Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 390: I am going to get you all drunk! Do you have the guts to pick up that cup?...

“Phew, that was a good bath…”

The girls came out of the hot spring room while rubbing their bodies with towels. Their swimsuits are already replaced with bathrobes. The owner of this villa is really prepared for these kinds of things.

“My body feels warm and I bet I smell so fluffy and nice…”

Flandre-chan jumped around in front of the ladies. She dashed towards the door which leads to the living room.

“I am going to let Onii-chan smell me!”

“You’re super going to let that guy sniff you?”

Kinuhata Saiai said in pursed her lips.

“You are just going to let that score more points.”

The girls laughed. Frenda chimed in.

“In the end, she’s a kid so she’s probably doing this without much thought…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto nodded as Frenda said what they thought. Of course, they didn’t know that in terms of real age, they are the younger ones.

Led by Flandre-chan, the girls subconsciously hastened their walking pace. They had been in the bath for about an hour now…

When they arrived in the living room, they were stunned by the spectacle they saw.

Wu Yan sat in front of the mountain of food while cans of beer of different brands were brazenly displayed. Wu Yan had a cup of orange liquid that bubbled in a delicious manner.

“You girls soaked for a long time…”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes while guzzling down the cup of beer he had. He exhaled in a satisfied manner. The girls exchanged looks.

Mikoto approached Wu Yan and she grabbed a can of beer. She frowned at him.

“Why are you suddenly drinking beer?”

The ladies all stared hard at Wu Yan with suspicion. They know from spending so much time with Wu Yan that they know he doesn’t drink. Not even Hinagiku who had been with him for the longest time had ever seen him touch anything alcoholic.

Wu Yan replied with a poker face, he shook the cup in his hand.

“No particular reasons, I just wanted to drink some beer…”

Wu Yan faced the ladies.

“Don’t be so surprised, I am more than 20 years old, drinking isn’t so surprising for me…”

“But we haven’t seen you drinking even once…”

Hinagiku said. Hinagiku saw how Wu Yan looked and she voiced her concern.

“Yan, don’t tell me you have been drinking ever since we left for the bath?…”

Wu Yan laughed out loud.

“I can’t hold that much liquor yet. I might be an adult but I don’t drink often…”

The ladies all released a sigh of relief. However, Wu Yan said something they can’t ignore.

“Well, you girls were in the bath for more than an hour, I don’t see the problem in drinking for an hour…”

“An hour!”

Hinagiku and Mikoto raised their voice in disbelief.

“Hey hey hey, don’t tell me you super drank for an hour…”

Kinuhata Saiai’s jaw dropped. Beer doesn’t have high alcohol content and there are people who can drink one hour straight without becoming drunk. Among the 9 ladies, there are 5 minor, excluding Flandre-chan who should be treated as a minor, Ikaros, and Astrea. Shokuhou Misaki was also excluded because her age will always remain a mystery, at least, nobody will believe that she’s a middle school student.

These ladies didn’t know what would happen if someone drank for an hour. Because they never saw Wu Yan drinking, they found it surprising that he can hold his liquor for so long…

“You girls are overreacting.”

He saw how the girls are gasping so he teased them.

“It’s just beer, it’s not high-alcohol content drink so it’s all good!”

“Don’t say that, too much alcohol isn’t good for your body, I think you should stop…”

Hinagiku said.

Wu Yan smiled.

“Well, since it’s once in a blue moon, I think I should get a hall pass for this right?”

The girls went silent but they acquiesced. Wu Yan raised his cup at them.

“Wanna join me?”

The girls flinched while Shokuhou Misaki grinned.

“I say, Yan-kun, are you trying to get us drunk? That would explain all the beer…”

The ladies flinched again. After that, they leered Wu Yan, they believed that Shokuhou Misaki hit the target with her conjecture.

They know Wu Yan is someone who would come up with this kind of plan.

Ignoring the knife-like glares, Wu Yan honestly revealed his intention.

“Yeap! I am trying to get you girls drunk!”

The girls were stunned. They didn’t expect Wu Yan to be so forthcoming after being busted by Shokuhou Misaki.

Wu Yan smiled at them. He knew he couldn’t fool so many smart girls at one time so he decided to just be honest. He grabbed a cup of beer and he snickered at the girls. It’s quite clear that he’s looking down on them.

“Do you have the guts to take the cup?”

Boy, the girls sure got mad real quick. His tone ticked them off the wrong way. They didn’t want to give Wu Yan the satisfaction so they took him up on the challenge.

“Hmph, it’s just super beer, as a member of black ops, I am super not afraid, give me that cup!”


Kinuhata Saiai grabbed a beer and she started chugging it down.


Hinagiku and Mikoto are easily provoked as well so they did the same stuff as Kinuhata Saiai.


“Oh, I will drink it!”


The two of them grabbed some beers and they hesitated for a bit before they drank their beers with closed eyes. They laughed out loud with shining eyes.


“Oh, please, it’s not as awful as I had imagined…”


It’s just beer, it can’t taste so bad, right?…


Shokuhou Misaki narrowed her eyes at Wu Yan. She reckoned that with so many girls here as long as they outlast Wu Yan, they would probably be fine.


Shokuhou Misaki grabbed a can of beer as well. Her starry eyes had a curious glint in them. She wondered about the taste of this can of beer.


She never drank before.


Ikaros, Astrea, and Takitsubou Rikou started pouring beer for themselves. They didn’t fell for Wu Yan’s taunt, they just wanted to reciprocate Wu Yan’s feelings by drinking with him when he invited them.


“In the end, you all started drinking…”


Frenda’s lips twitched. She stopped Flandre-chan who got tempted and she sighed while reaching out for a can of beer as well.

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