaros gasped in pleasure, her eyes started looking like she’s entranced. She closed her eyes and she let Wu Yan go about his business while enjoying the pleasure it brought.


Her faint but distinct moaning filled the room.


Her voice eventually got louder and louder as they approached the zenith of pleasure. Even a thick wall can’t stop her voice from leaking out of this room.


Her enchanting voice would have mesmerized everyone if there was anyone other than Wu Yan & his entourage.


Just because nobody else heard them didn’t mean that his entourage would be spared from this.




While Wu Yan is still busy making a mess out of Ikaros’ cucumber patch, a faint groan came and he reflexively looked at the source of the sound.


Shokuhou Misaki raised her hand as she held her temple. She struggled to open her eyes but those starry eyes were very much awake by the time she looked in Wu Yan’s direction.


Shokuhou Misaki saw Wu Yan’s stunned look and she froze up after confirming the situation.


They stared at each other for quite some time. She remembered how Wu Yan challenged them to a drinking party and she remembered how she collapsed after having too much to drink. Judging by how all the girls are here on this bed, she immediately surmised Wu Yan’s intention.


Shokuhou Misaki’s face started turning bashful and angry. Wu Yan knew he shouldn’t let her have the chance to react. He immediately pulled her in by the waist.


“Y-you, what are you doing… don’t tell me…”


She thought Wu Yan would cease and desist after being busted. However, his action told her that this won’t end well for her. Sure enough, the alarm in her went off.


“Wu Yan, I am warning you, if you’re going to do me with another woman here, I am going to…”


Shokuhou Misaki growled ineffectively at Wu Yan before her mouth got plugged with Wu Yan’s mouth.




Shokuhou Misaki is stupefied. She pounded his chest in order to escape Wu Yan’s control. However, her physique paled in comparison to a True Ancestor.


When Wu Yan tore away the bathrobe from Shokuhou Misaki, she felt so embarrassed at the thought of being pounded right next to another woman.


She struggled in Wu Yan’s embrace but Wu Yan shut her down by grabbing her hooters and giving them a skillful rub here and a powerful massage there. She immediately turned into a puddle of weak flesh.


Wu Yan never stopped going to town on Ikaros’s clam.


Ikaros reached the peak of satisfaction and she collapsed while leaning on Wu Yan’s shoulders after a long drawn out moan.


Wu Yan didn’t stop there, he laid Ikaros down and he cuddled Shokuhou Misaki in an affectionate manner before finally parting her legs.



Shokuhou Misaki’s weakness is all too easy to grab. Once Wu Yan had control of the land of twin mountains she’s like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, completely defenseless. Wu Yan did more than just control the region, he plowed that region with his wiggling fingers. Shokuhou Misaki begged for mercy but it fell on deaf ears.


Shokuhou Misaki only tasted the forbidden fruit once with Wu Yan, it’s time for the second round and she’s panicking more than she did the first time. Her pride is already at risk of collapsing due to her having to share her man with other girls. It’s too much for her to process serving a man in bed with another woman.


Wu Yan gave her a hot beef injection and Shokuhou Misaki could do nothing but whimper and moan…

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