Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 389: The night at the hot spring...

In one of the underground rooms in the villa…


After opening the door to that room, the girls saw a wicked sick fitting room decked out with a wooden design. Racks to put clothes are available to the sides. In front of them is another wooden door, judging from the steam coming from the other side of this door, the hot spring is clearly situated beyond the wooden door.


Excitement filled Flandre-chan’s face, she flared her nostrils open.


“I can smell something nice here…”


Astrea heard her and she started sniffing as well, the smell came as a pleasant surprise to Astrea.


“Mm yes, that’s a nice smell, I wonder if there’s anything good to eat inside?”


“There super won’t be anything to eat in there, idiot…”


Kinuhata Saiai shook her head while smiling. However, Saiai accidentally triggered Astrea.


“You’re the idiot! Idiot! Idjit!”


Kinuhata Saiai’s lip twitched.


“I feel super like a failure, being called an idiot by another idiot…”


Shokuhou Misaki walked into the fitting room and she grabbed a bottle in the corner of the room.


“I am guessing the smell is coming from this bottle. A hot spring smells of sulfur so without this people would have compunctions entering this place.”


“I don’t care where the smell comes from…”


Mikoto walked into the fitting room and she continued.


“Anyway, let’s go!”


The girls all nodded as they headed into the room. Hinagiku closed the wooden door. Stopping for a moment, she locked the door lest a certain wolf decides to sneak in here.


The girls started removing their clothes, or rather, their swimsuits. One by one, the ladies revealed their pristine body in the steamy room. Their youthful mood and the environment melded together perfectly to create a pink-colored mood.


With the hot spring in front of them, the petite faction didn’t have to waste ogling the hooters faction. They felt gleeful at the sight of the steamy hot spring.




Flandre-chan and Astrea jumped straight into the hot spring, generating two large splashes. The hot spring had a shallow and deep area. The deep area covered Astrea’s two magnificent cans but didn’t cover up her cleavage. The shallow area is also just deep enough that Flandre-chan can walk around comfortably, the depth only reached Flandre-chan’s shoulders.


“Umu, it feels so great…”


Flandre-chan and Astrea closed their eyes in bliss. The other girls can’t wait to enter the water. Thus, the ladies all made hasty entries into the hot spring.



“Wow! It’s super warm in here!”


Kinuhata Saiai slapped at the surface of the water. She floated on the surface, it’s all girls here anyway, so what if she looks indecent right now…


“In the end, I should have brought some drinks in here, I would kill to enjoy both the bath and the drinks at the same time…”


Frenda said with a flushed look while supporting her head with both hands.


Shokuhou Misaki poured some of the hot spring’s water on her body. The pearl-like droplets of water flowed swiftly down her smooth skin, it can induce in anyone the feeling to flirtatiously bite her.


Her starry eyes stopped at Astrea’s twin divine mountains and she observed carefully before saying something.


“Astrea-chan, is it me, or did your breasts grow bigger?”




Astrea looked at her babies supported by buoyancy and she denied the observation with a blushing face.


“I don’t think so…”


“Huh, is that so?”


Shokuhou Misaki cast her doubt but she revealed a sly grin. She crept up behind Astrea before grabbing Astrea by her superb jugs. She also started massaging them.


“This calls for a hands-on examination!”


“Kyaa! Ngh~ Nooo….”


Astrea yelped but as Shokuhou Misaki fondled her, she started moaning.


“I am pretty sure you have grown…”


Astrea’s honking hooters got massaged into different shapes by Shokuhou Misaki. Shokuhou Misaki mumbled in a disgruntled manner.


“Seriously, you’re already bigger than me and here you go still growing bigger, how unpleasant…”




Astrea languished while leaning on Shokuhou Misaki’s body. Due to her weight, she pressed Shokuhou Misaki’s cans into exquisite shapes as well. She panted while continuing.


“Ikaros-senpai’s are clearly bigger than Astrea’s…”


“Oh really?”


Shokuhou Misaki turned towards Ikaros.


Ikaros is minding her own business in the corner while washing her wings, her bountiful chest making little waves in the water due to their sheer volume and Ikaros’ movement. Meanwhile, Takitsubou Rikou stayed close to Ikaros while tending to herself with her eyes closed. The two of them aren’t the talkative type so they stayed in their quiet little corner without much interaction with each other. Apparently, they didn’t hear Shokuhou Misaki.


Shokuhou Misaki shook off some of the water in her golden locks and she mused to herself in a doubtful manner.


“I think they are about the same size as Astrea’s though…”


Astrea weakly protested with a raised arm.


“But, Master really likes Ikaros’ breasts..”


Shokuhou Misaki raised an eyebrow as she examined Ikaros. Ikaros looked a bit flushed, it’s unclear if it’s due to the hot spring or because she overheard Astrea…


“Favourite, hmm?”


Shokuhou Misaki narrowed her starry eyes at Ikaros’ breasts and she looked at her own babies. She lowered her head in dejection.


Shokuhou Misaki cheered herself up even if she sounded a bit frustrated.


“I won’t lose. That naughty boy doesn’t care about the cup size, as long as the girl is cute he’s going to like them…”


Even if she can’t use her Mental Out powers on Wu Yan, she understood Wu Yan’s evil thoughts.


Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks. They were watching from the start including what Shokuhou Misaki did and said. They turned towards the wall and they started drawing circles on the wall…


I hate conversations about breasts…


“Hinagiku-nee-chan, Mikoto-nee-chan, is everything alright?”


Flandre-chan flapped her wings which had crystals hanging from them. She really didn’t know why the two of them had such dark and depressing air around them.


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at Flandre-chan’s undeveloped field and their complexion turned for the better.


Are they really going to stoop so low, to compare themselves to kids?


Hinagiku and Mikoto silently berated themselves before forcing a smile onto their faces.


“It-it’s nothing…”




The little loli didn’t doubt their words, she went back to frolicking in the hot spring. Hinagiku and Mikoto admired her carefree attitude.


It’s so nice being a kid, they don’t have to worry about anything…


Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda saw Hinagiku and Mikoto, they also saw the transitions of expressions. They sighed in an understanding manner.


“In the end, why don’t they understand that being flat is a unique charm in itself?…”


She said as if she had achieved apotheosis. Of course, to everyone else, she sounded like she’s trying to convince herself rather than seeing through the essence of things.


Kinuhata Saiai pursed her lips and she continued swimming around…

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