Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 387: The end to the beach excursion

As time slowly ebbed, the sun also started setting. Hinagiku, Flandre-chan, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda are feeling tired after playing around in the shallow area for all this time. They were waiting for Wu Yan & co but they dismissed that notion as they headed back to the beach.

When the four of them got back, they were greeted with a large grill that had many types of skewer, mostly of the meaty variety. Wu Yan stood at the grill, cooking up good food like nothing as he kept slapping raw meat into the grill with skilled moves.

At the grill, things started heating up literally and metaphorically. Wu Yan peppered the skewers with seasoning and sauce unlike no other. He rubbed a good amount of oil on the meat and skewers, giving them a golden glow. The smell coming off of these skewers weren’t helping anyone that is trying to abstain from eating. Just from a glance, one could tell that these skewers aren’t just eye-pleasing, they probably taste really good.

Astrea trained her red eyes on the skewers.

Her nose twitched without conscious control, she looks like she couldn’t wait anymore.

Astrea’s stomach is demanding food, it didn’t care what food it was as long as it’s good. She would eat the raw meat if she could.

Wu Yan’s culinary skill is world-class.

The skill of Master Chef had been integrated into Eternal Arms Mastery so he still had that ability even if it’s not shown in his status screen.

He managed to conquer Kaichou-sama’s route through her stomach. This means that even Kaichou-sama couldn’t escape Wu Yan’s grasp, how can a bottomless pit like Astrea resist.


Mewled Astrea with puppy eyes. Her red eyes looked very crestfallen. This is the very same girl who had eaten 10 cakes. She is currently asking for more food from Wu Yan.

“Okay, I got it, it’s going to be done soon…”

Wu Yan laughed out loud. He glanced at her flat abs and he can’t help but silently wonder just where she is keeping all the food. Is this why she is so good at fighting? She had the ability to turn the food into battle power?

Flandre-chan ran over when she saw the set-up. Hinagiku, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda creased their nose in displeasure.

“Oh, you girls are back…”

Wu Yan beamed at them. He acts as if nothing happened and that is why it’s so infuriating.

“We’ve been waiting in the waters for you and you’re right here happily grilling away!”

Hinagiku said after she walked on over to the grill. She didn’t hide how upset she is.

“Come, now…”

Wu Yan waved his hands as he raised his head at Hinagiku.

“I am just worried that you girls will be very hungry after playing so I went ahead and prepared for you girls…”

Kinuhata Saiai raised an eyebrow.

“You can actually think that considerately?”

Frenda tilted her head in suspicion

“In the end, you did something sneaky behind us and you thought making a barbecue is going to fix this issue?…”

Wu Yan jolted but he recovered before the girls noticed this. Wu Yan shook his head but he can’t believe just how astute Frenda and Saiai had become. Did they master this art of reading minds by themselves?


Hinagiku narrowed her eyes as she recalled the suntan lotion incident from before.


“Where are Mikoto and the others?”


Flinching, he almost let the skewer in his hand slip out of his grip and onto the Kaichou-sama’s petite chests. He pointed his lips at a nearby coconut tree.


“Aren’t they sunbathing over there?”


Hinagiku, Saiai, and Frenda looked and sure enough, Mikoto, Misaki, and Rikou were laid prone on the mat as if they are fast asleep. Meanwhile, Ikaros is fanning the girls like she’s trying to cool them down. Without examining further it’s easy to conclude that they are sunbathing.


If they did examine closer, they would find the 3 girls to be unusually flushed, their swimsuits are also untidy and more importantly, they were heaving and panting.


He continued grilling the meat. Saiai and Frenda couldn’t hold back anymore.


“It certainly looks very appetizing…”


“In the end, to think you are actually good at cooking…”


Frenda and Saiai couldn’t wait to eat. Wu Yan revealed a smug grin while Hinagiku played with her pink hair.


“Yan’s food is top tier. Come to think of it, I haven’t had any of your cooking for a long time…”


When Wu Yan first met her, she brought him up to the student council room in the clocktower and she made him study before finally taking in Wu Yan who was technically homeless at the time as a butler. They went to school, went home, ate 3 meals together with Hinagiku’s mother. Both mother and daughter waited eagerly for Wu Yan to bring out the delicious dishes.


Hinagiku smiled at the warm memories. It was a very normal but fun time for her.


After becoming Wu Yan’s summon, Hinagiku lived a very vibrant life especially after Mikoto and the others started coming into her lives. There are various dangerous battles but her life with Wu Yan is much more pleasant than her old life.


If there’s anything Hinagiku is unhappy about it would be that this bastard has laid his hands on too many girls.


Hinagiku’s warm eyes started turning unpleasant. Wu Yan missed her mellow look but when he raised his head he was greeted with Hinagiku’s displeased look. He started feeling unsure.


Did she figure out the suntan lotion incident?


“Master, is it done yet?…”


Astrea flapped her wings, the feathers from her wings fell down and they flew towards the skewers.


Hinagiku, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda hurriedly grabbed the feathers with their reflex.


“Hey hey hey, super stop doing that. Your feathers are falling into the meat, I super don’t want to eat your feathers…”


Kinuhata Saiai grumbled while Frenda nodded. It would seem they are really looking forward to this meal.


“I can’t wait anymore…”


Astrea pouted with puppy eyes. Wu Yan felt helpless.


“Hinagiku, go grab some sweets and feed Astrea…”


Hinagiku nodded while Astrea cheered glomped Wu Yan.


“Yeah! Master is the best!”


“Wargh! Let go! The meat! The meat!”


The sun fell below the horizon while everyone chatted the time away.

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