Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 388: A night by the seaside...

Fun time passed really quickly and soon enough, night fell after the 10 of them had their fill of fun and laughter. The beach is lit up after the sun went down.


It was a beautiful mix of red and orange before the stars and the moon made their appearance in the sky. It was a stunning sight, a fleeting moment between dusk and night that mesmerized all 10 of them.


“It’s beautiful…”


Flandre-chan said with a captivated look. She squeezed her tiny palms, she’s unusually static for someone who would run and jump around.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou made sure they didn’t miss this scene. Their hearts are as calm as this serene scenery in front of them.


Hinagiku laughed.


“It was worth it coming here…”


The other girls concurred with a nod. Wu Yan revealed a brilliant smile when he saw how pleased the other girls looked. The girls were smitten with his smiling countenance.


“Ne ne, Onii-chan…”


Flandre-chan tugged Wu Yan’s arm. She used her ruby eyes to convey her hope.


“Can you bring Flan and Nee-chans to the beach again in the future?”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the other girls were looking at Wu Yan with the same hopeful eyes as well. It won’t hurt to do another trip to the beach anyway…


Wu Yan laughed. He squatted down and he lifted Flandre-chan off the ground. He asked the other girls.


“Then, did you all have fun today?”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the girls smiled back in response. They all said the same thing.


“Of course!”


Wu Yan laughed out loud and he declared.


“Well, we will come here again next time!”




The girls all cheered…



The 10 of them made their way back to the villa. They gathered the meat Wu Yan grilled, the sweets and the drinks all on the table in the dining hall. They proceeded to demolish the food with vibrant smiles.


Of course, they didn’t eat in peace. Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki went at each other every 5 minutes or so. Wu Yan would get burnt in each of these fiery verbal exchanges.


Flandre-chan and Astrea hanged out together. Although their physical appearance differed greatly, their mental age is similar and so they got along pretty well.


Astrea made sure not to teach Flandre-chan her secret on how to eat more.


Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou operated as a unit in Academy City so their relationships are tight. They cooperated well with each other. After coming to Silvaria World Institute, they hung out together with Shokuhou Misaki so they got to know people as well..


It’s surprising to see Ikaros and Hinagiku talking and laughing together. If he thought deeper about it, Hinagiku might be a tsundere but she’s warm inside just like Ikaros so it’s not surprising they actually hit it off.


Their personalities differed but they shared similar traits with each other. They would go to hell and back for people they cared about. It’s the reason why they can stay together despite some conflicts here and there.


Shokuhou Misaki frowned at her swimsuit. She asked Wu Yan.


“Yan, where’s the shower? My body is all sticky and icky from the seawater…”


After listening to Shokuhou Misaki, the girls also started feeling uncomfortable.


Wu Yan nodded and he smiled.


“I do recall the landlord telling me that there is a hot spring beneath this villa in one of the underground rooms…”


The eyes of all the ladies here shone brightly. Wu Yan smiled because he knew they couldn’t wait to jump into the hot spring.


“One of the rooms beneath the villa, right?! Got it!”


Mikoto stood up and she pulled Hinagiku.


“Hinagiku, let’s go!”


Hinagiku nodded without hesitation. The other girls also had 0 resistance to the hot springs, it would be nice to soak in that hot bath after all the seawater they were playing in. They grouped up and they went towards the hot spring.


“There are still food here!”


Wu Yan yelled at the ladies who ditched him without a second thought. At least, the girls are apparently not done with the food yet.


“We will finish it later!”


He’s really not too sure whether to laugh or cry after being left with all the delicious food and no girls to enjoy the food with.


Sighing, he picked up one of the feathers Astrea dropped.


“Aren’t you a bottomless pit? What are you doing, drooling after a hot spring?”


Wu Yan saw a pink feather on the ground and he sighed.


“Fine, even Ikaros ditched her master for the hot spring…”


Wu Yan didn’t know that Ikaros wouldn’t bat an eye even if all the hot springs in the world were gathered here. Ikaros isn’t here because she got dragged along by Hinagiku.


He finished his drink and he ruminated for a bit. It was crowded just now but he’s alone in just a few seconds so he didn’t have the time to adjust.


He looked at the direction the girls went and he mused for a bit.


“Maybe, I should join the ladies in the bath since that’s where my wives are at…”


Wu Yan shook his head.


“I better not, Mikoto’s going to taser me and everyone else will probably get hit by her misfire as well…”


Wu Yan grinned after an evil idea came to his mind.


“Since I can’t hit the hot spring, maybe there is still something to do with the food?”

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