Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 376: Calm heart and thoughts during the night...

With nary a cloud in the sky, the moon is like a lonely silver plate up in the sky. Stars twinkled here and there as the moon rained down its soft glow onto Silvaria World Institute, veiling it in a silver gauze. Anyone who is observing the night would probably find that the night is not as cool as it would seem.


In the villa area, a lot of the students aren’t asleep yet. The fights during the day had them all too hyped or excited to sleep. Their hearts are still boiling from the fights they had witnessed today. They are just too invigorated to sleep.


It’s only the second round and it’s already so fascinating to watch. What would the third round of this tournament be like?


A lot of the students are secretly waiting and wishing for the third round to come as soon as possible.


Some of the participants also can’t sleep. The faction leaders are frustrated that they can’t make it into the top 10. Some of them had a very concrete idea why they lost, they lamented the arrival of so many strong newbies all at the same time.


They knew these killer rookies were strong and they were weak, the conclusion is foreseeable even to the most ignorant. They could have been in the top 10 along with Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar, now there’s only 1 among the faction leaders who had entered the top 10.


After this tournament, Silvaria World Institute won’t be a peaceful place. It’s because all the geniuses are gathered here from all corners of the world. Their ranks are a symbol of their strength and social standing. The top 10 used to be dominated by the imperial faction and the 9 noble factions.


Being ranked as one of the top 10 meant that they are the strongest of the land, an honor for their families. Now that they have lost their position among the top 10, this means that they had just brought dirt upon their clans. They can make up all the stories and excuses they want but it’s not going to change the fact that they lost.


Some of the more small-minded individuals are already hating  Wu Yan & co. Those who are more honest with themselves gnashed their teeth in determination, they are going to get their glorious days back if it’s the last thing they do.


Granted, their wishes might not come true but who can blame them for trying…


Those that aren’t from a large clan, or scions of smaller families are starting to get nervous, they wondered if they would be able to defend their rankings, or even if they can get a rank or not.


As for the top 10 participants, Caah, Sylph, Jaafar, and Fei Fei omitted, Wu Yan & co slept pretty soundly as if all this drama had nothing to do with them.


Well, Wu Yan also couldn’t sleep.


In the villa area, on the rooftop of one of the villas. A figure sat there as he gazed up at the sky with his deep crimson eyes. His average face seemed more handsome when viewed together with the night scenery.


Bathed in the glow of the night, he looked like an envoy of the night. He is one with the night, it’s just like he’s born to coexist with this kind of scenery.


Perhaps it’s not that surprising considering that he’s a vampire, a creature of the dark. An envoy of the night is a lowly title for a True Ancestor.


Although night time is the active time for vampires, Wu Yan’s daytime behavior had been ingrained before he even bought True Ancestor so he would normally sleep at night as well.


Occasionally, he wouldn’t be able to sleep due to his vampiric nature. In order to kill time, he would wander around just like this.


At times like this, he would start getting creepy and sneak into Mikoto, Hinagiku, and/or Ikaros’ room for some night time recreational activities. But, since they had been fighting during the day, Mikoto and Hinagiku slept pretty early today. They also took Ikaros with them.


Without a place to go, Wu Yan climbed up on top of the villa to look at the moon. His heart grew calm when he gazed up at the moon.


After a while, he heard footsteps. He turned around and he smiled at the new entrant.


“Flandre-chan, why aren’t you asleep yet? It’s not good for kids to stay up late you know…”


She wore red and white pajamas that went well with her blonde hair. She also didn’t forget her white beret cap, she looked like a doll before but now she looked even cuter.


Flandre-chan is froze up in a tip-toe stance. It would appear that she tried to surprise Wu Yan. She grinned in a cheeky manner and Wu Yan laughed out loud.


It’s midnight and Wu Yan’s ‘kids should be asleep right now’ didn’t necessarily apply to Flandre-chan since she’s a vampire as well. Flandre-chan was influenced by Wu Yan into walking around in the day while sleeping at night. Just like Wu Yan, she would occasionally be unable to go to sleep at night.


“Hehe, Onii-chan discovered me…”


Flandre-chan rubbed her head with her tongue out. She leaped into Wu Yan’s arms and she rubbed her head against his chest in a satisfied manner. She’s very fond of Wu Yan, one could see it in her deep red eyes that looked like her brother’s.


This past month in the school had been the happiest times for Flandre-chan. There are her brother and sisters who all loved her very much. There’s also lil ol’ Lirin who would run around with her.


It’s all thanks to her onii-chan who brought her with him. She also knows that he loves her very much.


In her tiny heart, Wu Yan’s position is irreplaceable not even her hated and beloved sister can replace him.


Wu Yan more or less knew how Flandre felt. He felt a bit guilty because Flandre-chan’s summon is an accident. He felt undeserving of Flandre-chan’s fond attachment.


Wu Yan had tried explaining to her in no uncertain terms but Flandre-chan’s feelings never changed. She didn’t care and Wu Yan figured that he shouldn’t care about the circumstances of her summon either. He should give his affection to her just as she poured her feelings on him without any hesitation.


Suddenly, Wu Yan noticed something. It’s been a long time since he had spent any real time with Flandre-chan. Sure, he fed her three meals a day but Wu Yan felt like that wasn’t enough to show that he cared.


He rubbed her head and he asked her something while looking at the sky.


“Flandre-chan, are you missing home?”


Flandre-chan shook her head, but she stopped to think for a bit and finally, she nodded.


“Not home, but Flan is missing Onee-chan…


Wu Yan laughed. He continued enjoying the moon in a silent manner.


Maybe it’s time to spent some time with Flan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the other girls…


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