Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 379: Shokuhou Misaki who needs a good training session or two

While en route to Shokuhou Misaki’s office, he examined the ones guiding him as well as the surrounding. Wu Yan fell speechless after a bit of time.


He knew Shokuhou Misaki built Starlight Queen in a short span of time but he hadn’t the chance to observe Starlight Queen’s operation. He can say for certain that Starlight Queen is a faction entirely composed of female members.


He has seen at least a few hundred Starlight Queen members on his way here and they are all female. They all look pretty and their strength are top notch as well. He has even seen a few special students here and there.


The female students here are gasping and pointing at him like he’s a gorilla in the zoo. Wu Yan is pretty sure there are no male members here if that’s the case.


Shokuhou Misaki probably had grown too used to being served by Ojou-samas at Tokiwadai, it’s probably the reason why there are no males here. Maybe Shokuhou Misaki looks down on men, maybe she thinks only girls are allowed here?


Either way, only Shokuhou Misaki herself knows the true reason.


Wu Yan had something to say about these girls who are treating him like a zoo animal. It’s not like there are no other males in this school, these girls need to go out there more.


Unknown to Wu Yan, there are a lot of high ranking members of various factions who came here seeking a talk with Shokuhou Misaki but unless the visitor is female, she won’t entertain them.


It’s the first time a male had enter this headquarters.


The leader finally let Wu Yan in after she recalled Shokuhou Misaki being all intimate with Wu Yan by hugging his arm.


She almost had a heart attack. She’s a relatively new member of only 1-month membership but she’s familiar with Shokuhou Misaki’s style. She’s someone who wouldn’t bat an eye at the outstanding male students running around the school


It’s truly earth-shaking for her but she didn’t go around telling others. The others probably wouldn’t believe her anyway. The storm it would bring if she told others.


Shokuhou Misaki’s ways of handling things had got her the admiration of her faction members. Their devotion to her is on par with the ojou-samas back at Academy City. Wu Yan had a taste of what it feels like to be chased by a crowd of alter ojou-samas. It’s probably the same case here in Starlight Queen’s faction, except they know how to use even stronger magic and dou qi.


This guide of hers is the more reasonable type of fan. If it’s the other members, they would probably have resorted to dismembering Wu Yan.


After being guided, he arrived at a large office. The female student knocked on the door and a familiar voice came.


“Come in…”


The girl opened the door and Wu Yan got to see the real situation inside. His lips twitched and his expression turned into 囧.


It’s a huge office so it has a lot of space, it’s got a desk of the large variety in the middle and two racks filled with books to the side.


If only it’s just that. There’s a round table here filled with all kinds of sweets and red tea. The girls who were “hard at work” are currently hard at work eating them candies and drinking the tea like real classy ladies who have more time to kill than anyone.


Shokuhou Misaki hadn’t realized Wu Yan is in front of her. She assumed it’s just one of her subordinates. She kept munching on her cake without lifting her head. Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda seemed rather pleased with their red tea. Takitsubou Rikou is like she always is, tired and sleepy, she’s sleeping with her head on the table. Meanwhile, Astrea turned into a bottomless pit. She ate anything on the table and she ate like she hasn’t been eating for ages.


He was expecting a dignified appearance, perhaps that was too much for these high ranking officials of their own faction.


Even the female student guiding him is embarrassed. Wu Yan rolled his eyes at them.


“You girls sure know how to enjoy life…”


When he said that, the one eating cake stopped eating it, the ones who were drinking tea stopped as well, even the one who is sleeping woke up. The one who is hungry slowed down her eating pace as they all looked at the source of the sound. Suffice to say they were shocked.




Astrea called out first. She immediately choked on her food. Wu Yan felt bad for her.


“Why are you here?!”


Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, and Frenda cried out. Takitsubou Rikou is the only one who looked happy much to Wu Yan’s relief.


“What? Do you not want to see me?”


Wu Yan then turned around.


“Fine, I’m leaving…”




The 5 ladies all called out at the same time. Wu Yan grinned as this went according to plan. He’s feeling awfully prideful that these 5 ladies are so into him.


Shokuhou Misaki put down her cake and she quickly hugged his arm in a teasing manner.


“Since you’re here, why don’t you stay?”


“Oh, is that so?”


Wu Yan glanced at her.


“You girls look like you are having fun, I wouldn’t want to intrude…”


The 5 girls all laughed in a dry manner. They were seen in their not so presentable forms.


Wu Yan shrugged. He looked at Shokuhou Misaki for a moment and then he grabbed her by the waist much to her surprise. Wu Yan then said something that made her too shocked for words.


While the female student guiding Wu Yan watched in astonishment, Wu Yan fondled the soft meat at Shokuhou Misaki’s waist.


“As I imagined, you’ve grown fat…”




Shokuhou Misaki gasped. She raised her head and forcefully laughed.


“Th-that can’t be… I don’t feel like I’ve put on weight…”




Wu Yan said in a teasing manner.


“I should know, who’s more familiar with your body? If you haven’t grown plump, I can tell.”


Shokuhou Misaki gulped, it’s highly possible that Wu Yan’s right. She can’t tell of gradual and minute changes to her body but Wu Yan can easily do so. Moreover, she’s the kind that can put on weight very quickly, given the fact that she had been munching on sweets and the like without restraint, growing fat is a matter of course.


Shokuhou Misaki had a tearful expression as she hugged Wu Yan’s arm.


“Yan, you can’t watch me go like this, I don’t want to get fat!”


Wu Yan’s lips twitched.


“Even if you say that…”


Shokuhou Misaki tapped Wu Yan’s chest and she said something that almost made Wu Yan spat out his breakfast.


“Find something in the System, is there anything that can make me thin immediately?!”


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