Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 386: O hand o mine why isn't there another pair of you

“Nee-chan! Quick! Go there! Go there!”

Randomly pointing in one direction, Flandre-chan directed Frenda who is currently playing the role of a horse for her what with Flandre-chan riding on top of her shoulders. It’s a very childish game but that Flandre-chan still enjoyed it nonetheless.

“Yes yes yes, I know…”

Frenda sighed helplessly. She had something to say about Flandre-chan calling her nee-chan but her name is too similar so Flandre-chan decided to call her like that.

“In the end, can you not move around? I won’t be able to maintain my balance…woah!”

Frenda stepped on a round stone and she fell down after losing her balance. Flandre-chan who was on her shoulder also fell into the water.


Frenda gasped and she quickly fished Flandre-chan out of the water. It’s too late, however, Flandre-chan had swallowed some sea water. She stuck her tongue out with a disgusted expression.

“Cough cough, it’s so nasty…”

“Are you super fine?”

Kinuhata Saiai asked as she put a safety floating ring on Flandre-chan.

Flandre-chan pouted as she shook her head. She stuck her tongue out as if it would alleviate the bad taste in her mouth.

“Why is the sea waster so disgusting?”

Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda exchanged a look before they shrugged with a dry smile. How are they going to explain something like that to a little kid. This question is going to lead to more questions. They knew better than to entertain her question.

Hinagiku frolicked in the water, she might look like she’s having fun but her eyes would always wander over to the beach.

“Seriously, what’s taking them so long…”

Another event is ongoing under the coconut tree some distance away.

“I think you should do it with the other girls…”

Shokuhou Misaki begged with teary eyes. She’s not going to be able to hold on much longer…

Wu Yan snickered as he played with her perky butt cheeks a few more times before withdrawing his hand from her bikini. Shokuhou Misaki sighed but her alarm sounded a brief while later.


Wu Yan’s hands moved from her fanny to her back and slowly made its way to her shoulder blades before it slid dangerously downwards to the sides. Shokuhou Misaki opened her mouth but Wu Yan didn’t let her begin her sentence.

He gave the two mounds of meat a good squeeze and he could feel her quivering. Her skin also started turning pink as Wu Yan silently praised his handiwork.

I see, so Shokuhou Misaki’s weakness is her breats huh?…

Shokuhou Misaki bit her lips, she is going to do everything in her power to stop the moans from escaping her mouth. Shokuhou Misaki wanted to cry but couldn’t for the want of tears. This is probably the first time she hated her own breasts, yes, they are supple, big and smooth but why is she so sensitive here?…

She twitched and trembled at Wu Yan’s mercy. She is getting dangerously close to the edge but she still wouldn’t beg because Mikoto is still right there. In the end, she could do nothing but look at Wu Yan with puppy eyes.

He gave her hooters a last squeeze and Shokuhou Misaki moaned slightly. He withdrew his hands, instantly, Shokuhou Misaki lost all her strength as she collapsed on the mat with a bam.

Looks like more training sessions are in order

If Shokuhou Misaki could see the smug grin on Wu Yan’s face, she would punch him with all her might. He looked at Mikoto.

“Well then, Mikoto, your turn…”


Mikoto raised her head in a hurry. She saw how Shokuhou Misaki looked and she recalled how she moaned and groaned before this. Quickly turning the situation around, Mikoto blurted with a red face.

“I-I am just going to let Hinagiku help me…”

Mikoto laughed in an awkward manner, she also averted her gaze. Her heart raced at the thought of being massaged into the same state as Shokuhou Misaki. She expected that she would be able to walk away and she tried to stand up.

Meanwhile, Shokuhou Misaki who was panting on the mat suddenly got up with unholy speed and she didn’t give a damn that Wu Yan got a front row seat to her magnificent pair of divine mountains. She clung onto Mikoto’s waist and she made sure Mikoto wouldn’t be able to run away.

“You! What are you doing?!”

Mikoto yelped in horror. She had the eyes of someone who wouldn’t let go even if you kill her.

Shokuhou Misaki forced a smile and she gnashed her teeth even as her heaving hadn’t stop.

“Hmph, since I am already like this, you aren’t getting away either!”

“You you you vile woman!”

Mikoto knew Shokuhou Misaki is planning on bringing Mikoto down with her. She tried to push Shokuhou Misaki away by shoving her shoulders.

“Yan-kun! Hurry! Rub that sunscreen on her!”

Shokuhou Misaki yelled at Wu Yan who is too stunned for any action. She is currently using her hidden potential to hold Mikoto down.

What the hell is going on?

Wu Yan stared with wide mouth at these two fighting girls. He’s genuinely surprised Shokuhou Misaki had this vindictive side to her, she actually made sure her own husband wouldn’t miss out on cupping a feel on other girls. It’s really something unimaginable for him.

“Mah, it’s all profit for me anyway…”

Wu Yan sniggered as he rubbed some sunscreen on his hand before he launched them at Mikoto’s upper half of the bikini.


Mikoto froze up, her strength also weakened as a bashful expression climbed on top of Mikoto’s face.

“Yan, you baka…Nnhaa~~~”

Before Mikoto can finish her line, the sly hands made their way into her bikini and captured her two tiny rabbits. He started working his magic.

Mikoto’s eyes became glassy with pleasure. Mikoto lost all strength as she collapsed onto her mat. Shokuhou Misaki felt proud that Mikoto is now in a helpless state. She didn’t have enough time to be pleased with herself before she too fell down on the mat. Wu Yan had used this time gap to quickly move one of his hands to one of her large cans.

O dear hands, why aren’t there another pair of you guys?

He removed his other hand from Mikoto’s chest and he migrated them over to Takitsubou Rikou’s slightly trembling back. He slid around on top of her before removing the strap of the upper half of her bikini.

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