Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 383: The beauty pageant, each to their own?

The ladies sure do take their time regardless of whether they are doing their makeup, changing clothes or just washing their hair. They took a full one hour to change into their swimsuits.


Other than Wu Yan, all the girls are already done changing. They gathered outside the changing room. If Wu Yan is here, he would most likely be dazzled so bad he won’t be able to stand up straight.


Hinagiku wore a pink swimsuit with strings tied to her neck. Her swimsuit is pretty generic but her pink hair went well with her swimsuit so it actually looked pretty harmonious on her.


Mikoto wore the swimsuit Hinagiku forced on her. It’s tea-colored but it had a whitish tinge to it that went rather well with Mikoto’s hair color as well. It looked a bit childish but Mikoto wore it well.


Frenda removed her beret cap. Her golden locks unraveled and she had lost her none of her moe-ness, she also looked more delicate. She wore a red revealing swimsuit that had a cross motif that covered her petite bosom. (TL: psst, you can see what she looks like here.). It’s amusing how she combined moe, fragility, and sexiness in one.


Kinuhata Saiai wore a more generic type of swimsuit, namely the school swimsuit Mikoto picked up. Hers was white in color, she made sure to cover her alluring skin but she failed at covering up her beautiful leg. She may have had modesty in mind but her charm is still flowing through regardless.


Flandre-chan wore a kid’s swimsuit. It’s her favorite palette of colors, red mixed with white. It’s a bit similar to what Mikoto wore except Flan looks absolutely adorable. She would look cute no matter what she wore, her cute look might also attract the attention of lolicons if not careful.


The 5 of them are pretty, cute, and they had similar stature. A lot of perverts would be gunning for them if they went out. At the moment, the girls are pretty pleased with themselves, that is, before the remaining 4 ladies came out.


Except for Flandre-chan, the other 4’s beaming countenance dimmed down when the remaining 4 ladies walked out of their changing rooms. They looked at the four with envious, admiring, and somewhat odious expressions.


Shokuhou Misaki flaunted her beige bikini in front of them. She grinned and she shook her booty and bosom as if to taunt them, her dance was rather sensual.


Ikaros looked pretty calm but her body is anything but calm-inducing. She wore a black and white striped bikini, try as it may, the bikini failed to restrain her two large melons from moving up and down according to gravity’s law. Her charm is at least on Shokuhou Misaki’s level if not exceeding her.


Astrea is the one who attracted the most ire from Mikoto, Hinagiku, Frenda, and Kinuhata Saiai. She kept jumping up and down in excitement, her voluptuous body kept rocking up and down in her white bikini. If eyes could shoot flames, the four of them would be flaming dragons at the moment.


Takitsubou Rikou is sighing in relief, she felt like she didn’t have the qualifications to stand together with the other 3 but in all honesty, under the accentuation by that luscious black bikini of hers, her stacked hooters are definitely on par with Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, or Ikaros.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda kept examining Shokuhou Misaki, Ikaros, Astrea, and Takitsubou Rikou like they are trying to look for a flaw in their perceived perfection. They exchanged a look and they lowered their heads in defeat.


It’s clear who is the victor in this duel between plot and justice: plot is the decisive winner.


Frenda looked at her petite body and she gnashed her teeth. She grumbled.


“Hmph, in the end, what good does a curvy body do anyway? Looking cute and moe is the true victor’s path!”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Kinuhata Saiai heard Frenda, their complexion took a turn for the better. Just because they justified themselves doesn’t mean someone isn’t going to let up on dissing them.


Shokuhou Misaki scanned Mikoto and she laughed in a sardonic manner.


“Ara, Misaka-san, cute swimsuit~~”


Mikoto’s expression darkened, she forced a smile.


“You think so? I thought this wouldn’t show off too much…”


Obviously, Mikoto is delivering cheap shots at Shokuhou Misaki as well.


“I don’t know, showing my babies off can be beneficial…”


Shokuhou Misaki smiled in a meaningful manner. She yawned and she stretched her back, her bountiful cans almost burst out of her bikini due to this.


“You see, to show off, you need something to show off in the first place!”


Shokuhou Misaki then looked at Mikoto’s petite frame.


“Of course, if Misaka-san wants to show the goods, that will have to wait until a few years later, perhaps even a decade or more?”




Lightning started crackling, illuminating Mikoto’s furious and blushing face. Shokuhou Misaki didn’t seem to mind that she can’t defend against Mikoto’s attack if push comes to shove. She is sure that Mikoto wouldn’t use her skills on her which drove Mikoto almost mad with anger.


Flandre-chan pouted as she pulled Hinagiku’s hand.


“Hinagiku-nee, can I go out? Flan wants to show Onii-chan her swimsuit…”


Hinagiku smiled. She wanted to go out of here but she stayed here because the two nemeses wouldn’t quit it. Mikoto’s eyes shined when she heard Flandre-chan.


She laughed at Shokuhou Misaki.


“Why don’t you shake your stuff at the one who matters, don’t tell me you want to present yourself to other men like that? As long as Yan likes it, I don’t think assets are important!”


She said what everyone thought


Hinagiku, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda who felt a bit dejected suddenly psyched themselves up. Astrea and Takitsubou Rikou who couldn’t care less about this holy bra cup war suddenly listened attentively. Even Ikaros who hadn’t said a word until now flinched.


Is he going to like what I’m wearing?


Each of them had similar thoughts. Getting her shots reflected back at her like that, even Shokuhou Misaki is feeling a bit triggered.


“Lil Yan is going to like it!”


Shokuhou Misaki said that with full confidence. With Wu Yan’s personality, she didn’t even need to use her mind manipulation techniques on him, that, Hinagiku and Mikoto are sure.


To outsiders, he couldn’t care less but towards these girls, he’s like a perverted wolf.


Shokuhou Misaki who is confident of her own body knew that she can easily attract Wu Yan’s attention. After all, he couldn’t let go of her in bed when they were doing the nasty dance.


The girls knew about this, only Astrea is a bit nervous. Wu Yan hadn’t dip his wick in her yet. She’s unsure what he thought of her.

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