Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 381: Mother in law says "Don't be a playboy"

Hinagiku deeply inhaled at the sight of her house’s entrance. Her hands are practically trembling. She wants nothing more than to open it right now and feel that familiar air of her home. However, she didn’t want to spoil this moment so she stood at the door for about 15 minutes.


Wu Yan & co said nothing as they stood behind Hinagiku.


Hinagiku hadn’t leave her home world for more than 6 months, relatively speaking, it’s only an instant for the inhabitants of this world. Even so, Hinagiku cannot resist behavingl ike this. She’s technically still just 16 years old so she’s still a kid.


There are others here who are younger than Hinagiku, e.g., Mikoto, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda. But, they are kids who grew up in Academy City without their parents, independence is a necessary skill to survive here.


Mikoto somewhat understands how Hinagiku felt, Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda who aren’t sure who their parents are can relate if only a little. Flandre-chan couldn’t relate because her emotional side isn’t that developed yet. For Ikaros and Astrea, Wu Yan is the closest family member they have.


Shokuhou Misaki has seen reactions like Hinagiku’s, she’s been in Academy City for so long and she had peered into too many hearts.


Hinagiku showed everyone an apologetic smile and she pushed open the door to her home.


“I-I am back…”


Hinagiku practically said this line everyday, however, this time it felt different, she’s trembling just a bit. A beautiful housewife responded from inside the living room. Hinagiku stoppped in her tracks.


“Ara, Hinagiku, back so soon?”


Hinagiku’s mum is sitting on the sofa in the living room. A soap opera is currently playing on the TV and Hinagiku’s mum is crying really badly with a handkerchief in her hand. The fabric is soaked wet with her tears.


Hinagiku laughed at this familiar scene. Her trembling heart also calmed down with this sight. She pouted at her mum.


“Mum, stop watching soap operas, you know you cry easily.”


Hinagiku’s mum recalled some sad story from the show and her tears started flowing again. Wu Yan & co exchanged looks and they bitterly smiled. Meanwhile, Hinagiku started sweating.


Flandre-chan looked at Hinagiku’s mum and she tugged at Wu Yan’s shirt. She asked him in a curious manner.


“Onii-chan, is that Hinagiku-nee-san’s mum? She’s a strange person, even stranger than nee-san…”


Wu Yan awkwardly laughed. He felt bad for Remilia, if she knew what her sister thought of her, Remilia would probably lose all her dignity.


Hinagiku’s mum turned her attention towards Flandre-chan due to her tender voice. She sawa Flandre-chan who is currently in Wu Yan’s arms and she quickly approached her while shrieking.


“What a cute child! Hey there, squishy wooshy, what’s your name?”


Flandre-chan looked at Hinagiku’s mum in an innocent manner and she replied.


“Flan is Flan~”


“Ooo, I see, you’re Flan huh, awawa, it’s nice to meet you…”


Hinagiku shook Flandre-chan’s hand. She continued in a friendly tone as expected of a mature woman, she knew how to win Flandre-chan’s affection.


“Yan, is this little girl your sister?”


Hinagiku’s mum asked Wu Yan, when she saw his appearance she gasped.


“Yan-kun, why is your eyes like that?”


“It’s nothing much, don’t worry about it…”


Although Hinagiku’s mum is still a bit confused but she didn’t pursue it any further. Wu Yan had looked after Hinagiku and her for quite some time so she trusts Wu Yan.


If Wu Yan continued being a butler to Hinagiku’s family, Hinagiku’s would recruit him as her foster son. Wu Yan almost pissed his pants in fear.


If he did become a foster son, wouldn’t that make Hinagiku his sister, that would jeopardize his plan to conquer Hinagiku’s route. He’s not getting on that foster son ship no matter what.


Wu Yan felt a bit guilty facing Hinagiku’s mum. He couldn’t look into Hinagiku’s mum eyes, naturally, Hinagiku’s mum felt puzzled.


When she saw how Hinagiku is behaving the same way, she raised an eyebrow but she got the message anyway, they probably did something together and now they are too awkward around her.




Hinagiku’s mum looked at Wu Yan, she beamed at him.


“Ara, looks like you two are hiding somethiing from me…”


Hinagiku stopped Wu Yan and Hinagiku who were going to tell her something silly. She continued.


“Let me guess what you two did…”


She grinned at both Wu Yan and Hinagiku.


“Hinagiku finally got the courage to confess to Yan-kun?”


“Mum! what are you saying?!”


Hinagiku started turning red both in embarrassment and fluster.


She already did the nasty business with Wu Yan so there are those who took jabs at her for it but if that person is her own mum then Hinagiku’s face suddenly grew very thin.


Moreover, she’s a girl so shouldn’t she guess that Wu Yan confessed first? She’s the victim here, she got pushed down by Wu Yan first.


Hinagiku glared holes into Wu Yan while he laughed it off. Hinagiku’s mum said with a tongue-in-cheek tone.


“I am  guessing that even it’s not a confession it’s probably something close in meaning.”


Hinagiku’s mum clapped her hands in joy after she examined both Wu Yan and Hinagiku.


“I am okay with this,Yan cooks such good food so I will get to eat it everyday if Hinagiku marries Wu Yan!”




This word had too big an impact on her, steam started coming out of her head. She never thought about going all the way there yet.


Hinagiku’s mum was just joking but seeing her daughter’s response is enough to convice her of what she really thought.


“Well, Hinagiku’s still too young to marry but I think there should be no issue in one or two year. I also married your father when I was young…”


Hinagiku’s mum stopped and she looked at the girls behind Wu Yan. She smiled at Wu Yan.


“Of course, I do have to mention, I don’t like playboys~~”


Wu Yan could do nothing but smile, just smile…

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