Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 391: The ladies all went down for the count, finally nabbed the angel with a bottomless pit...

Cough cough

“Even if it’s not disgusting, it doesn’t taste so good, this beer, I mean…”


“It also smells icky, and the taste feels like it could choke you if you’re not careful…”


“It’s like really really bitter tea…”


“I would rather drink beer than bitter tea!”


“Mwu, Flan don’t like the taste…”


“Argh! In the end, kids shouldn’t drink!”


“Ugh, I feel a bit dizzy…”


“Ah, me too…”


“Wagh, Astrea collapsed!”


“Wake up, Astrea!”


“Nee-chan, Flan feels wobbly…”


“I already said children shouldn’t drink!”


As time ticked on, the ladies started turning red due to consuming more and more alcohol. Their tolerance is nigh zero because this is the first time they drank. It didn’t take long before they got light-headed.


The ladies kept drinking without thinking too deeply. They drank in small sips but when Wu Yan downed a cup, they would down one too. They never noticed that their cup refilled magically.


Astrea who never knew when to stop eating or drinking and Flandre-chan who stole some cans of beers collapsed onto the floor.


The other girls all had flushed expressions as well. They kept drinking and spouting nonsense like drunkards.


Wu Yan also started feeling ditzy, he didn’t mind it though, he kept the party going.


Since they came here to have a good time, Wu Yan decided to let himself go as well. It’s going to cost him but it feels pretty nice to be drunk, He can feel the stress leaving his body, he didn’t need to think about anything at this moment.


They could have used their own powers to remain conscious but they subconsciously chose not to do so. They are going to regret this but that’s a story for another time.


The moon slowly climbed up onto the sky, showing just late the night is.


Strewn empty cans peppered the floor of the living room. Like the empty cans, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou are all drunk now…


Wu Yan who isn’t in a better off condition clicked his tongue with a smug attitude.


“I might have lost to you girls if I wasn’t a True Ancestor, I didn’t even have to consciously control my tolerance.”


He shook his head and he saw Flandre-chan, he bitterly laughed.


” Oops, I let Flandre-chan drink until she’s tipsy as well…”


Wu Yan got up with an unsteady gait. He’s also pretty drunk but he still had some sense in him, he knew he shouldn’t let Flandre-chan sleep on the floor.


He grabbed her and he tucked her into her own bed.


Wu Yan smiled when he saw Flandre-chan’s flushed expression, blissfully drifting into dreamland. At least, she’s having a nice dream.


“Good night, little miss cutie…”


He pecked her on the forehead before he exited the room.


“Well then…”


He looked at the other girls. He laughed out loud with arms akimbo.


“This is such a great chance if I don’t seize this chance, I am going to beat myself up later…”


Snickering, he used all his strength to grab the ladies and he tossed them onto a huge bed.


This room is the largest room in the villa, its bed is also unusually large in surface area. It’s as though the villa owner had factored in that people might want to get really freaky in this room.


Once he saw the delicious meal spread out in front of him, Wu Yan lost all restraint and he pounced on one of the girls, he chose Astrea who managed to slip past him all this time.


Wu Yan is also surprised that he chose Astrea first. Feeling her tender flesh and her legendary hooters, he panted like a beast before he tore open her clothes.


Due to the influence of alcohol, he didn’t think too deeply. He tore his clothes and threw them away, now, both of them are in their birthday suits.


He pressed his lips against Astrea’s lips. He traced his fingers along her smooth skin, he arrived at her valley and he started massaging her huge cans.




Feeling something foreign invading her mouth, Astrea groaned and she started responding in kind.


They smooched each other as their tongues tangled together into a hot mess. They felt like they are melding into each other. They rubbed and they tossed around the bed, Astrea started following what her body instructed her to do.


He buried his face in her huge breasts, he is so happy he could sing. If he did sing, he would probably end up suffocating due to the lack of oxygen here, not that he minds suffocating in this sweet supple space.


Wu Yan swallowed his saliva and he gave her cherry a good nibble, drawing a salacious moan from Astrea. Her body arched up in response to Wu Yan’s assault. Her eyes were misty with passion.


The alcohol and the pleasure she’s feeling basically stopped all mental processes in Astrea. She looked at Wu Yan who still had his head buried in her breasts and she mumbled in a tender voice.




That was all it took to turn Wu Yan on. He positioned Astrea with his divine spear ready to penetrate her and then he thrust all in with all his might.


Astrea yelped in pain. Excluding Flandre-chan, she was the only one who Wu Yan had a hard time getting in bed with, now, he has turned her into sisters with Hinagiku and the rest of the ladies in more sense than one.


“Mu~ Ah~ Master…”


Astrea clutched onto Wu Yan while moaning and groaning in a lewd tone. Her red eyes are now distant but her body kept rocking up and down along with Wu Yan in a very sensual dance between two sexes.

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