Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 385: Only real men knows how to take an initiative

In the shallow coastal area not far from the beach, Hinagiku, Flandre-chan, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda frolicked in the waters. They forgot the ongoing feud near the villa, perhaps out of convenience or maybe they didn’t want to think about it. Of course, Astrea is still eating. The world is so peaceful.


There are 3 mats spread out under a coconut tree. Shokuhou Misaki, Mikoto, and Takitsubou Rikou are laying down on their stomach. A wolf is currently opening a bottle of sunscreen and readying his fiendish claws. It’s a heart throbbing activity for all the participants.


Ikaros is looking at Wu Yan with puppy eyes. There are only 3 mats so she’s the one who is left out at the moment, she’s temporarily free from Wu Yan’s demonic claws. If Ikaros is a bit more expressive, she would probably be able to express her slightly upset mood.


Shokuhou Misaki glanced at Mikoto while Mikoto looked back at her. Sparks flew between these two. Takitsubou Rikou is the one who is intimidated by them and she decided to just bury her head and pretend she didn’t see anything.


“Well then, who’s up first?”


Wu Yan pretended to not see the interaction between the two. His voice and tone sold out his elated attitude.


“Of course it’s me!”


Shokuhou Misaki yelled. Mikoto closed her mouth and she turned her head the other way. So be it, it’s not like victory goes to the one who strikes first anyway.


Shokuhou Misaki predicted this and she narrowed her eyes while grinning. She straightened herback and she unstrapped her bikini bra.


Wu Yan’s hands jolted, he almost applied sunscreen to the nearby coconut tree. Mikoto started flushing red as she stuttered.


“Wh-wh-what are you doing?! You shameful woman!”


Shokuhou Misaki laughed it off.


“Ara, Misaka-san, it’s only normal to do this when applying sunscreen, or are you planning on having tanlines?”




Mikoto still stammered.


“This is the beach, we are in a public area…”


Shokuhou Misaki shook her head in a mocked attempt at disbelief.


“This beach has no other man, plus, Wu Yan is my hubby and he has seen all of me~~”




Mikoto lowered head, Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki could see steam starting to come out of her head. Shokuhou Misaki’s bold lines had too much impact on Mikoto.


Shokuhou Misaki revealed a victorious smile. She missed the sight of a certain wolf trying to develop his x-ray eyes to see through Shokuhou Misaki’s smooth back and enjoy her glorious hooters.


Shokuhou Misaki may act tough but even she isn’t so brazen as to reveal her divine mountains in broad daylight, she quickly laid down and hid her two white bunnies of fluff. The sight of her side-boob is enough to turn Wu Yan on, luckily, he had just enough control to not bang Shokuhou Misaki right there in the sand.


Breathing deeply, he decided to stop waiting and he caressed Shokuhou Misaki’s back with his oily wet hands.




The sudden cool sensation made Shokuhou Misaki yelp. Mikoto, Ikaros, and Takitsubou Rikou blushed at the sound of her passionate yelp.


He slid his hands up and down on her smooth back while carefully brushing away her brilliant hair that could easily cover her back. He didn’t know rubbing sunscreen on someone can feel so good.




Maybe Wu Yan had trained his massaging skills to the max but Shokuhou Misaki started turning red due to his caress. It’s like Wu Yan’s hands are imbued with delightfully pleasurable magic if Shokuhou Misaki’s moans are any indication.


Shokuhou Misaki heard her own voice and turned into a deeper shade of red. Feelings of regret started boiling up within her, she never expected Wu Yan can be this good with his hands. If she knew she wouldn’t have challenged Mikoto to this fight.


It’s way better than this shameful display of herself before Mikoto.


Shokuhou Misaki also didn’t know what Mikoto thought. Mikoto is currently freaking out after hearing Shokuhou Misaki moan. She’s anxious about when it’s her turn to get sunscreen applied onto her.


Takitsubou Rikou had similar thoughts.




Failing to hold back another groan, she decided that this cannot go on any longer. Her skin is starting to turn red, she didn’t know how long this can continue before she loses control of herself, she started panicking.


Shokuhou Misaki had only tasted the forbidden fruit with Wu Yan once. She didn’t share the same bed as Wu Yan since then. Her resistance to this kind of intimate stuff had been lowered so she’s afraid she’s going to make a wrong move and make a fool of herself.


“I-I think that will do. Yan-kun, go help Misaka-san…”


Just because Shokuhou Misaki wanted to stop didn’t mean that other person is ready to stop.


“Oh come on, there are still a lot of places that need sunscreen!”


Wu Yan said in a serious tone, his hands never stopping to rub her all over. Shokuhou Misaki is too stunned for words, she finally realized something. The only one who is coming out of this a victory would be Wu Yan the wolf.




She panted even as she panicked. She couldn’t even hold her breath reliably.


Shokuhou Misaki felt the wolf getting ever closer to her inner thighs with that iron grip of his.


Oh no…


Shokuhou Misaki is so flustered that if Mikoto saw her, she would lose all her dignity.


Takitsubou Rikou and Mikoto buried their heads at the sound of Shokuhou Misaki being rubbed all over. Shokuhou Misaki sighed in relief.


She knew she’s in too deep so she can either surrender now, in front of Mikoto, begging mercy from Wu Yan or she can do nothing and let this go on. Shokuhou Misaki would rather die than choose option 1.


She would rather keep moaning like this at least she can use “It felt too good” as an excuse later on. If she begged for mercy, Mikoto wouldn’t let him live this down.


Thus, Shokuhou Misaki tried to endure Wu Yan’s attack, she did her best to stop her moans and groans from coming out of her mouth.

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