Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 375: The end of the second round! The final 10 participants!

Lei Wang’s declaration was met with silence. The spectators looked at the figure in the arena and Bing Ling who is being carried away for treatment. Finally, the crowd clapped their hands.


Returning to his seat, Flandre-chan glomped him while Lulu jumped up and down in joy while hugging Wu Yan’s arm. Of course, Wu Yan didn’t stop to notice that Lei Wang’s eyes are twitching at this scene.


“Yan, your crimson space is so amazing! It’s so pretty as well! Is that an armament? Can I see it?”


Lulu looked at Wu Yan with puppy eyes. She looked like she had been waiting to ask this question for a long time now.


“Let’s leave this for another time…”


He could have taken out the golden key-shaped sword. But Lei Wang that old fox is still present, he might snitch on him and the old bastards sitting on the board might call him up for another meeting. It would be a pain to explain the origin of the Gate of Babylon.


Lei Wang is already very intrigued and he has yet to take out his keysword.


“Tsk, stingy…”


Lulu puffed her cheeks at Wu Yan. She’s acting like a kid but the others didn’t mind it at all, they are all very amused by her antics.


Fei Fei scanned over everyone.


“Now that Yan won. Everyone has won two rounds out of two rounds…”


Hinagiku and Mikoto laughed. Wu Yan glanced over at the VIP seats.


“Now, we see how the higherups decide the lineup of the top 10…”


Fei Fei nodded her head.


“With everyone’s performance so far, everyone should be able to go to the top 10 without any issue, barring the occurrence of some sort of accident…”


“There won’t be any accidents!”


Lulu raised her small fist at the VIP stands, especially at Lei Wang.


“If that mean old gramp excludes any of you guys, I won’t talk to him anymore!”


Wu Yan & co exchanged looks and they laughed out loud.


The second of this grand tournament is drawing near to its end. The fights after Wu Yan’s are still entertaining though not as intense, especially for Wu Yan & co. There are some here who are really strong even if they would lose when going up against Wu Yan & co.


Excluding the participants who got here due to luck…


There are fights where Wu Yan & co have to watch carefully. These fights usually involved Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar.


Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar were different from Mikoto, Wu Yan, and Hinagiku. They are just people who have recently attained fame. The three individuals from the empires are the true shining stars of this school, Wu Yan & co’s achievements are far from equalling the 3 individuals’.


Wu Yan & co are still new to the school, they haven’t been here for more than 1 month while the 3 princess and princes had built their faction from the foundation since day 1. Even Mikoto got famous due to her fight with Sylph.


As the focus of this tournament, everyone focused on them. Cheers and praises were rained down upon them, their popularity seems to pale only a little bit in comparison to Shokuhou Misaki.


Wu Yan silently exclaimed at how Shokuhou Misaki managed to beat the 3 in terms of popularity when she entered the school at the same time as him.


Shokuhou Misaki didn’t brainwash anyone right?


Wu Yan speculated.


Sylph appears to be an ice mage and her sorcery is on par with Mikoto’s power. She’s definitely very strong.


Last time, Sylph interrupted Wu Yan and Bing Ling’s fight. Bing Ling had used Freezing Winds to slow Wu Yan down and seal his armament, that was how he planned on defeating Wu Yan but Sylph got there and stopped his field crowd control ability by just exerting her power.


Wu Yan had assumed Sylph used some sort of special technique. It wasn’t until some time lateer that he understood Sylph had used pure power to undo Bing Ling’s ice dou qi.


This is the difference in strength between different tiers.


Sylph entered the arena escorted by an icy world. Her opponents are top 10 rankers who fell before the 5 minutes mark. Her ice magic dominated her opponents without mercy.


Caah fell out of Wu Yan’s expectation, he had assumed he’s a warrior, apparently, he is a wind mage.


His 2 fights ended with him dominating his opponents with the might of his wind magic.


Caah’s opponent is not a top 10 rankers but they were top 20 rankers. It didn’t matter in front of Caah’s power.


Jaafar is more straightforward. He won one round and he won the second in a similar way. He beat his opponent faster than Sylph and Caah. He just straight out punched his opponent out of the arena with his beast battle skills.


3 of the strongest students in the school. Wu Yan made sure to remember their fights. Mikoto looked like she couldn’t wait to fight with them while Hinagiku and Fei Fei turned stern. Wu Yan, on the other hand, is embedded in his thoughts.


He’s figuring out his chances of victory when fighting one of these 3 individuals.


Wu Yan smiled when he figured out the answer. Of course, his calculations had assumed that Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar are not hiding their strengths.


What’s the chance of that actually being true though? Even Wu Yan is hiding his abilities, he is only using his armament and Eternal Arms Mastery to get through most of his fights.


It’s hard to say who would win.


Finally, the last fight had ended. The higher ups got together and discussed. They passed the result on to Lei Wang for him to declare.


Lei Wang nodded and he declared the results with his loud voice.


“I will be announcing the 10 participants who can enter the third and final round of this tournament.”


“Sylph! Caah! Jaafar!”


The crowd isn’t too surprised by this result.


“Misaka Mikoto! Astrea!”


Mikoto grinned and Astrea jumped in joy. She’s probably happy she is not going to be left without food.


“Fei Fei! Wu Yan!”


Lulu jumped and she hugged Fei Fei tightly. Although Fei Fei looked a bit awkward, her smile is an indication that she’s feeling pretty good. She beamed at Wu Yan.


“Shokuhou Misaki!”


The crowd responded with cheers when they heard the name of the queen. Shokuhou Misaki played with her hair as if she knew her inclusions was inevitable. She managed to clinch a spot in the final 10 participants with her special ability.


What came next is a truly pleasant surprise for Wu Yan & co.


“Katsura Hinagiku!”


Hinagiku didn’t expect she would be there. But, she got drawn into a cheery mood by her surrounding companions.


Oh, nobody cared about the 10th participant.

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