Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 382: The trip to the beach with the girls...

The golden sun, the sandy beach, the blue sky, and the beautiful ocean, these greeted their eyes the moment they got here.


Wu Yan & the girls gazed upon the beach from their red-roofed villa. They are putting on their most relaxed expression at the moment.


“The sea! The sea!”


Flandre-chan tossed her bag aside and she jumped up and down in excitement. Her elation could be heard through her voice and tone.


“Onii-chan! It’s the sea! It’s the sea!!!”


She glomped Wu Yan while pointing at the ocean outside. She looks like she couldn’t wait to jump into the ocean. Wu Yan pinched her cheeks.


“Hmm? Is this the first time you saw an ocean?”


She nodded her head and she smiled at the sight of the big blue watery world.


“Flan has never seen an ocean before!”


“Is that so?…”


Wu Yan rubbed her head in an affectionate manner.


“Make sure you play to your heart’s content yeah?”




Shokuhou Misaki touched her hair while smiling.


“The sea sure gives a different feel compared to the pool…”


Mikoto raised an eyebrow.


“Don’t tell me you’ve never been to an ocean before?”


Shokuhou Misaki’s smile froze up. She laughed while covering her mouth with her hand even if somewhat in a forced manner.


“Of course I’ve been to an ocean before.”




Mikoto lengthened her sentence as if to tease her. Shokuhou Misaki calm complexion cracked, Takitsubou Rikou hurriedly pulled her back before she can unleash the storm of verbal abuse. Rikou reckoned that if these two fought here, it wouldn’t end even after the sun had set.


“Hey, why are you girls still stnading here?”


Hinagiku peered out from the villa’s door. She yelled at them.


“Go put your luggage and change already!”


“Oh! I am going!”


Astrea dashed in first.


They all knew why Astrea is here, she’s in this for the ice-cream and watermelon.


“Okay, you girls head on in and change, I am going to get the luggage.”


Wu Yan turned around and he passed Flandre-chan to Hinagiku.


“Look after her while I am gone.”


Hinagiku nodded. They all went inside the villa. To make sure they had a blast here, Wu Yan pulled out his gold stash and rented out this villa that had any amenities one could think of while making sure the girls can choose any kind of bikini they want. It’s to the point that one would question capitalism but luckily for Wu Yan, Silvaria used real pure gold that traded for quite a sum in this world.


The money is well spent, the girls thought this the moment they walked into the changing room. There are all kinds of bikini here waiting for them, they were a bit too stunned by the arrays available here. It’s like their personal lingerie store here.


“These are all swimming suits?”


Mikoto gasped.


“Even the largest swimming suit store in Academy City isn’t this big right? Just where the hell did Yan even find a villa like this?”


Hinagiku shook her head in a bitter manner. There are a lot of rich people in Hayate The combat butler, she had personally seen Sanzenin and Izumi’s private pool. The scale is even bigger than this one.


Some of these bikinis can actually cover the important points, a lot of them, however, is so risque and revealing it makes art out of covering just the right amount of swimsuit areas.


The ladies started exchanging looks.


Did Wu Yan plan all this?


Wu Yan’s image is not a good one in the ladies’ hearts.


Flandre-chan and Astrea didn’t think too deeply. They ran inside and chose the swimsuit they liked. Shokuhou Misaki also chose not to dig too deep, she entered after Astrea.


It’s like a private beach and there’s only 1 male here with the other 9 being females. Moreover, the aforementioned male had already seen her in her birthday suit so a swimsuit is nothing much.


“In the end, no matter how revealing it beats being naked right?”


Frenda said with a tongue-in-cheek manner to the other girls. They all nodded in a helpless manner. It didn’t matter what they wore, not in front of Wu Yan.


Astrea picked up a piece of swimsuit and she asked the others.


“Say, how about this one?”




Hinagiku and Mikoto didn’t even need to think. It’s just pieces of strings with a scant bit of clothing, that’s not a swimsuit, a swimsuit needs to have clothing the area of which is bigger than their thumbnails.


“Is that so?”


Astrea shook her head and she returned the strings she found back where she got them from.


“I thought it had a nice design…”


The others also fanned out to look for their swimsuit. Kinuhata Saiai stopped herself when she recalled something. She turned around and she told Takitsubou Rikou.


“Takitsubou, wait up before changing, look around for that super pervert, he might be lurking around here somewhere and then super barge in when you least expect him!”


“I don’t think he would…”


Takitsubou Rikou wanted to say she’s thinking too much but she felt like there’s a real possibility that he might do it.


Wu Yan really didn’t look too well in the girls’ minds.


“Mikoto, which do you think looks better?”


Hinagiku looked at these swimsuits which looked more like lingerie than swimsuits as she asked for an opinion from Mikoto.


“I think that one looks good on you.”


Mikoto picked up what looks like a school swimsuit.


“This covers up a lot of area.”


Mikoto is stunned at what she saw. Hinagiku looked at the article that fancied her and she grinned.


The swimsuit she’s looking at is one that has a strapped bra on top and a pleated skirt down there, it’s a very cute swimsuit.


Hinagiku looked at the swimsuit once more and she continued.


“It looks good on you Mikoto…”




Mikoto jumped like she got surprised. She blushed furiously.


“Y-you, stop spouting some nonsense, I wouldn’t wear such a childish swimsuit. Haha, yeah…”


Hinagiku kept smiling at Mikoto until Mikoto’s voice grew more and more feeble. Finally, red all over, she went silent.


“Just wear it, I think Yan is really going to like it.”


“I d-don’t care what he likes…”


Mikoto kept glancing at the swimsuit so Hinagiku sighed and shoved the suit into her arms, she motioned for her to go to the changing room.


“Wai-wait wait…”

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