Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 380: A temporary visit to Hayate the Combat Butler's world

Hakuo academy is a famous noble’s school in Hayate the Combat Butler. It’s almost the same as Tokiwadai Middle School in Toaru Majutsu no Index. Except, the supernatural level here is lower compared to Toaru Majutsu no Index.


Elementary, middle, and high school are all combined into one. To study here, the applicant must have a good and well-off background in addition to talent. 65 marks is the passing score for the entrant exam here. Getting 65 marks at Hakuo means getting into top universities. Heck, 72 marks can get one into Tokyo University.


It’s very tough to get in here. It’s an elite school a lot of the applicants wish they can enter.


Hakuo Academy is also very vast in area. The students here travel by coaches on rails. Nobody uses this facility. However, a bright flash of light appeared in this lonely coach.


When the light faded, 1 male and 9 females appeared in the coach. There is a cute little girl in the arms of the guy. Meanwhile, the ladies accompanying are of various sizes and stature but they are all beautiful ladies.


It’s Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou.


When he thought about bringing the girls to the beach, he had already planned this. Since Hayate the Combat Butler’s world is safer, he decided it’s a better alternative compared to Toaru. There aren’t a lot of life and death crisis here so they can cut loose. Secondly, Hinagiku can visit home after a long time away.


He can only enter 3 worlds for free at the moment: Hayate the combat butler, Toaru No Majutsu Index, and Sora no Otoshimono. The other worlds can only be entered after paying the requisite points.


If he went to Toaru, Aleister might have something nasty in store for him so no thank you.


In Sora no Otoshimono, the lord of the sky is a massive douchebag who is watching Ikaros like a stalker. If he goes there, trouble is bound to follow. Not that Wu Yan mind ripping that jerk a new derriere. His purpose this time is to spend time with his girls, he can deal with that walking wanker another time.


The ladies are temporarily dazed by the sudden transition, they didn’t know where they are at the moment. Hinagiku smiled at the familiar doorway, she’s feeling nostalgic.


Hinagiku felt like it’s been so long since she left. It’s only natural that she would miss her home. To the inhabitants of this world, however, it’s only been an instant since Hinagiku left.


The others didn’t bother Hinagiku, they decided it’s best if they just let her sink into the moment. Even Flandre-chan knew better than to make any noise, they all understood what it’s like to come back home after a period of time, even Shokuhou Misaki and the others who don’t have such a good impression of Academy City.


Hinagiku finally came back from her trance as she apologized to the others.

“I am sorry for making you guys wait, let’s go, I will lead the way!”


Hinagiku puffed out her chest while saying that. She’s practically beaming up at the thought of returning home.


Opening the door, Wu Yan and Hinagiku walked in the front as a guide to the other girls. Wu Yan studied in Hakuo for quite some time so he knows the way. Hinagiku knows her way around the school as well, so, they guided the other girls on a tour around Hakuo.


Everyone marveled at the beautiful sceneries in Hakuo. Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki who is from Tokiwadai middle school also thought that Hakuo is on par if not better than Tokiwadai.


Guided by Wu Yan and Hinagiku, they went around the school and, of course, people gawked at them. The girls are pretty, yes, but, more importantly, they aren’t wearing any uniform. There are students in this school that doesn’t wear uniforms, Isumi is one of them. They didn’t make a fuss because they saw Hakuo’s student council president, Hinagiku, leading them.


Talking about Hakuo, the clocktower is a must visit for a tour. With Hinagiku by their sides, they made it up to the student council room without much trouble. Looking at the luxurious decor of the student council president’s office, the girls were impressed. Shokuhou Misaki looked intrigued, although she probably wanted this office for herself. Nobody cared though.


Maybe because it’s still time for classes, the other members aren’t here, Hinagiku seemed a bit disappointed but she’s more excited at the thought of going home. She led everyone to the entrance of Hakuo Academy.


Hinagiku smiled in a joyful manner when she saw the figure standing at the gate.




It’s Hinagiku’s elder sister, Katsura Yukiji.




Yukiji is surprised to find Hinagiku here. She felt confused as to why she’s wearing casuals. Yukiji isn’t aware of the time freeze when Hinagiku leaves this world so she didn’t know Hinagiku has returned after a long time away.


Hinagiku always wore the Hakuo uniform, she set an example for the others. It’s her first time seeing her walk around in Hakuo while wearing so casually.


Meanwhile, Hinagiku who had been away with Wu Yan in the other world wanted to glomp Yukiji. It’s been so long since Toaru and Silvaria that she has seen her sister so she’s emotional.


Her emotional moment got ruined and she scraped her intention of hugging her sister when she said something entirely different to what she’s expecting.


Yukiji got into a battle stance with a serious face.


“Hinagiku, are you playing hooky? I will not allow that!”


Hinagiku’s expression froze. The others all nodded while Hinagiku shook her head.


They thought Yukiji is being a good sister who wants her younger sister to stay in school, only Wu Yan knew the truth. His raised an eyebrow.


Yukiji said something that made the other girls embarrassed that they praised her.


“I am in charge of gate duties, if you guys run off, they are going to deduct my salary. I won’t tolerate that even if it’s my own sister!”


I knew it…


Wu Yan couldn’t watch this anymore. He facepalm-ed. The other girls also lost strength in their feet.


“Nee-san! What are you babbling on about!”


Hinagiku is blushing like mad. She’s so embarrassed by her sister, she wanted to give her a kick.


Yukiji noticed Wu Yan, she also saw the other girls behind her. She somehow managed to piece together a piece of important information without much help.


Yukiji pointed at Hinagiku in a frustrated and forlorn manner.


“To think that you of all people entered another’s harem. As a sister, I-I…”




Hinagiku cried out in desperation. Another yelp was heard but it’s not Hinagiku’s…


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