Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 373: A fight between fire and ice

When the dark figure appeared before Bing Ling, he immediately moved his left foot to side step away from the figure. The heat generated from Nietono no Shana brushed right past his cheek. He can feel the heat even now.


The next moment, Nietono no Shana stopped and immediately went into a horizontal swipe at Bing Ling’s waist.


Wu Yan’s sudden attack was out of Bing Ling’s calculation. Cold sweat came out when the sword was mere inches away from his face.


At this critical juncture, the blue lights wandering the field came and slowed the blade down even if the flames dispersed the blue lights. The time it bought was enough for Bing Ling to escape the attack range.


Bing Ling’s expression turned cold. His figure blurred and he appeared squatting down while facing Wu Yan. His blue daggers were aimed at Wu Yan’s chest.




A sea of flames was unleashed from Nietono no Shana. The intensity of the flames stopped Bing Ling from advancing any further. Wu Yan made use of this opportunity to jump back to a safe distance.


Bing Ling’s lips twitched., he planned to use his ice dou qi to suppress Wu Yan’s armament but somehow or the other his own ice dou qi got suppressed instead. Only he knows just how frustrating this match is.


To the others, this match is electrifying to watch. Any moment, someone might screw up and lose, the crowd ecstatically cheered for their champions.


Wu Yan frowned at the blue lights wandering around the arena. These annoying lights are sealing his Gate of Babylon, affecting his speed and apparently they are also imbued with the function to protect their master at all cost.


Wu Yan didn’t know ice dou qi could be so meddlesome to deal with.


His eyes had a bright glint for a moment as he counted the blue lights. With so many debuffs on him, he should be the one feeling frustrated.


In his eyes, a golden light flashed and electrical sparks started appearing around him. An idea hit him, what if he used Nietono no Shana’s flame to get rid of the crowd control effects?


He summoned flames from the sword and the arena got really hot.


Bing Ling’s eyes widened when he saw the flames. He felt his head sink for a moment, he thought the flames were just added effect of his armament, he didn’t think he could control them at will.


Wu Yan made his move.


He raised Nietono no Shana horizontally against his chest and he shot out the flames with a swipe.


Feeling the intense heat coming from the flames, Bing Ling decided to evade instead of defending. He directed the flames in such a way that the more Bing Ling retreated, more of his icy aura around the arena is being melted. He can see his crowd control diminishing by the second.


Bing Mian and Qing Jing Hua yelled out in shock. Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar looked at the match as if it was already decided.


Honestly, it’s not that hard to figure out that fire can be used against ice. Anyone with half a brain could figure that out for themselves. However, of those that tried to use fire against Bing Ling’s Icy blue aura, all except Wu Yan managed to pull it off, the rest had failed miserably. The reason: they didn’t have flames as hot or near as hot as Wu Yan’s.


Before they can put out the blue lights, Bing Ling would have already defeated them.


Bing Ling knew about his own weakness and he would employ blitzkrieg as a result. He had wanted to defeat Wu Yan before he can get rid of his blue lights.


When Bing Ling is busy thinking of his next step, the sound of something cutting through the wind entered his ears. He could see a dark figure appearing in his vision but can do little against its approach.


Wu Yan swung down with a mighty force.


Bing Ling threw his daggers and blue light streamed down above, intercepting Nietono no Shana.




The blue lights got decimated but Bing Ling had already made his escape.


Bing Ling who had retreated charged at Wu Yan with lightning fast speed. His daggers are like venomous snakes that are waiting for Wu Yan to let his guard down.


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He smiled while raising Nietono no Shana. He did a swipe and flames shot out that caused the surrounding air to feel like one is near a volcano.


Their attacks broke the sound barrier but the two of them can still keep up with each other even as they go into striking range of each other.


When the dagger is almost touching Nietono no Shana, Bing Ling did a weird twist with his body and maneuvered his way under Wu Yan’s sword and he straightaway went for his hands.


Going by the crowd’s experience, there should be no way Wu Yan can parry in time, he would get his hands cut and he wouldn’t be able to continue fighting in any form.


Mikoto frowned with an anxious look. But, Wu Yan’s Eternal Arms Mastery means that Bing Ling won’t get his way so easily.


Qing JIng Hua and Bing Mian started cheering loudly at the thought of Wu Yan losing to Bing Ling.


However, in the VIP seats, Lei Wang smiled. Some of the more astute individuals also noticed that not only is Wu Yan unperturbed, he even smiled as if he welcomed this.


Bing Ling’s dagger is closing in on Wu Yan’s hands and everybody started holding their breaths.


Bing Ling had a bad feeling the closer his daggers got to Wu Yan and he just couldn’t explain it…


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