Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 378: Starlight Queen's HQ? You mean her fanclub right?

Silvaria World Institute is a really big place, it’s bigger than even Academy City if we compared the area of this place. It’s only to be expected since there are at least 10 million people here.


Academy City has a population of about 2 to 3 million, if not for the numerous labs and testing grounds, Academy City would be a huge ghost city.


Its population is bigger than Academy City but there aren’t a lot of facilities here that requires a lot of land area. The arena tower, commercial complex, free trade area took up a lot of space but there is ample area left in this huge institute.


Most of this landmass is for residential purposes, it comfortably housed 10 million students but there is still a lot landmass left. The management decided that they would allow some of this extra space to be utilized by those with factions.


It’s not a simple thing to build a faction. Without enough members, a faction is just a group of individuals. They can’t do anything if they are small. A place of gathering is also important if a faction wants to go big.


If not for the free land given by the school, the factions in Silvaria World Institute would have a hard time in operation.


A faction in Silvaria World Institute would be assigned a headquarter. The size of the headquarter depends on the size of the faction. Wu Yan arrived at one such large headquarters for a faction.


He came from far away after asking his girls if they wanted to go to the beach.


Since he’s taking the other girls, he is going to ask Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou as well. After gathering some intel, he figured out Starlight Queen’s headquarters. It’s high time he asks these runaway girls to go out with him.


He’s secretly hoping that Shokuhou Misaki and the other girls are inside, he had already visited their villa but nobody’s at home so if he can’t find them here then it’s going to be a major pain in the butt to find them in this vast institute.


Wu Yan didn’t know now that it’s going to be a herculean feat to meet Shokuhou Misaki inside her headquarters.


“This is the headquarters of Starlight Queen, outsiders are not allowed entry!”


A group of female students was patrolling the place and they stopped him.


The leader is a rather good looking female student. Judging by how familiar she is with the procedure, it’s clear that this kind of situation had happened before.


He stopped and he examined the squad. Not bad, he thought, she’s got good control over her organization. It’s not a proper faction if anyone can simply enter their headquarters.


Wu Yan used the ost amicable smile he has.


“Hello fine ladies, I am here on official business with your leader. Where might your leader be?”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. The female students look very annoyed with his response.


The leader told Wu Yan off in an expressionless manner.


“Shokuhou Misaki is very busy she doesn’t have the time to entertain any guest, please leave…”


“Busy with work?….”


Wu Yan looked at the ladies, they are still sporting that annoyed look. He knew these girls are lying but he stayed quiet anyway.


According to his understanding of Shokuhou Misaki, she’s someone who would delegate her duties whenever possible, she liked getting served not the other way around. She makes the call after listening to her subordinates.


It’s highly likely she’s not as busy as she sounds.


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. Then he shook his head at the ladies, he knew why they would give him such blatant lies. This patrol squad probably had to deal with fans who are here to look at their idol, and they are sick of it.


Wu Yan told them.


“I am very close with Shokuhou Misaki, go tell her I’m here and she’s going to come see me…”


The female students flinch but their annoyance only grew to newer heights. The leader waved her hand like she’s batting away a fly.


“Okay, we will tell Shokuhou Misaki-sama after she’s done with her job. You can run along now.”


Wu Yan’s expression darkened. These students clearly aren’t planning on telling Shokuhou Misaki. They would probably forget the minute Wu Yan walked away.


This is probably the downside of being too popular. A lot of people would come here claiming to be good friends of Shokuhou Misaki. Wu Yan didn’t blame these female students, but, he can’t walk away here, maybe he should brush these guards away?


Wu Yan decided that the best course of action is to just ram his way into the building, these female students won’t let him in no matter what he says.


He smiled and then he disappeared from the spot. The next they saw him, he’s already at the main entrance of Starlight Queen.


The female students were surprised but anger soon crept up their faces.  The leader examined Wu Yan further and she realized something. She shouted at Wu Yan.


“Wait, you can’t for your way in, let me guide you!”




Wu Yan turned around in an astonished manner. He looked at her in a puzzled manner.


“Surely my ears are playing tricks on me, I was sure you wouldn’t let me pass no matter what.”


“The leader blushed in an awkward manner.


“Sorry, I didn’t recall your identity until now, so…”


“My identity?”


Wu Yan got even more curious. He crossed his arm and he told the leader to keep talking.


“Tell me, why did you think you have to lead me inside?”


The female student smiled.


“One of the top 10 participants in the tournament, Wu Yan-sama, isn’t that it?”


The other female students all gasped while covering their mouth. Wu Yan raised an eyebrow at how quick they can change their attitudes. He shook his head in a helpless manner. He was expecting them to say he’s the lover of Shokuhou Misaki or he’s the better half, what…

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